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A fantastic Catholic high school. I've been attending Austin Prep. School since sixth grade and it gets better every year! I'm a senior this year, and I feel so prepared for college. The students are accepting and kind. The teachers are great. They totally are there for the students. There are tutor programs, tons of clubs and the sport are great.
If you feel your child will thrive in a prison like environment this is a good choice. They actually have police and drug sniffing dogs not once a year but multiple , multiple times per year. Administration doesn’t seem to like kids and makes up rules as they go along and even then apply them unevenly. Many kids are suspended for minor infractions and the whole school has changed and become very unwelcome, overly competitive and stressful. My son will graduate this year but I know a lot of parents who’s children have left Austin because of some of the issues mentioned above. I’m not an angry parent as my child hasn’t been suspended or in any trouble but have seen many others have problems and he is effected by the cut throat nature that now pervades the school.
Austin is a great school.They really pay close attention to their students to make sure all needs are met .
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It's nice to have a small community so it's really easy to meet everyone. I suppose the only drawback is that some people tend to form isolated cliques that are annoying because everyone else in that group become hostile if you're trying to talk to someone there.
Austin Prep is an amazing school. The school has seen rapid growth and improvement over the last few years and is FULL (I had a friend who lost their seat for not re-enrolling on time). Athletics is amazing which compliments a great academic program. The baseball team won the state championship this year! The college acceptance list is impressive.
The school is really amazing. A private education is a big financial sacrifice and this school delivers. Over 7 years (my son was a lifer) my kid matured into a young man that is would make any parent proud. Christian values are big part of what they do the and Headmaster is no-nonsense. He has has high standards and high expectations and it shows. That school is going places. In the last few years classrooms were renovated, a new stadiums was built, the fitness center was refurbished and now the dining hall is being redone. Athletics at Austin Prep is top flight. The only regret I have is that my kid graduated and can't go to college here.
Austin Prep is exceptional. My son graduated this year, got into a very selective college, and thanks to Austin Prep got a huge scholarship. And my out of pocket expenses for college are less next year. I have a younger child at the school who is benefiting just as much. The teachers really care and the administration is top shelf. Next year lunch is even included in tuition, all for a fraction of the price of the stuffy New England prep schools.
Austin Prep definitely does an excellent job at preparing a student for college. I attended from grades 6-12 and felt confident and ready to attend a prestigious 4-year university upon graduation from AP. The resources offered to students on campus are as good, if not better, than comparable prep schools in northeastern MA.
My daughter is graduating this year and her college tuition will less (not a typo) than what we paid for tuition at Austin Prep. Because of the investment we made in Austin Prep and the great education she received, my kid got an awesome college scholarship! This school
is amazing. The faculty really care and the headmaster continues to elevate the school. The dining hall is being renovated and I’m sorry my daughter unfortunately won’t get to use it, but she did get to play in the new stadium that was built 2 years ago!
My son is finishing middle school this year and can't wait for high school. I know it sounds corny but he LOVES Austin Prep. As a parent, I'm so happy with the teachers who really care about students and a head of school who keeps innovating. The school is great and I can't wait to see what comes next!
The school has come such a long way. About 5 years ago, Austin looked like it was about to collapse. The changes the Headmaster brought to the curriculum, athletics, and facilities has been awesome. Class size is small and your kid will get a $45k education for half that price.
What a great school. Love the small school feel and academic chooses that are available. The advisory group meeting daily has been a welcome addition. The students get to know their advisor and makes it more comfortable if they need to speak with them.
Run away as fast as you can if you are considering this school. They do not treat students appropriately, academics are mediocre, tuition is high and the Headmaster gives the whole school an unwelcoming uncomfortable vibe. Uniforms consist of expensive brand name only shoes and they make up rules as they go along. They say they will assist if kids are struggling but in reality they do not.
I am currently a senior in high school at Austin Prep. As I am preparing to graduate, I have realized the incredible opportunities I have been give because of Austin. You have small classes where you get to know your teachers, and a administration who will break their back for you. Great support system!
I attended Austin Preparatory School for seven years, and am a fairly recent graduate. Austin Prep is supposed to have a rigorous curriculum, but I only found this to be the case in some of my classes. However, many of my classes were fast paced, which built good study habits that followed me to college. However, if someone is not in Honors or Advanced Placement classes, I have noticed that they tend to be overlooked.
Austin Prep really prepares you for college. However, I could see how it might not be for everyone since most of my time there I spent studying a lot. Some high school students might not want to spend entire weekends studying. It is very similar to being in college.
It is a very good school. All the teachers are friendly and nice. It has good academics and prepares for college very well. It has a wide selection of clubs to choose from and multiple sports teams.
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Austin Prep is an incredibly caring community, that is successsfully growing every year. Though it is not that diverse, the incoming classes of middle schoolers and high school freshman are changing that. The college counseling is superb.
Headmaster came in and ruined what used to be a fun, principled school. He is over the top with rules, fired great teachers, and values money over faith. He will do whatever it takes to make a little more money and shows ZERO respect for other faculty members/students.
I would like to see the uniforms not be so picky. I am here for an education, not to be told the EXACT type of shoes I must wear (brand and model). I also would like to see more student representation with more pep rallies the way we used to and having the class government actually have a say in something. I would also like to have the art department get a bit more recognition, as we have many talented students but there is only recognition for sports not the arts.