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Avalon k-12 is a small school with roughly 700 students. I like the school staff and admin, they are friendly and are a very welcoming group of people. In the future i would like this school to become more known, and hopefully offer foreign exchange programs so others can experience living and going to school on a beautiful island like Catalina.
It's a fairly good school for its size. It's pretty small so a lot of things are very limited such as clubs and AP classes, but what is available is a good selection of things.
I liked the effort and work that goes Into getting those students that want to go to college, ready for college. However I would like to see more of the kids that go to college to stay in college.
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Avalon K-12 is a small school but creates a bond with everyone, we are all on e big family teachers are all very helpful and supporting, and it is a very safe area to grow up in and stay with the same classmates from the first day until graduation.
My school is a K-12 in a small town on an island off the coast of Long beach, California and basically everyone grows up with each other and knows each other very well. We can consider each other brothers and sisters. The academics at my school are challenging for the ones who want to be challenging, which gets a student ready for college. That's why AP classes are offered for the juniors and seniors, to prepare for rigorous college classes and earn college credit. Something I would want my school to change is enforcing more AP classes that can be offered and perhaps at an earlier grade level. The teachers and faculty are so supportive with anything a student needs help with whether it's for schoolwork or starting a club. A weakness my school has is how to handle discipline. Discipline is very important for a school to have under control because it keeps students from overpowering and disrespecting school guidelines.
Avalon School is a relatively small school with limited resources, which has to do with the allocation of money and resources from the Long Beach Unified School District. I would like to see more AP and higher level classes. The have limited classes when it comes to STEM and the arts. There are a few who teach here that are good teachers but most just come for a couple of years and leave.
Avalon k-12 is located on Catalina Island. It is a small community, making it fun to attend. In this school everyone knows eachother, and we all have a lot of support from our teachers. One thing the school can improve on is the science courses. We have very few sciences courses, and the teachers are not to efficient either. Other then that I can say that my experience in Avalon k-12 has been great.
The teachers and staff at Avalon Schools go above and beyond what is expected of them and always encourage the students to do their best. All staff members are there to see the students succeed. The curriculum is hard to define because Common Core has recently changed many aspects. The scheduling process can be somewhat tedious but has evolved within the last two years into a simpler form for the students. Because the limited space, theres not a great selection of challenging courses. I would love to see Avalon add a few more AP courses. When taking AP classes, the workload can be overwhelming, but it's still manageable. Many teachers stay behind after hours and offer study sessions to give students the extra help and support.
We have nurses from the hospital come to our school every day. It a very healthy campus. Also, there was great health courses taught throughout my middle school and high school careers.
With such a small community, everyone gets involved, and it really motivates the students to succeed.
Its amazing growing up on a small island where everyone cares about you. That feeling definitely shows through the school.
The quality of teachers at Avalon Schools is incomparable to any others around. The teachers genuinely care about each student and give them the amount of attention they need to succeed. The teachers are very knowledgeable, but some don't understand how to get their point across so the students understand. They are all consistent graders, and have great communication skills, especially when it comes to absences
Like I said before, as a school we have an amazing staff, however this benefit is belittled by our lack of diversity in academics. For students that want to challenge themselves and take difficult classes can not due to minimal amount of AP classes.
When I first heard I was moving back to Catalina island I was scared about what it would like to go to school there. However when I got there I was surprised with how welcoming and kind all the students and faculty were to me. I immediately felt at home and overall this school has ultimately made made me a better person.
The teachers at my school go above and beyond in all aspects of modern teaching. Most teachers at my school must commute every day across the channel in order to make it to work. Not only do they wake up at 5:00 to make it to the school, most teachers miss boats and possibly stay over night in order to further help students. Living on a island one would think I would get a less adequate education, but thanks to the teachers I call friends I am learning better than I would anywhere else.
There's no healthy or safety issues.
There are a variety of activities to participate.
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I will not be who I am today without the help from my school.
Each teacher is great and unique in their own way
They are good. Could be better though.
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