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I enjoyed the people over at Austin and some of the teachers can be amazing and great at what they teach. I just wish that, like any school, they could improve the food however other than that I have no complaints.
Was an ok/good school definitely improved somewhat in my last year there. I wish the would pay more attention to the SDOA magnet program, they care more about the New Tech program, the Academy was practically gone by my senior year ( got rid of the fire tech program, I’m not even sure if the law program exists anymore, they just have criminal justice now ) But overall their are though there are a few teacher who don’t care, most love their job/the students.
One of the main things I love about Austin High School how much the teachers are willing to go above and beyond for the students. I always feel very welcome coming to school knowing that my teachers enjoying what they do and are ready and welcome to teach. It makes me feel more prepared as a student to have teachers that care about me and the school.
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I loved the idea of the students attending the school to increase their school spirit. The school would seem a lot better if the students were excited about their school and supported their student athletes that put their all into the sports they love. It would also be amazing if they actually were excited about participating in school activities and anything else extra curricular activities to make the school better. It will only get better if the students help to change the image of the school and how it is.
Austin high school is an amazing school it has great teachers and great staff that truly help you get ready for the out side world. The years I have been at austin have been the best in a very long time since I was a child.
A fun and safe learning enviroment. Encouraging and pushing students to do their absolute best; whether it be through academics, UYL, athletics, or any other club or school organization.
I have attended Austin High School since my freshman year. It has been great to me. I've learned so many things, made numerous amounts of friends, found many opportunities, and became a part of something bigger than myself. While we may be considered not such a great school compared to others in the district, the kids and staff are doing their best despite many of the circumstances of being from low income neighborhoods. I would like to see the perception of Austin and its student change to a good one.
This high school is a good school if you join a club or sport you will have something to do. Also people are really nice here you will not be eating lunch alone for very long and it safe we practice school lock downs and fire drills. The teachers are mostly nice and understanding with what going on in your life. You can have really fun at this school if you join something and have fun with it next year is my last year sadly but I can’t wait to have fun and finish my year right.
Austin has many supporters athletically but not academically. I would like to see Austin change academically because not many students are exposed to how important school and careers are.
Austin High School is a great school surrounded by an amazing culture. They offer a large range of sports from football to golf and other activities and clubs ranging anywhere from anime club to philosophy club.
Austin is a pretty good school and I've made a decent amount of even though I'm a military kid and have gone to other schools. This school makes me feel proud of my accomplishments but letting me join National Honor Society and Student Ambassadors. One of my favorite things to do at school is to play my violin in our school's orchestra. I've even got 1st chair for the 2nd violin group. Another good thing at Austin is that all the teachers and staff encourage you to go to college and apply to scholarships. But, one thing I think that should change is to notify the different opportunities that the school has implemented, such as ccrt.
Austin High School is a great school. The reason being is because I believe it's such a diverse school where everybody gets along. The students at Austin High School are always showing school spirit and are very passionate about doing what they love. Not only are the students passionate about doing what they love, so are the teachers. The teachers at Austin are always willing to help out their students no matter they what. Unlike some other schools, Austins teachers try their absolute hardest to make sure that their students have the quality education they deserve.
As a Senior currently going to Austin High School in El Paso Texas I feel that I can safely review Austin High School with the knowledge that I have required over my experience. First off is the Academics, Austin like most schools in EPISD does have normal academics and really has nothing special to make it stand out from the rest of the schools, Second The teachers are motivated and really determined to help the students, Third The school mostly has Hispanic students, Fourth the sport teams are not that good, Fifth they take safety very seriously, Sixth the school lacks school spirit, Seventh the food is okay to sometimes bad, Seventh It feels like they try to ready the kids that are in top ten or top twenty rather than everyone for college. Overall Austin lacking in a lot of areas, but still has the ability to teach students what they need to know.
The architecture and the people there who change your life. Plus everyone is humble there. There are many clubs you could join that give you a lot of opportunities and a great high school year. I was involved in swimming, broadcasting, newspaper, yearbook, students embarrassers, leadership and student council where you will find the best mentors in your life while meeting amazing friends.
what i like about the school is how laid back it is, it's easy to talk to people.
what i dislike or would like to see next year is cleanness, there are roaches crawling in and out whenever they feel like, it is disgusting and the school over all looks dirty. I also hope they get a better DJ/more diverse music for the dances.
I did enjoy my time here at Austin High School. I would truly like to see maintence done to the school the windows need replacement, a coat of fresh paint, landscape work in the front area of the school and cieling tiles need to be replaced in certain areas of the school. I would also like to see the conselours be involved and actually get to know the students at the school and have the students things in order. I would also like to see more student activites being promoted in the school.
My kid loves the school .. gets to graduate a year early ................................................
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What was my experience at austin high school? Austin high school was more than just an experience it was a place where life long friends were formed. It's a school where someone can be themselves with out having the fear of being judged. Austin high school has been like a second home to me where where mainly I created a family with my football and track brothers. We all faught battles together both on and off the field and track. And we all stood together and even after every season was over we still remain together in class. We all help each other when it comes to anything we are having trouble with. Not only that bit the teachers at our school are like our parents. Always making sure we are in the right path to have a better future and making sure we always moving foward and not backwards. Austin high school is more than a school its a place of opportunity.
Austin High School was my best experience as a student there. All my four years attending were very exciting not only friendship wise but education wise aswell. Austin offers many opportunities with dual-credit classes, clubs, and he criminal justice program there. They help you develop many skills academically and personal use for our future as an adult. The diversity there is very well too when it comes to culture.Though I do wish Austin offered more dual-credit classes or other curriculums to the students advantage to learn more that could be beneficial to them into their future. In conclusion, Austin does a very great job in education skills but more exposure to college classes for dual-credit to benefit the student in their future careers.
Austin high school has really good teachers, they are very helpful and try hard to make sure you learn. Austin High school's basketball team is very hard working and they are very united as one.
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