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Austin Road Middle School Reviews

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The school's outside is relatively good, but the inside isn't that good. The bathrooms are a mess and the school needs some repairs. The food isn't good, and the teachers aren't the best, either. It does offer several clubs and activities, though.
Teachers at Austin Road Middle School have both good and bad qualities about them. Most teachers are very genuine and willing to help their students, but it is some who fail to do so. Communication is an important factor in school, students should feel comfortable to speak to their teachers about certain things. Austin Road does not make that eligible.
The school nurse is rarely there and can't really do much for you. There are no special security measures or checks. I do always feel safe there.
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They have many clubs to offer. They range from science all the way to FCCLA. They have BETA, all grown up, math team, reading bowl, student ambassador, student council and TSA. Administration support is always there. They support every club. They allow them to receive the tools they need to succeed. The most fun club they offer is student ambassadors. You get to do a lot of work for the school. You even get to go on field trips to expand your skills. No matter what you pick, you have to be committed or you will be discarded.
I really enjoyed my time at this school. I learned a lot and I also experienced a lot. I did participate in a few clubs, which was where most of my fun experiences were. I participated in FCCLA in my seventh grade year. It was a lot of fun. I got to cook and sew many things for the school. I was also a student ambassador for both my seventh and eighth grade year. We did so much for the benefit of the school. We scheduled activities, helped students and helped out with technology. I got such a unique experience here. I got a chance to tour the rising students around the school. I got to do so much and I still feel as if my time was cut short.
The characteristics of teachers at the school is very inconsistent. Most of the teachers that I had, were extraordinary. They exhibited all of the qualities listed above. Although, those were the teachers who taught accelerated classes. The teachers who taught the other children weren't quite as involved in each students education. They weren't as good as the teachers I had. The other teachers weren't quite as educated and didn't go above and beyond.
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