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If you want to know the truth about Autaugaville School, read the reviews of some of their students. As you will see, many of them can't even string a simple sentence together with subject/ verb agreement. AND THESE ARE SENIORS. The staff is bottom of the barrel who may look good on paper, but in reality, they suck. FIRE EVERYONE!
I love some of the teacher because they have a fun way of teaching and they're also strict.What I dislike about
Autaugaville High school is that they are very strict with the uniform wear.
I would like to see the school to offer more advanced classes and be allowed for students to have books to take home. I enjoy the small classroom size for better hands on with students. I enjoy the dedication that the teachers have on providing other resources to help students.
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Autaugaville High School has to be one of the cleanliest schools around and I'm not just saying that. Autaugaville is a small, well rounded school that is not very hard to keep clean. The school nurse makes sure that every student is kept safe and always comfortable if their has been an incident. Being at Autaugaville is a safe pace to be because their aren't many incidents that occur there but every individual should be cautious.
fun, exciting to attend, and they are cheap
my school years was great there isn't anything that I would change
outgoing , hard-working, nice, and easy to talk to
I love my school I have had some great teachers. I love Homecoming at my school it is so fun. I would choose my school if i could do it all over again because I have learned so much and made amazing memories that I will never forget.
Its okay they just feel they are right about everything even when their wrong.
We have the best school staff ever known.
They always try their best at whatever sport it is.
They're very easy to get along with and they will help you as much as they can.
Need to added more options
I'm in SGA and NHS, they are great organization and they teach you a lot more than what you know. Its a lot about being above and doing more for yourself and the school.
The administration is always cheerful and they cheer us on, but they can be a little to strict with the dress code for instant it's winter and we aren't allowed to where hats or bonnets in the building.
The people here are more accepting to others unlike in a public school in montgomery.
The nurse tries more to discipline than help kids.
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This school is dreadful and irritating. We don't receive the same attention and learning abilities as others. I don't feel as if I am college ready for anything. We also don't have many extra-curricular activities for the students.
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