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Automotive High School Reviews

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Automotive High School is definitely an adventurous school allowing students to learn more on field trips and hands on work. Students work on cars while others participate in club activities like the Student Ambassador and National Honor Society. There are alot of help for college readiness like SAT prep.
I enjoyed being able to do many things at Automotive Highschool. From the India trip they took some students on followed by numerous trips before and after. I found life long mentors and friends.
inside the school is generally clean. The only time there may be a mess somewhere is inside the café. The safety side to this school is good because all the security guards are cool with the kids and make sure that they get to lass on time.
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The extracurricular opportunities at this school are great. The clubs here teach the students to be kind to others and offer a lot of fun things to do while they stay. Also, administration support is always there when needed.
This school is unique in many ways. Its just not the events that goes on around the school its the people who you engage with every day that makes you want to go back again.
teachers at this school are always there when students need help. sometimes, students at the school are struggling and ignore the teachers help. teachers help every student as long as they see that it is needed and is willing to do it even on their brakes.
A variety of diverse students attends my school
Great! The school is really a great school
I would recommend others to attend this school
The teachers are very helpful and kind to all students
there are always opportunities in the school.
They have good administrations by training to get drivers ed.
They are good teachers but its that the kids just don't listen.
They put good competition with other teams.
Some of the students don't really care about learning and just play around.
The teachers in the school listen to what the student has to say and understand if the student needs help in a certain class.
the staff and administration helped out a good portion
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It was a Cool exprience to go to automotive but I think i could have had a better one if i attended elsewere
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