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Aurora West College Preparatory Academy Reviews

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While all together the school was okay, I feel that the college prep part needs more attention. There wasn’t much when it came to developing study skills, and no encouragement of exploration of majors. Education could also be improved, I felt that teachers lacked the information and availability needed to have kids succeed. The environment was very friendly and safe though.
I attended this school from the 6th to the 12th grade. From going there, I noticed that they were, and still are, on a low budget. There is only a handful of after school activities and sports that are offered because of the lack of a higher budget from the school district. Despite the financial obstacles the school faces, the education system has always been up to par for the most part. Students can actually learn in a more interesting way because there are more creative teachers who have a drive for student success. Anther thing is that they are very diverse. It is a school that enrolls a lot of refugees into their school roster. This is an amazing factor to help other students going to school with the refugees to learn more about other cultures in the world.
I've been attending Aurora West College Preparatory Academy for almost 5 years now. So, I can say that it is very diverse with students from different countries with unique cultures. However, I wish they would provide more Honors or AP classes to challenge students like me and prepare them for college.
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The teachers here are really dedicated. The funding is bad but the teachers make up for it. The middle school is a little wild but once you get into the high school everything gets better
This school is very diverse in the sense that there are many different races study I along side one another. For high school the classes are small and the teachers are easy to talk to.
Great school for those that seek to increase their capasaities in life and while it's a small school, it offers student the opportunity to take college classes later on in their year if they are doing good. The school may be a bit to string on the highschool students and that might be because it's also a middle school,but it offers an opportunity for upperclass men to be respectful and a good role model.
Aurora West Prep. Academy is a very nice school which they treat each other equally. I didn't regret to be AWCPA scholar. The only thing I think it should be change is to have a lot of playing ground.
What I like about my school (aurora west college prep academy) is that there are so many people who are interesting to help other. I like my school because it has the best teacher I've ever meet in my life who make the lessons interesting and really make you to work hard and challenge you. I like school because I get to do the things that I've never thought it about doing it. I also love seeing my friends/best friends face every single day.
AWCPA is a reall motivating school,they push they students. Then they love to make happy memories in the school, and they don't set their students up for failure. What they could change is making the school full like a home, that people were happy going here.
It's a middle school and high school, so everybody doesn't get to get the real experience of going to only a middle school or only a high school. They tend to do stuff for one or the other instead of both. Its on okay school i just wish they offered more.
Some teachers act like they care and show that they do while others will just do what they have to to get us by. More teachers try than others and those are the ones who have the fun classes and who you can talk too out of the classroom.
This school has taught me so much. Also, this school has also helped me get my associates degree and graduate high school at the same time. This school is small in class size, therefore a student gets more attention, and that's what I liked. However, since it is a small school you don't really get to meet new people every school year. Also, there isn't a lot of school activities and clubs other than sports and theater.
Overall the teachers are great. They try their best to be involved with the students and try to engage with their learning. Although some teachers are hard to understand, other teachers makeup for what they lack. Some teachers are easier to understand because they show that they actually want to teach and help the students grow.
The adminustration, counselors and teachers are doing a good job helping and educating the students.
There are some teachers tbat are great at teaching but there are some that need a different way of teaching and treating students.
I would choose the same school because my daughter got very good grades because of her great teachers.
There are many sports and activities for students to choose from.
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They are always monitoring and and and watching the students so tgere wont be any fights between students.
There are students from different countries and i dont see any controversy.
I feel that my daughter is ready to go to the next level, she has a strong desire of becoming someone in life, melyna has been working very hard in high school and i believe that her dads death had made her more determined and stronger to keep going in life fir a better future and to help me continue with my life too.
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