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Ausable Valley High School Reviews

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The trust between the students and teachers at AuSable Valley are unbelievable. Having the opportunity to experience feeling trusted and respected has it welcoming and comforting.
There isn't much peer pressure at our school. Students like to get involved in different clubs. There is very little ethnic diversity here either.
The schedule is set up for us. It consists of the basic classes. If we choose others and they fit in we can take them. The Teachers are nice and counselors are helpful
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Getting into the classes you want is somewhat of a pain
Most teachers aren't too bad, But getting extra help can be a pain sometimes
Sometimes the doors are locked sometimes you can walk right in
we have to buzz to enter but most of the time they just let us in
The only time I use academic after school activity is review for regents exams and it always helps
I have always liked the school but wonder what it would be like to go where there is more competition. For instance, it is easy to make a sports team due to the lack of students.
Some teachers go out of their way to make sure we understand. Others just do their job. Some teachers don't grade consistently; they let certain things go with certain students.
This school is pretty safe, not a whole lot of bad things happen. When something does happen I have seen the police there a few times. I have always felt safe and haven't worried about being put at risk. Bullying is not accepted or tolerated and there are counselors to talk to whenever a student needs to talk. There is a nurses office which student can stop by at any time. There are usually a few random searches for drugs throughout the year. Threats are taken seriously and students can be suspended.
There are several sports available such as swimming, basketball, volleyball, football, wrestling, baseball and softball, soccer, hockey, track, and bowling. There is also an annual school musical that is put on. Students prepare for a few months and put on an amazing show every year. There is also a lot of opportunities for community service with doing concession stands for sports and other school activities. There is a homework helpers club held after school for students struggling with some material. Teachers and administrators often go to watch and cheer on the sporting teams.
This school has two elementary schools that merge into one middle-high school which is unique. I liked it because you have friends you have known since you were in kindergarten, but then you also have the opportunity to make new friends from the other school. It is a fairly small school with just over 100 students in a graduating class, which is nice because you know just about everyone and your teachers.
Most teachers will go over material then give examples so we can understand them and put them into perspective. Homework would be more example problems or reading to help further the students understanding. The teachers know the material they teach very well and also give out notes with fill in the blanks for some classes.
Only a few Teachers care about the students
I always brought my lunch to school because it was cheaper, and I never really liked their food. The salad is pretty good, along with the pretzels, pizza, chicken patties, nachos, and the barbecue rib. There is usually two or three lunch options daily, which is a good idea. There is always the choice of purchasing salad instead of the food offered that day, as well as fresh fruit every day. About an hour after lunch is done being served, the cafeteria opens up a snack shack that has a wide variety of healthy snacks and junk food. It all really depends on the students preference, but overall, the food is decent at this high school.
It's just like any other high school. Usually the principal is understanding the first time if the dress code is violated, but will give a warning after that. The guidance counselors are a great bunch, especially the Director of Counseling. They are definitely always there for the students, and are willing to help with any problems. The common study hall monitors however, can be rude, so as long as students stay out of the way, there is nothing to worry about. If there are any issues with bullying, the people at this school take it very seriously. In recent years, problems with Facebook have been brought to attention as well. This school does not mess around with bullying.
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The teachers at this high school know exactly what they are doing and enjoy being there. Of course, there are some teachers who need to learn how to keep up with the times, but overall, they are pretty good. The French teacher at this school is absolutely amazing. She works so hard to make students happy, all while teaching great lessons. She always offers extra help if needed, and so do all the other teachers. All teachers here will ask if a student is okay if they are having a bad day. It's a small school so everyone knows everybody. If a student doesn't understand a topic, the teacher is right there to help them. Grades are always where they should be, and the student definitely knows if they should be studying more. I had one of the best experiences at this high school.
Many students at this high school are involved in athletics. From my senior class, over half of the students had played some sort of sport that year. With our team performances, Girls Volleyball went pretty far that year, and the year before, Boys Soccer and Girls Basketball went to Regionals. However, our Football team hasn't been doing all that great in past years, probably because the team didn't get along so well. The fans on the other hand, support the students no matter what, especially since most of the fans are parents, friends, or family. The school has quite a bit of spirit, especially during our homecoming week. The athletic facilities are usually kept clean and decent, but there are not really any fitness programs. Some teachers had discussed it before, but it was never put into action. Someone had donated quite a bit of money to the school, which is why there is a turf field and gorgeous track. This high school has been pretty lucky over the past ten years because of all the money they receive to upgrade the school to great standards.
There are many clubs and organizations for students to get involved in. Key Club, French Club, National Honor Society, Drama Club, Jazz Choir, Student Council, Art Club, and so much more. The commitment one makes to the club depends on how passionate and involved the student becomes. There is plenty of activities to do, but my favorite club was the French Club. I had such an amazing French teacher. She brought us to Montreal for a day or two, usually every year, and she always kept the students interested. She is very fun, and I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. There are also a number of sports to participate in such as swimming, soccer, volleyball, football, tennis, track, bowling, and others. Usually these sports are the after school activities. Overall, my experience at this high school went pretty well.
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