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A lot of the teaches are very excited to teach and make learning engaging, bu the administration and school are lacking. Updated need to be done to the school desperately.
My experience at Austin Senior High School varies. From the good times to the bad. Usually, in surveys about your high school experience, you're supposed to talk about all the football games and drama. But I would like to talk about how Austin Senior High School has changed my life. Freshmen year, also known as "the year the upperclassmen bully you." My first year taught me to trust my gut feeling in every difficult situation. Moving onto the sophomore year. The sophomore year taught me to live every moment like it's your last. Junior year was a little more difficult, it taught me to never look back once you've taken a step forward. Austin Senior High School has always had something to offer for everyone. Not only has the school taught me many things, but has helped me with some of my biggest challenges. As I move into my senior year at Austin Senior High School, I look forward to the everlasting memories it has given me throughout the past 3 years.
My experience at Austin Senior High School has been the best. Everyone in Austin and at the schools are all very helpful with anything you may need help with. The teachers are very friendly and they always love getting close to there students. Everyone is so welcoming when you first walk in. All the sports teams love there teammates and they get along very well. They even become your second family including the coaches.
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I went to Austin Senior High, for 4 years. I really liked the diversity and support that school gives you. When at school sports, we were said to be the best student section in the Big 9. We love to cheer on the rest of our classmates and that’s something I will really miss.
My school is pretty small in comparison to other high schools throughout the country, but is large by the southeastern Minnesota standards. The thing that I think needs the most improvement at my school would have be academic support and college readiness. The majority of students at my school either don’t care about their education/don’t feel there is a reason to care, or they don’t have the support in order to succeed academically. If the students saw the benefits of a good education they would put more effort in trying to succeed in high school. This could done by showing the students where good grades and a good work ethic get you in life. In comparison, the best thing about Austin High School is the sport and music. Everyone in the school district loves the sports and music at our school and everyone involved derives happiness from these activities. If people put in as much effort into their education as their sports or music, then our school would thrive.
Overall, My Experience with Austin Senior High School has been excellent. An example of my average day at the school would be arriving at seven. I would go to my first hour an hour early and ask the questions I had about the worksheet. When the school day started, I would go throughout the day spending time with friends and completing as much of the homework that was assigned in class. Finally, at the end of the day, I would go to the public library to finish any homework I didn't complete at school. My overall experience has been excellent, the teachers help you when you have a question, and the staff genuinely care about the students.
We have a very good student section and lots of students are involved in extracurricular activities. Our sports teams tend to do very well and other students support teams. I feel as if we could better the learning process if students were more encouraged by teachers. The teachers who do a good job at encouraging tend to have better relationships with their students and there are only a few of them in our school
I really liked the diversity in Austin High School. It helped me understand how everyone comes from a different background and not everyone has it easy. It made me appreciate my life and all of the little things I have that I take for granted. I have some of my best and worst memories at Austin High. I wouldn’t trade my time there for anything. It has taught me to treat people with kindness because I have no idea what that person could be going through. Everyone is there to learn, so everyone should be treated with no judgement. However, I wish teachers would help more with college readiness. Thankfully, I was eligible for PSEO, which means I could take classes at the colleges for free. That prepared me well for after graduation. Plus, I had support from family members who have recently gone through the college readiness process, so they helped out a lot. I’m very grateful to have them. Also, I wish that students were given a strong support system in the college readiness process.
As a current student of Austin High School, I do enjoy attending school here each day. The diversity is very important to me because I for sure would not have met the people and their culture that I have without it. The teachers are great and for the most part involved. They want to see us succeed and as a student I feel valued for who I am as an individual. The sports and activities that are offered have helped to develop the person I am today. As a part of one of the most successful dance teams in the state, to say I am lucky would be an understatement. All in all I think Austin High School has done an incredible job preparing us for the future.
I enjoyed going here as much as the next student did, which is just a fair amount. I participated in art classes, got involved in honors classes, and did my part as any other high school student would. There was nothing that really stood out to me as exceptional here. The staff and faculty all know that the students in this area come from varied backgrounds which some of those backgrounds are troubled. However, I've never seen any of them go above and beyond to make a positive impact in a students life.
the teachers are supper sportive and the students join together as a team. the high school sports teams are very competitive and are very good at working together. the academics are outstanding and very diverse with class levels.
My experience at Austin Senior High had its good moments and its bad moments. A lot of stress is produced at AHS, but there are a lot of administration that help you when you need it. some may say different but that's only because they just don't try in school or they just don't care about school. My experience had been better than i thought it would. Being a freshman is always gonna be hard. We have Battle of The Connects at our school and it is probably one of the best things I've ever done, it is so much fun. Yes, some of the classes challenge you to be better and yes, they stress you out but sometimes you just need to push through to get what you want.Right now everyone wants to graduate.
Austin Senior High School is great. The place is diverse and has many cultures from around the world. Even though I'm not in sport, I enjoy watching my school competed against other schools.
I loved Austin High School because of the history. All the fun activities we get to do through out the school year is very fun. Your never walk into school without a good vibe. Everyone is always so nice and says Good Morning.
Austin high school is a big school and that is one of the reasons i was so drawn towards it, but not only that i believe the teachers do want you to be successful because if you ask for help they will try their best to help you figure out what you are struggling with
There are great sport teams, decent clubs, good music programs. There is also a huge school spirit in our community that we get to enjoy!
I would like to see the food change. It is pretty poor but I guess it's still good. The sports and music at AHS are superior though. And I would alao the academics are a lot better then anywhere else in the area.
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On my first day of school as a freshman, I was very nervous to enter the school because of how big the school was and the amount of students there was. Even though I had a good GPA, I was still worried that the classes would be too hard and difficult to understand. Thankfully, my teachers were there to help me succeed in my classes and also to believe in myself. Even though the school didn't have many activities, there was one that I really like and it was called "Battles Of Connects." In this activity or school tradition, the connects from each grade would compete against each other to learn points and declare that grade a winner (hopefully this year the seniors get to win). I have enjoyed every single moment that the school had give us and the memories that I had with my friends. Hopefully this would be an amazing year at Austin High since it will be my last.
I like the fact that you are able to go to any teacher and ask for help with no fears of being judged. Another thing i like is how much effort the staff puts ito your future and well being.
I like the staff at austin high school, they all make you feel so welcome, and as for things i would like to change would be- lunch hours are very short, expecially since i leave school to eat, and 30 min does not give me much time.
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