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I liked that all some people in my class were really friendly towards me throughout the years causing us to grow closer. I would maybe change the fact that some teachers don’t have good time management
Best school ever!!! When I went to this school I stopped getting bullied I got friends very quick they are super nice and everything is great
I’ve attended APA for almost my whole life. I used to hate on APA, but in my senior year I realized that I will genuinely miss the school. Here’s why: 1) The teachers are amazing. They are very qualified, and put a unique Islamic spin on the curriculum, even in AP classes. They care about student growth, are passionate, and develop personal bonds with students. 2) Discussions, Duhur salah, interfaith dialogue, and morning duas strengthened my deen. In Islamic Studies class, my every question about Islam was answered convincingly. 3) A lack of resources encouraged me and other APA students to be creative leaders. I, for example, started APA’s robotics program. 4) APA feels like one big family. Students and teachers develop lasting and impactful friendships. 5) The various competitions we participate in, from Science Fair to MIST, helped me find myself. Overall, my time at APA has been amazing, and I cannot be more thankful for who I've become.
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Its okay, only because of the ridiculous last minute policy changes that mess up our entire schedule.
The science teachers could be better.
They are very fun, but limited by money.
Teachers generally use an engaging teaching style. Most of the faculty has been around long enough to know the students so that they can help them with their weaknesses in classes.
There aren't many options, however, students diligently work on their extracurricular activities and accomplish achievements in competitions such as UIL.
It's a small school so you get to know everyone, which is kind like have a secknd 'family'. It's competitive, especially so due to its small class sizes.
It feels more like a community or family rather than a school. Everyone is nice, friendly, and willing to learn.
I love all the teachers at my school.
There's a great debate team that places in many UIL tournaments, an engaging Student Council, and great sports teams.
There's a great debate team that wins multiple UIL tournaments, an engaging student council, and great sports teams
The AP teachers are wonderful. They have a great depth of knowledge and experience. There are some teachers who teach their own children and sometimes have their older children grade some of the work of other students.
The school in general is safe. However, there is no school nurse available at the school.
There are numerous opportunities available for students to in terms of competition. Starting with elementary and middle school, you have PSIA . And for high school you have MIST as well as UIL.
Austin Peace Academy offers extracurricular activities tailored towards excelling and preparing students for their futures. The Academic Director, Alex Pritchard and Principal, Diana Abdi maintain close communication with Austin Peace Academy's students to offer activities that the students themselves are most interested in , making sure that these activities nourish students academically and spiritually. At Austin Peace Academy students compete actively in UIL Speech and Debate Tournaments where Mr. Pritchard (who is also Austin Peace Academy's Debate and Speech Coach) devotes his weekends to prepare and aid students during these tournaments, the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament where they are competing with Muslim High School all throughout Texas and the North America, Science Fair both regional and at state, and Spelling Bee competition, just to name a few. Through active involvement, students at Austin Peace Academy have established: Student Council, National Honor Society, Student Newspaper club , Student Fundraising club , School Renovation club, and a Robotics program in the school .
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This is a safe and friendly environment .
The most popular club is Debate and Exempt Speaking .
What makes this school unique is its Principal Diana Abdi she is able to connect with us , provide guidance and help us succeed. The outing that we do with the Principal , the debate competitions with Mr.Alex are unforgettable .