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I like the environment of Austin. I like how the teachers are very focused on you learning and increasing your test scores! I think they should work on just everything all together. No school is perfect.
My experience at austin high school is great.. this is my last year there and i know that i will cry when its time to go on to college.. at austin high they prepare your for all grades even college. I would like to thank all my teachers for being there for us fellow seniors and getting us through the 1st semester of senior year.. it has helped me alot by going to tutoring. Sports at austin are excellent been doing track and field since 7th grade and i love it. Austin high is an excellent school to attend so try it out.
I really do like the teacher at Austin they actually care about what we learn and they take the time to make sure we understand it
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I have very much enjoyed my time at Austin. I'm glad I got involved with honor societies and extracurricular activities. I'm particularly thankful to have been a part of the band.
I love how everyone is treated like family and equals. The whole staff is always ready to see their students succeed and be the best that they can be!
I loved the staff and how the teachers were always getting involved to prepare students for the future.
School that wins in athletics and has the number one high school football in the state of Alabama. School that wins in academics by having students go to nationals to compete. School that wins in creating more opportunities by having classes opened for students that do not have English as there first language to help understand and having classes that will prepare students for their future career.
Most of the teachers were great the facilities could be better but they are getting a new school in a year so it does not matter
The teachers were very involved with all students. I really liked how the campus was set up like an actual college campus, it was a great way to get a college feel before actually going off to college. The amount of school spirit is also very strong coming from all students, parents and faculty and staff.
I loved my teachers and my guidance counselor was very patient with me and was there when I needed her.
I liked at this school the mix diversity and the students and faculty people. This school has changed for me for the past 3 years because of all the new programs, new teachers, and much more.
I would like to see a change in how graduation is set up so that there is no limit on family members coming.
Austin High School has great teachers, a diverse student body, and an administration that truly cares about the students. Students have plenty of opportunities to get involved if they want to. I believe I will be well prepared for college and I will always be proud to be a black bear!
Austin High is a close-knit school and family. Although there are cliques, like in every school, the whole community often comes together as one to support eachother when there is someone in need.
Most of the teachers I've had at Austin have been great and most seem to really care about the students. There are some problems with communication though and not doing what is best for students to learn.
All the faculty, staff and students all come together as one; we all come together as Black Bears. there definetly is diversity in the school setting but at the end of the day we are all there each other, a clear support system is in the school.
Teachers employed at Austin High School love their school and their students. It is evident that my teachers enjoy their Job. Most even attend sporting events and encourage any positive extracurricular activities us as students take a part in.
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I had the best experience in high school. I met a lot of life time friends.
the teacher at my school are very helpful and want nothing but best for the students
Our safety policies are very simple and general. I do not worry about it as much because we rarely have problems. Our school has an escape and safety plan for each possible incident, but I believe when the time actually comes, they will not be used.
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