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The school is quite big, so you could possibly get lost. But, after a few months you'll start cherishing this beautiful castle. There's are many different cultures. The sports are probably the best part about AHS. The teams are amazing!
What I like about this high school is that there are a lot of academic help whenever we as students need it. We have a person that is dedicated to help us apply to scholarships, colleges or anything that is school related. He also sends emails to every student with a list of scholarship opportunities. Overall, the school is really dedicated on helping the students that really needs the help. The school also brings people from colleges and depending if we are interested we can go and ask questions about the college and admission requirements. This is a school that definitely offers many opportunities to students that really want to success.
My experience has been pretty great with Austin High School overall. I am very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to earn my associate's degree through post-secondary enrollment while receiving high school credit at the same time. Even though I no longer attend because I am technically fully enrolled in our community college I enjoyed my time spent here. That being said one thing that needs to be worked on at this school is the food because it is not very appetizing. I understand that they are trying to be healthy, but I think that can be done in a way where the food is somewhat appealing.
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There are very nice people here. You can usually find a group that enjoys a wide range of different things to do and they are all very welcoming.
My experience at Austin high school has been very enjoyable , i would like to see my school become a more greener school
This school is very unique as it has battle of connects. Everyone has amazing school spirit and it is what you make it to be.
During my 4 years at Austin high school. The school is really great. The teachers are very kind and upbeat. They helped us with everything when we need that support from them. We have a great sportsmanship at our school sports events. We have a lot of great activities and prep fest during the schools . The teachers are welling to help us with resources when we need them.
Most of the teachers are great and there are many class options. The school is old and the building is not the best.
They need to change the lunch, fix up the bathrooms and water fountains, and the overall quality of the school
Administration doesn't care about the student needs/need or they favorite the students who are in special education. They will change your schedule without you knowing that it happened or you not agreeing to the schedule change. On chicken nugget day they will only feed a student 5 chicken nuggets, That isn't enough to feed 9th-12th graders. Your children will have a 30 min lunch, that doesn't include any passing time to get down to the lunch room. Most of the lunch ladies are nice.
High School is a very big change in a persons life. Mentally, physically, emotionally. Friends, family jobs have a big impact on how you think of school as well. Austin High school is determined to help out the students. They want everyone to pass and do well. The school has different options to help you pass on if average classes don't work for you. Programs like bank, special help classes, classes taught at different speeds. I would like to see more of the counselors to be more willing to help students out. There is one very good counselor there, but the others do not care the way the one does. They make students feel like they are wasting their time and i would like to see that go away.
Austin High School is a very good school. They have engaging and well educated teachers and many class options for your educational level and needs. They have an amazing music program that participates in Big 9 every year and has gone to Carnegie Hall a couple times. I was in choir for all four years of my schooling there and Mr. Johnson, the choral director, is an unforgettable teacher who will never leave your heart. The school also has an in-school competition where grade levels compete in different obstacle courses and trivia games once a year where each grade has their own color t-shirt. This competition, the battle of connects, is an amazing and fun experience. The school also has a really good sports program whether you want to be in soccer, basketball, volleyball, golf, swimming, gymnastics, or even bowling. Overall, it is a great school where a student can have a memorable high school experience.
I like most the teachers at Austin High, they are very nice and try their best to make learning fun. They also help out students as much as possible so everyone is understanding everything.
I think my overall experience at Austin high wasn't as wonderful as others. I think i have missed out on a lot of opportunities that I could have received if i were else where. Although they're are some very great teachers, others are not as great. If I had the chance to redo my high school education elsewhere i would accept.
There are many extracurricular opportunities available at Austin High School. No matter what you chose to go into the teachers and staff are always accepting of it. Most activities do not have an entry fee allowing students that do not have much money to also be involved in fun things. Austin provides over 10+ activities for kids to pick and choose from. Some of the most popular clubs in Austin are Robotics, DECA, Youth Leadership, and Link Crew. Many of these clubs allow you to learn about being independent and hardworking. They not only prepare you for life after high school but as well as life after college.
If I could redo my high school experience I would still go to Austin Senior High School. I believe that our schools students were very involved. Not only would parents go to a basketball game or a softball game but us students would also go. The amount of support that all the sports in our school get is incredible. We are all there for each other and I think that's why my high school experience was so great. Because no matter what sport you were in or why you were in it, there was always a student and parent crowd cheering you on from the sidelines!
Austin High Teachers are able to incorporate real life examples to help us students learn better and are always there to help if needed. At no time in my high school experience did I feel a teacher did not do a great job of helping and teaching students.
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Safety measures have increased over the years in pursuit of students safety
Extracurriculars are beneficial to students learning and growing outside the classroom and is fun for students
A lot of the teachers at this school have a passion for what they do, making it a good educational environment.
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