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Run away as fast as you can if you are considering this school. They do not treat students appropriately, academics are mediocre, tuition is high and the Headmaster gives the whole school an unwelcoming uncomfortable vibe. Uniforms consist of expensive brand name only shoes and they make up rules as they go along. They say they will assist if kids are struggling but in reality they do not.
I am currently a senior in high school at Austin Prep. As I am preparing to graduate, I have realized the incredible opportunities I have been give because of Austin. You have small classes where you get to know your teachers, and a administration who will break their back for you. Great support system!
I attended Austin Preparatory School for seven years, and am a fairly recent graduate. Austin Prep is supposed to have a rigorous curriculum, but I only found this to be the case in some of my classes. However, many of my classes were fast paced, which built good study habits that followed me to college. However, if someone is not in Honors or Advanced Placement classes, I have noticed that they tend to be overlooked.
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Austin Prep really prepares you for college. However, I could see how it might not be for everyone since most of my time there I spent studying a lot. Some high school students might not want to spend entire weekends studying. It is very similar to being in college.
Headmaster only cares about money. It is all about making the school seem more exclusive than it is. Image is everything. Students are disciplined for minor infractions. Seems like the students with the wealthiest parents are never in trouble or at least in exchange for a donation. The headmaster's child was caught stealing and no discipline at all! Headmaster travels the world to fundraise and there is no way the school breaks even. The teachers are the best anywhere! They really do care but are limited by the administration. The atmosphere has become very toxic as students are blamed for things that they have no involvement in so that they tell on other students!
It is a very good school. All the teachers are friendly and nice. It has good academics and prepares for college very well. It has a wide selection of clubs to choose from and multiple sports teams.
Austin Prep is an incredibly caring community, that is successsfully growing every year. Though it is not that diverse, the incoming classes of middle schoolers and high school freshman are changing that. The college counseling is superb.
Headmaster came in and ruined what used to be a fun, principled school. He is over the top with rules, fired great teachers, and values money over faith. He will do whatever it takes to make a little more money and shows ZERO respect for other faculty members/students.
I would like to see the uniforms not be so picky. I am here for an education, not to be told the EXACT type of shoes I must wear (brand and model). I also would like to see more student representation with more pep rallies the way we used to and having the class government actually have a say in something. I would also like to have the art department get a bit more recognition, as we have many talented students but there is only recognition for sports not the arts.
My experience at Austin was one that I would not change for anything. I have been there since sixth grade and now I am about to graduate. The school prepared me so much for college. They helped me create my common app and find schools that were right for me based on my grades and my personality. I like how much involvement the school had with helping me go through the college process. One of the only things I could change about this school is how much importance they put on knowing and living out your faith. In some ways it feels as if they try too much for us to practice our faith, that our education gets blinded. I understand that this is a catholic school, and I have no issue going to mass at school or anything, sometimes it just feels forced.
Great small classroom numbers. Teacher know their students and their needs. Plenty of extra help as needed.
Austin Prep was a school experience filled with many roller coasters. There are many amazing teachers who are restricted from doing many amazing things for their students and classes because of the administration. The administration has many issues, and many of the higher-ups in the school (such as the principal and heads of student conduct, affairs, etc) cannot seem to connect to students, and they do not seem to show that students are their highest priority.
The only reason I gave AP three stars was because of the redeeming qualities of many teachers at the school.
We are a second generation family and while the experience for each member has differed because of varied interests, strengths, etc., Austin has prepared every member for success in a wide range of colleges (including some of the highest ranked small liberal arts and public institutions) and careers. A strong work ethic was developed and the unifying Augustinian themes of Unitas, Caritas and Veritas were always emphasized in and out of the classroom.
My feeling- wasted the money. No ROI. Invest or spend that money somewhere more productive. School care for their image more than for students academic and life. Multiple examples of it.
The friendships that I made while attending Austin Prep are the kind that I know will last me a lifetime. When considering attending the high school, I was worried that cliches and friend groups would already be formed, since many students would be continuing their education from middle school. However, everyone at Austin was extremely accepting of all the new students. This was a huge change from public school, where the friends you made in kindergarten were the ones you were stuck with. At Austin, no one was considered inferior, and no one was excluded from social events. There was no popular hierarchy, which was a tremendous relief from middle school, when I felt intimidated by over half the school. Obviously, as a college preparatory school, Austin did an excellent job preparing me for my future, however, the most important takeaway for me was the amazing people I met during my four years of high school.
This school has a focus on art and history, not math and science. It does not prepare well for college.
The teachers are either egotistical, unenthusiastic about the class, or some teachers are neutral but just bad at explaining things. At free blocks the only areas you can go to are the Library, the Library hallway, music rooms, and the caf, which are all VERY crowded. We have advisories and community meetings which are pointless, as we barely do anything and just waste time. Austin isn't any better than your average public school (And it ALWAYS smells bad).
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I have been at the school since I was in sixth grade. I think that the athletics is one of the top highlights of the school, also along with the 4 classes per day.
Austin Prep is an amazing Catholic secondary school. It's my second year here and I love it. The experience is good in general. The school offers a lot of challenging classes and extra curriculars. But it's very hard to move up if your first year class is CP. School spirit is a big part of the school, most people attend games and plays to support their friends.
There are many options throughout the school for extracurricular activites and everyone is required to be involved in at keast 2.