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Autrey Mill Middle School Reviews

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Students are diverse. Teachers range in quality, though many are seasoned employees of the school and know what they’re doing. We have the only public middle school theater program in the county and they regularly participate in youth theater festivals. Sports teams are of a similar caliber. Our music program (band, chorus, orchestra) is also highly-acclaimed and we have many other great elective classes like Video Journalism and Engineering. The Administration is mediocre, if not distant from and altogether irrelevant to the students, unless they get into trouble. One issue is the issuing of iPads to students, which often has them glued to screens whether they like it or not. Kids can get away with a lot more on these devices than teachers may think. Altogether, I have enjoyed my time at Autrey Mill, though I can’t always say the same for some of the more cynical others.
It was an ok school. The teachers were decent and I was able to get almost all As besides Science. But, the dicipline was kind of rough at times.
I'm student at this school
And I think it's the good school
I like everything in that school
The esol theacher is very good mrs.devita
She is excellent teacher
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There is zero support for our students or teachers. We have teachers teaching classes they know nothing about. Students get away with murder. And zero acknowledgement by upper staff
My journey through Autrey Mill has been decent. Many of the teachers in this school do not really teach, however there are a few who actually try to help students become better. The food at Autrey Mill is unspeakable, meaning its horrible. There are many clubs and there are quite a few sports teams to join. Throughout my experience at AMMS, my favourite teacher who actually taught is definitely Ms. Pastina, so if you ever get her, you are in luck. As of 2016, Ms. Pastina is pretty young, but she does teach and allows her students to be the best. Not only that, she is very good looking.
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