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I've been at Autauga since 10th grade and it's been an overall good experience. I've had some really good teachers. Mr Pickett is new to Autauga this year but I can see that he is working to make Autauga an even better school and a more college prepared senior class each year. I will always have great memories from my high school years at Autauga.
This year was my first year at autauga academy, and the experience was way different than my previous school. I really enjoyed the people and teachers, the coaches were great too. Everyone at autauga academy is friendly and the sports are very succesful. The classes really aint that easy but they are also not the hardest. It just depends on what you take. For it to be my first year i really enjoy being there and i have also made so many friendships. I would definitely recommend this school for an all around school. Especially the sports!!
You only have a handful of teachers that would actually put it in the work in order to teach young minds new things. Then you have the teachers that have fits over nothing in particular or even the slightest bit of problem. As a high school senior I can I love all my classes. The school itself has come a long way. School work can be completed after sports activity and academic activity.
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The teachers at the school, for the most part, are great and have the kids best interest in mind. As with any schools, you always have the one teacher that seems to have a personality conflict with most all the kids but most definitely the good is far better. I would like to recognize specifically Ms. Rogers, Ms. Cooper, and Ms. Elisa, they are GREAT!!!
The health and safety of the school has the kids best interest at heart. I would like to point out that they take any wrong doing serious and should there be a mention of any issues, they investigate to the fullest. Fortunately this little private school does not face allot of issues and the kids make it easy because most all of their actions show they are being raised with morals and values.
The extracurricular opportunities are available and many choices for a smaller private school.
I enjoy the atmosphere of this school and the quality of kids that attend. The teachers have great expectations from the kids. For the most part I do feel try very hard to prepare them as much as possible for college, some teachers focusing more on this than others. I have very much enjoyed our experience at the school over the years that both children attended.
This school isn't terrible, but I wouldn't send my kids here.
The school staff is not completely consistent with how they enforce policy.
The admissions at Autauga is not very selective, and most students who apply are admitted.
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