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Austin Area Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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During my sophomore year I was able to participate in the Health Assistant Program at the Career Technical Center and I completed my certification for nursing assistant. During my junior and senior year of high school I worked at the local hospital. I feel this has prepared me for the career I have chosen (occupational therapy assistant) as I have had the opportunity to see various health care professions and believe this is the career for me. I have learned to balance my studies, work, and participation in numerous sports programs. I have also learned to manage my money with my own checking and savings account.
Very few after school clubs to be members of.
We struggle with numbers every year for the sports that are offered. Currently Austin is only offering Basketball for both boys and girls, Volleyball and Softball. We have co-ops with other schools that allow kids to play Football, Soccer or Golf. Unfortunately it can be difficult transporting kids from one town to another.
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Our school system is the smallest public school in Pennsylvania. This allows for teachers to provide a great deal of one on one assistance and to establish relationships with the kids. Unfortunately there are downfalls to this as well. Threats and safety precautions are not taken seriously among the administration and extremely weak emergency plans are in place.
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