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Austin is okay. Some of the teachers are very great and really push their students. I really wished most of the students were more involved and worked to make the school better.
I have been going to this school since I was a freshman. overall this school was not so good. it was never too opened with the students. they never gave us many opportunities for anything. when there was meetings, the staff was never fully prepared for anything. something always went wrong. I suggest there be improvement on that.
Back in 2014 I would give my school 10 stars, but now under our new administration it feel the school spirit has left and our school has done poorly in educating my fellow classmates but I can say our College and Career readiness is very well
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I enjoyed the teachers I've met and the people who became my friends, the support one gets from the counselors is amazing.
My experience was very subtle. The administration was laid back therefore it was hard to actually learn with zero motivation from them
I chose to attend Austin because I felt that I would be academically and athletically successful. That is definitely the case. I've played sports on the varsity level all four years of my attendance. I am currently ranked in the top 5 of my class. The school environment, teachers and students are friendly and wonderful. Although it is not the most diverse school, with over 90% of the students being Hispanic, the administrative staff makes it a great all around school.
Austin High School was a great place to complete my high school education! I was able to intern at elementary school my Junior/ Senior years as a teaching assistant, which in turn opened many doors after graduation.
I'd like to see Austin high school better prepared their students for college. But I love that Austin has to a little something for each student.
My experience at Austin High School was a good one, I enjoyed the three years i was there and I'm glad I was able to graduate from this school.
I met my best friend there. The classes prepared us for college. I loved getting involved with class activities. The staff went above and beyond to help students.
I like how Austin High School was opened for new ideas and technologies. Unfortunately, poor motivation and positive influence from administration reflects on the students. Unless they take it upon them selves to become more active.
A very well kept school that knew how to take care of students individually. The rules were simple, and the classes were educational. All of the teachers were kind, and they would be there after school if you had any questions. The students were mature enough to turn in their homework, and not fight about the small things in high school.
My experience at Austin High School was quite the adventure. I graduated in the Class of 2014 in the top 10% of my class along with honors from JROTC, science club, and the robotics team. I had excellent teachers there that helped me shape to the person I am today. In JROTC my instructors were the main people that encourged me to pursue a higher education which was to go to college. My 12th grade physics teacher Mr. Johnson was the one that helped me decide what I wanted to major in which is in computer science, he was also the teacher in charged of the robotics team. Overall all Austin HS prepared me to get ready for college.
the security was overall great, considering the neighborhood where the school was located.
there was a great variety of extracurricular activities to choose from.
it was a great school to attend, i loved it.
most teachers go above and beyond as long as you show effort.
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Most parents don't care as it is a low income area
Most are sub-par. Few are exceptional.
Well in the past times we had issues about people tht aren't suppose to be in the campus made it in, so something needs to happen for the school to enforce after the event had happened.
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