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Austin High School is an average school at first glance. We have teachers and students like any other school but Austin offers one thing that no school can outrank us on; connection. We have been through hard times, like everyone else, but those hard times were our silver linings. We have become more as a community because we all have shared heart ache, we have all risen each other up after a bad day once in a while, we have all been there for each other whether that is noticeable or not. Whether the news may give Austin and the school their own opinion, they will always be wrong, for they do not know this place like everyone in the town and I do.
I moved to Austin High School last year and ever since I have felt nothing but welcomed and love. I absolutely love it at Austin High, and all of the faculty is super helpful as well. Being a senior and trying to apply to colleges and apply for scholarships on top of all of the school work and sports and jobs, it is very difficult and stressful. The faculty at Austin is very, very helpful and lends a helping hand when it is needed. I could not have chosen a better high school to graduate from.
I was in a wreck my senior year and basically missed 100 days of school! I went through numerous surgeries and was in two comas. I didn't think I was going to be able to graduate High School that was my dream my teachers took a leap of faith and helped me graduate they gave me the courage even though I didn't believe in my self. They believed in me. Teachers sure are a blessing! So this is why I rate my school a excellent school!
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Most of the teachers are cool and laid back, the principal lacks care and sympathy and says hurtful things to his students. He also targets the arts and trys to find ways to make them fail.
The staff at Austin High School are awesome and so very helpful to the students. The principal Ryan Herald takes it upon himself to make students feel worthless. Recently he pulled the whole senior class into the cafeteria and told us we were underachievers, even though over half of us, including myself, are graduating with an associates degree from Ivy Tech Community College.
If I were to do high school all over again I would gladly choose Austin High School. At Austin High School, the teachers go above and beyond for their students, the administrators, and staff work to help provide a fun and safe learning environment and there is plenty of opportunities to get involved with a plethora of clubs and sports teams. At Austin High School, students aren't treated as children, instead, they are treated as the aspiring young adults they are and are given every opportunity to succeed.
The teachers at Austin High School and all throughout the Austin school system are well trained, patient, knowledgeable, care about their students, accommodate all learning styles in their lessons, and go above and beyond for their students.
We have won a state championship in 2010 for basketball. It's very challenging because everyone is so competitive.
My overall experience at Austin High School has been amazing. The librarian is very helpful.

If you are going through a hard time or you need help with something, she's always there for you.
The teachers and staff are wonderful. If you are struggling with something and they see that you are, they try to help in any way possible. The teachers go above and beyond while in the classroom.
the teachers are not the best. only some of them care
I feel safe at my school because of locked doors, security cameras, and the requirement of ID's. I wish we had metal detectors and school security, though.
We have many clubs, with many active students being involved. The leaders of the clubs are dedicated. The only complaint I have is that the clubs may not receive as much funding from the school as they could. Most funding for clubs is provided by the club sponsor themselves.
I love my school. Students and parents are both majorly involved. I am receiving the best possible public high school education that I could possibly be receiving. The administrative staff is amazing and supportive as well.
The teachers incorporate valuable life lessons into their teachings. However, teachers are often wary of listening to the ideas of students. Most teachers also are not very good with keeping control of their classrooms.
This school has been very welcoming and helpful.
For guidance counselors, I would put the highest ranking if we had more than one counselor like Nicole Kilburn.
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I think that students are somewhat accepting of others, but others need to better in this area.
I think that we have some great athletes at our school, but I think that those who are not involved in sports should be treated equal by everyone around.
I personally believe that my school is one that believes that you deserve what you work for. Certain teachers are very encouraging and helpful with scheduling their classes, but also with the workload for those classes. I can tell that some definitely want their students to succeed.
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