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Austin High School offers a nice mix of Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement (AP) courses for their students. For the 2020-2021 school year, AHS’ students can begin taking Dual Enrollment History as early as the tenth grade. I hope AHS continues to offer more Dual Enrollment courses and more computer science course opportunities for their students. Last, I hope AHS has prepared me for college.
I was in the Marching Band and in the JROTC classes I took all AP classes and had a very enjoyable experience overall.
The things I like about Austin High School are some of the teachers. Most of the teachers are willing to help, trying to push you to keep trying.
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The school was your typical High School, with a decent staff and an okay administration. Good programs and plenty of opportunities to do various things. The new school was falling apart on the second year with cracks in the wall and water leaks, and was very cramped.
Austin is a great school. I think this because it has great faculty. Everyone wants the same and there is always someone to help you with whatever you need.
I love to attend Austin High School. It is an excellent school with excellent teachers and great curriculum. This school makes the students ready for college.
It is a great school very cool staff. Could work on how strict they are, as far as rules go. And great location. Have a lot of resources to help students. But could work on college preparedness. Most people say they are not going to college. I believe it's because they don't have guidance.
I like how they are very helpful to the students. Counselors are very helpful especially to seniors! The best four years was amazing, thank you to austin. The teachers are helpful, very nice, helps you when you need help. Austin gives you help they have ACT prep, they help you get ready to take the ACT, gives you tip and helpful ways to be prepared for the ACT.
Austin High is a very diverse school, they have a very good band and excel in sports. There’s only 2 types of classes though very hard or really easy. There is no in between
I loved the chorus program at Austin. The teachers are friendly for the most part, although some aren't as much.
I like my school. Academically they are a little behind, being that Alabama is number 50 in the worst education category. Sports and extracurricular activities are very fun. The food is okay, but they're just going by the nutrition requirements. The teachers are available at all times and I love that.
I have had a wonderful experience at Austin High School since I was in 9th grade . I love the environment and teachers at my school . I can absolutely say I have learned a lot that I can take with me in the future. Will be a black bear forever.
Austin High School is a good public school in the Decatur City Schools and for me personally has been a terrific high school experience. The lunch room food could be better, but that's what you get at a public school, you get what you get. The extracurricular activities at Austin High School are some of the best in the state of Alabama and the band program is phenomenal under their current direction. I don't think I would of traded this high school experience for another high school, as I've made some of my best friends here.
It was the average high school experience. Made friends along the way that I know I will remain friends with throughout my life. I had fun and a good learning experience for most of the time. Classes pushed me to do my best and it was hard work. There may have been a few teachers that did not teach me a lot but I went through their classes ready to learn something new. I am in band and that will always be a great memory of mine, from going to every game and competitions and spending hours upon hours of learning drill moves, I would not change for anything. I am proud to say that who I am now, and it has been for Austin High School. I would not change Austin High School and I will always be a black bear.
I am incredibly grateful for my time at Austin. I can honestly say that it’s a joy to show up every morning. My favorite things are 1.The Teachers
My teachers at AHS are the most caring and sincere people I know. They truly want their students to succeed academically and in life. Mrs.Schley is like a second mom, Coach Betterton is a fantastic role model, and Coach Ray is a like fun uncle. I’ve had maybe two poor teachers at Austin, and neither are employed any longer.
2. The Campus
Our campus is beautiful!!!
My only complaints would be the occasional poor communication from the administration and the lack of recognition that programs that aren’t the football team get. But that being said, I am thankful for the opportunity to go to this school and learn, grow, meet great people, and wrestle for the wrestling team. I’ll remember my days at Austin forever. GO BEARS!!!
I enjoy Austin High School because they have great teachers that desire to prepare me for the future. I play for the boys baseball and basketball teams. I am deeply indebted to their investment in me. They exemplify character and integrity on and off the field. We are in a new school and the city of Decatur has made a great investment in the facilities. They are clean and definitely improved the atmosphere at Austin. Our school is diverse and we respect each other. I try my best to make sure no one is left out, regardless of race or background. I feel safe at our school. We have drills. We discuss what to do in emergency situations. The resources at our school for college and studies are amazing. I do wish our food was better. I bring my own lunch to school each day. We have pride at this school. I am grateful to have been apart of Austin High School. I am proud of my school. This is the reason why I am applying for this scholarship.

Jackson Breedlove
I really like the pride that every student and the community has in Austin High School. There is a lot of involvement in school activities and the school administration supports the students. The only thing I would change is to offer more STEM classes.
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I love being involved with the school and having fun activities to help with learning. Going to sporting events are also very fun!
My experience with Austin High School was overall positive from the classroom to the sports games. The teachers were great, the campus was open so it gave you a feel of what college would be like, and all the sports teams and coaches were great.
I went to Austin my all four years of my high school life and I do not have anything bad to say really about the school the just recently built a new campus.
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