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Austin Achieve Public Schools Reviews

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Austin Achieve has been overall the best experience of high school, and I know for a fact I am going to cry when I graduate because I never want to lose contact with the people I have created bonds with.
What I like about Austin Achieve is the environment when I come to school everyday I know I'm safe and If I feel unsafe I could talk to my teachers, counselor. Another think I like about Austin Achieve is the support system we have teachers that push us to keep going and challenging us to be better than what were are. Austin achieve is setting all there scholars to be successful as in taking the practice ACT as a freshmen to show you how the test feels. Finally I like my school because when we have tough times we have teachers, Principle's there for us through the way and the classes are great.
Going to Austin Achieve has been one of the best decisions my family and I have made. Started at AAPS, I was hesitant about being in a new environment different from public schools. As the years went by, I realized I was academically ahead of other friends from other schools. My teachers care about our education. They do whatever it takes to help up be successful. The teachers know students on a personal level, we have a lot of fun, we have high test scores, and we have a ton of school pride. I wouldn't want to go to any other school, I'm proud to be an AAPS student and have the academic opportunities I wouldn't have at other schools. Our school's phrase is "All Scholars, College Ready." AAPS does this by preparing every scholar for their own path to graduating and going to college.
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I wouldn't say that my freshman year was the best but I also wouldn't say it was the worst. I had a few moments where I thought this was the best school. Not only the teachers care about your academics but how you truly feel. I had many moments where I felt alone in many times and the staff memebera notice that something was going on. They didn't push me to tell them. They waited and waited for me to be ready to express my self. You don't see that a lot. The academics at Austin achieve are the best. The year teachers will stay with you everyday after school for you to understand the concept. Austin Achive is a same place, it's my second home. It is the place where I know I will be accepted for who I am without no judgement. I am proud to be a polar bear, but also to say that Austin achive has been the best school I've been too.
I feel like the statistics represented on this website are false. Austin Achieve has received 6 Academic Distinctions in the last two years and has improved their test scores annually. The teachers are committed to their work and dedicated to helping families succeed. If you're only looking at the outdated numbers on this site, you'll never truly understand what a great learning environment Austin Achieve has created. I urge you to do your research and check out this school for yourself.
I really enjoy being here. The principles get teachers from around the world that are well educated and want the best for you. They care about where you end up in life. Although the rules can be strict, they are put in place for a reason which is to mean best. The school already prepares students for college early and gives students proper knowledge. For example, this year my teacher in College Seminar class teaches all about college life now we are being educated on the topic of student debt crisis. This school is truly amazing. Im so happy to be already looking into scholarships and colleges.
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