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It is very diverse in its students. Though they are also placed in academies were the students aren't able to meet others, the school is good on its acadmics.
While there are some teachers who are not as willing to engage with the students beyond curriculum, there are also those who will connect with you across academics and life. The teachers, especially for the harder subjects, are very informed and the staff is actively trying to make improvements.
Incredible culture and diversity. The Academy for Global Studies is a great opportunity to remain embedded in the general Austin high community, play on sports team, and whatever else, while still having an intimate, dedicated group of students and faculty with which to learn and grow and travel.
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Enjoyable, however, the implementation of the academies for all students is a flawed decision as it will increase school segregation through self sorting.
Throughout my four years at Austin High School, I've felt very comfortable with the students attending here. Teachers/staff are friendly and supportive.
Austin High is a good school, not the greatest but very far from the worst. Most of the students are very kind and friendly. I have truly enjoyed my time here. Its education is very broad and covers many subjects.
I attended Austin High School from Freshman to Sophomore year. I was a member of the Academy for Global Studies and participated in a multitude of organizations and clubs including the school Newspaper, Soccer, and Orchestra. I had multiple options of where I wanted to attend High School but chose Austin High because I felt that it offered me the most well-rounded education. There is a wide range of classes available to all students (AP, Pre-AP, Dual Credit etc.) and all courses are rigorous and ensure students are college ready. There is a wide range of electives and clubs open to all students. Because of its location, Austin High is one of the most diverse schools in the district and is also one of the most open and accepting campuses I have ever visited. Teachers clearly care about their students and work hard to make sure that everyone succeeds. Attending Austin High school has not only prepared me to succeed in college but has prepared me to succeed in life beyond academics.
I enjoyed the involvement from a lot of teachers, but the administration as a whole was lacking and not completely invested. I would like to see the administration show more effort.
What I liked about Austin high was that the community was very welcoming but towards the end of the year racial issues began to occur. but overall i enjoyed most of my time here!
I love Austin High because it is a very diverse place to go to school. What i would like to see change is how these diverse people are treated at my school.
I like the people I met the school was alright but could have prepared me more for college and real. Didn’t really learn anything because I was just being taught what to do to pass the star test.
I like that Austin high school has different characters at the school from military to Hispanic. Something I would like to see change about Austin high school is nothing at the moment I really enjoy going to school there.
The reason I am not giving them all five stars is because the teachers were limited by the district's policies though they cared immensely, which created many opportunities for frustrating things to occur that then limited the progression of the student. Along with this, there were times that I was challenged to find answers in homework but was unable to because there was no textbook with which to confer to, and I was forced to find the answers online, as due to the district's wants, grades mattered more than the learning of the material. Fights occurred constantly; there was only a small percentage of African Americans, one-third whites, and the majority was of Hispanics, so some diversity, but not nearly as evened out; the health department within the school stopped giving out pads and tampons because now they could have children pay for them within the bathrooms and make a sickening profit from it; bathrooms were always breaking down and almost never worked.
I love everything about it, honestly. I've made so many incredible memories at this school and while there are a lot of things that I'd go back and change, I'm content with where I am.
The school community is very inclusive, but lacks true diversity. But, parents are very involved in trying to make the high school experience enjoyable for all students, which truly makes the school great for the kids. There's strong school spirit and pride for everyone to enjoy
Im currently a Junior at Austin high school and my experience has been great. Most of the teachers are great to talk to about anything that is going on in your day or life. There is a variety of electives to choose from, Im in Color Guard and in Orchestra which I enjoy very much.
Great school with great traditions and supportive alumni that really care about the school still along with the students in it.
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It's overall a good school. I don't have anything to compare it to, but I like it and have made many friends. The teachers I've had are all super nice!
The school has a nice atmosphere with a good location, minus traffic, and a diverse population. There is a different group for everybody at the school and the teachers are all pretty cool and know what they're talking about which makes it easier to learn. The programs at school all have dedicated participants who try to make the school look good.
Love the engaging environment and the great teachers! I've learned everything from this school, from how to survive freshman year, to how to apply to college. It's motivated and kept me going so far and I can't wait to see where it'll get me on the future.
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