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I have enjoyed the last 4 years attending Austin high school. Austin High gives you the perfect chance to meet new friends and get involved as much as possibles from sports to academic clubs. And now we have a big new beautiful building , teachers will help you as long as you help yourself.
I have attend Austin high for 4 years. I am currently in my senior year at Austin. Austin has many opportunities for students to grow and become better people in our Society . The only thing I would change is to have from people from different cultures to join the black bear nation and teach us new lessons.
Austin high school is a great school we do lots of learning and they really embrace their students. You can go to any of the teachers for any problem you have they really care and they want to see you succeed in life especially the counselors they are always on the look out for you
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Every student here loves Austin, especially me!! This school has such a good atmosphere, from the teachers to the students, there is always good energy. High school can be a pain, but getting up everyday knowing I’m going to a school where everybody wants to be there, is very refreshing. Everyone’s #1 priority is learning and growing! I’m so thankful that I have teachers that push me and my peers to be better, personally and academically. Austin High leaves an imprint on every student that walks in and out of their doors. It doesn’t matter what building we’re in, what teachers we have, our school will always be the same Austin. Black Bear nation!
I love going to Austin High School. They are very good on preparing their students for the future. The teachers and staff are very supportive and make going there much better.
Austin high school was a really great school. The teachers were nice and they also cared about you. Most of the students were nice. I'm not saying Austin high school is perfect. No school is perfect. What makes Austin High School special is it is very welcoming.
Austin high school is a great school to addend all around the teachers are great academic program we have is very great its very safe great school culture good resources and the sports team are good and they get you ready for the next level
I loved the environment and the student body. The teachers are always there you you need help and they really care. The changes I would like to see would be more electives.
This school has an amazing learning environment and offers plenty of opportunities to advance in education. My biggest problem with the school is that they sometimes put sports before education and show a lot of favoritism towards those playing the activities. I do understand that sports have always been that way in a High School setting, but its 2018 and its time that we start letting that stereotype die. My schools attention to sport takes their focus away from education which is the staple point that makes this school an amazing school. Austin High School would be a 10/10 school if only it just tried a little harder to show true recognition to those who try to succeed academically.
There should be more one on one time with the students and the tacher. Making sure the students understand all the criteria. Be more open so a student can come to a teacher with an open mind and an assurance of information of material. I think teachers should make learning more fun because it is shown for students not to succeed in a classroom. There should be more fun activities for students attend on campus. Educational and actual fun activities. The food should be better but there is no control in that. Overall the school is quite together, and nice
My experience of the four years I have attended Austin High School have been nothing short of cherishing memories and a great educational experience. The teachers at Austin are amazing. They are highly approachable and truly care about their students success. I feel very prepared for college due to the challenging curriculums taught at Austin. In addition, all the clubs and activities offered at Austin make it easy for everyone to become involved in something. While my time spent at this high school has been great, I would, however, like to see the actual facility improve. The school is very old and needed utilities such as bathrooms, classrooms, thermostats, etc. have become low quality.
Austin High School is the best high school in Alabama ! It is a great work environment & they push you forward. If you are struggling, teachers & faculty is always around to help. They even have tutoring Tuesdays & Thursdays after school w/ transportation home. The sports & school spirit is very awesome & very supportive. At Austin everyone is family. People around you don't give up. You can go the distance. I love Austin & most of all I love being a black bear !
I love the staff at Austin high school. They truly cared about the students. There were so many different clubs and activities to get involved in
The faculty and staff are all very involved and helpful. This is a very active school and everyone gets along pretty well. We have some hard times as a whole but we all stick together and become closer through it.
I like the environment of Austin. I like how the teachers are very focused on you learning and increasing your test scores! I think they should work on just everything all together. No school is perfect.
My experience at austin high school is great.. this is my last year there and i know that i will cry when its time to go on to college.. at austin high they prepare your for all grades even college. I would like to thank all my teachers for being there for us fellow seniors and getting us through the 1st semester of senior year.. it has helped me alot by going to tutoring. Sports at austin are excellent been doing track and field since 7th grade and i love it. Austin high is an excellent school to attend so try it out.
I really do like the teacher at Austin they actually care about what we learn and they take the time to make sure we understand it
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I have very much enjoyed my time at Austin. I'm glad I got involved with honor societies and extracurricular activities. I'm particularly thankful to have been a part of the band.
I love how everyone is treated like family and equals. The whole staff is always ready to see their students succeed and be the best that they can be!
I loved the staff and how the teachers were always getting involved to prepare students for the future.
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