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Austin is a really good school. I saw that because they have staff members in there that will go out they way to help you out. Their teaching skills i different but you will catch on to it. They treat you guys like family. It's not a all African Americans school but you will see a handful of African Americans. African Americans at Austin treat everyone with respect just like the teachers. The teachers would make sure you guys don't be behind on class work. If you guys need help the teachers is always there to help. I just love Austin Career Education center. They prepare you for college. Their sports team isn't that good because kids focus on their education before sports.
Best option ever for troubled youth who want a second chance to graduate. The staff Does a great job at pushing you to get your diploma. Even though it is an alternative highschool they still give you the real highschool experience.
My time being at A.C.E.C I've never seen nor heard a problem with health. Neither have I had a problem with health at the school. The food could be better but it hasn't contaminated any one nor has it harmed anyone, the classrooms are clean, the halls, the auditorium,computer labs, but mostly the bathrooms are tidy.
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Austin Career Education Center is a small alternative private school so there is not much space to do extracurriculum activities. It's a school that's straight cut to the point to give students a hope and a future. It would be blessing to have more activities and more space there.
My experience at Austin Career Education Center was very fast but very much impacting. I met some thorough people there that had great heads on their shoulders. If I could turn back the turn I literally would press rewind to spend more time at the school because it was refreshing. I learned a lot and I accomplished a lot for the very little time I was there. I wasn't doing to well in highschool but when I came here my senior you they helped me where I fell off.
The staff at Austin Career Education Center are all well rounded! They treat us students as if we're one big family and it's well appreciated. So many students enter this school with a dream and these teachers never crush them but they push us towards them. I recommend anyone to go to Austin Career Education Center. Little packages pack a powerful punch. This school is like the story of David and Goliath where the students are David facing the big giant Goliath telling us that we can't make it. With the help of the staff like the Lord helped small David he conquered the challenging giant and that's what the staff of Austin Career Education does for us!
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