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Overall, it was a high school. There's not much more or much less to be said. It's hard to succeed in Ava high unless you have one of the right last names, but that's how it is in town, too, so I guess that is good life preparement. It's the best option in the area, but that doesn't make it good. Just bite the bullet and move to Springfield, there's nothing for anyone around Ava unless you're a farmer or a meth head.
It was a great school, with amazing teachers. They are a little strict on the rules, which restricts how students express themselves. The school seemed to care more about pleasing certain people based off of names, instead of caring about the education of the students. this is expected of a small town school though, and the education is great for such a small school.
You can obviously tell that some teachers really care about you, however, the others do have favorites. The education is decent, just like the clubs. This school focuses more on sports than anything else.
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Sport events and pep rallies are by far my favorite experiences at my high school. The school spirit the student body as a whole has is outstanding! Our staff promotes school pride to every student along with respect for competing schools. If I had to go through school all over again, I wouldn't hesitate to attend Ava High School for another 4 years.
The overall quality of the teachers at my school is great! Since I live in a small community, everyone here is pretty close knit. If you have a problem with a concept, need extra help, or simply need someone to confide in, you can always count on a teacher to provide help with strict confidentiality. Teacher's at Ava High School strive to help their students become successful. They try out new teaching techniques if one is not working out and encourage the use of technology as a helpful tool. Our teachers are hardworking, dedicated individuals and they receive my utmost respect.
We have a variety of courses offered but not near as many as the bigger schools. That is mostly because of the amount of teachers we have available.
I think we are a pretty average school when it comes to diversity. It has gotten more diverse since I was little but it's pretty average.
We have quite a few extracurricular activities, but not all of them have the right funding they need and some of them don't have many get togethers.
If I could do it all over, I'm not sure I would still go here. I had a rough experience my sophomore year and it felt like half the school hated me. It has gotten better since then, but I still don't know.
The teachers always do their best to help students with any problems, whether it be school related or personal problems. I think they all are very good at what they do and they seem to genuinely care about all of the students.
There is some diversity at the school, but not a lot. It's a small town so everyone is pretty similar to each other.
It's not the best school compared to the ones outside of the state. They are more centered around sports than academics.
There are a ton of clubs to join that are all very different from each other. Most center around community services, which helps you when you are applying to colleges. However, the clubs I have been in have a hard time of getting together and deciding things and does not do as much as most clubs should do.
The teachers go above what is expected and will try to meet with struggling students before or after school. Some teachers are not as engaging as others and can have rather boring lessons, but most teachers are really good at teaching lessons and making them interesting.
My favorite thing about this school would be the people there. When I moved to Missouri, the people here were really welcoming and I gained a lot of close friends within a few months. The students and teachers try to make you feel a part of the community and show a lot of school spirit by having tons of rallies.
The school seems like a safe place. Most classes are in different buildings far apart, so they just lock all exterior doors, which sucks because they can't afford but one unlocking/monitored door, so it's hard to get around campus.
A few years ago, the school started the Bears Den, which is an after school program. For high schoolers, it mainly just offers tutoring, but in middle school and elementary school, hundreds of students stay for the programs. Theres even a program for the fourth graders, where they make a newspaper, the newspaper is then printed and distributed with our local newspaper once a quarter. This program has made state headlines, with the students and teachers on live news broadcasts.
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There are some parents who are outstanding, but many families are in poverty or on drugs, so they don't always care for their kids like they should.
The teachers at Ava High School were great. Of course as at all schools, there were some who were amazing and some who were sub par. I think the teachers really do care for the students and are willing to help struggling students.
Our health policies were kind of nonexistent. There really weren't a lot of things you couldn't get away with. We were hardly ever sent home if we were sick and went to the nurse. We sometimes had a police presence in our hallways, but not always. The newest security measure was the fence they built around the school, and the camera that you have to appear in front of to get in.
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