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5110 Manor Rd.
Austin, TX 78723
(512) 926-1737
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From Austin Peace Academy

Austin Peace Academy opened its doors in 1997 to provide a quality rigorous academic education in a faith-based environment that addressed the whole development of the learner. Since its inception, APA has continuously dedicated itself to setting high standards and expectations of all, and has succeeded in its efforts.

In this path, Austin Peace Academy expands program offerings each year. This includes the incredibly successful forensics program, boys' and girls' basketball teams, diverse elective offerings, and more. In addition, APA will launch the AP Capstone Diploma Program in Fall 2017!

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Austin Peace Academy offers extracurricular activities tailored towards excelling and preparing students for their futures. The Academic Director, Alex Pritchard and Principal, Diana Abdi maintain close communication with Austin Peace Academy's students to offer activities that the students themselves are most interested in , making sure that these activities nourish students academically and spiritually. At Austin Peace Academy students compete actively in UIL Speech and Debate Tournaments where Mr. Pritchard (who is also Austin Peace Academy's Debate and Speech Coach) devotes his weekends to prepare and aid students during these tournaments, the Muslim Interscholastic Tournament where they are competing with Muslim High School all throughout Texas and the North America, Science Fair both regional and at state, and Spelling Bee competition, just to name a few. Through active involvement, students at Austin Peace Academy have established: Student Council, National Honor Society, Student Newspaper club , Student Fundraising club , School Renovation club, and a Robotics program in the school .
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Austin Peace Academy is a wonderful institution in which many students can excel academically as well as establish strong morals and values. There are numerous extracurricular opportunities to participate in ranging from local UIL and PSIA tournaments to out of state competitions. The rigor of the academics at APA are substantial and aid in the transition to prestigious universities such as the University of Texas at Austin. Overall, I would definitely recommend this institution to everyone.
I've been attending APA since middle school and can honestly say that I graduated as a better person than I came in as. A common complaint that I hear as a student is that APA doesn't offer enough AP classes. APA's academics are so rigorous and outstanding that one simply cannot balance more than 2 AP classes while making the most of their experience at this institution. For me personally, balancing honors and 2 AP classes while taking advantage of the extra curricular activities offered at APA was challenging and it definitely made me a well-rounded person(which is something that colleges and higher learning institutions look for). APA is definitely the perfect fit for someone who wants to excel in their future and build on their deen. Taking AP U.S history with Br.Ted has definitely built on my work ethic and has prepared me for what it takes to excel in college. The course itself is a composite of comprehension, critical thinking, and your ability to express your thoughts clearly while using various sources to build a concise and relevant response. AP U.S history has taught me time management, self discipline, a good work ethic and has given me all the skills needed to excel in college. Overall, APA has enhanced my deen, challenged me, given me an opportunity to prosper and has ultimately prepared me for my future.