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Aurora Hills Middle School Reviews

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I went to Aurora Hills for three years. In the three years there, I noticed that Aurora Hills was a great APS school. The school's population of students was mostly minority. It was very welcoming. Some students made the school look bad, but there was mostly good people. The teachers are supportive, and will help if you ask. Most of the students I was with were not prepared, because the teachers did not ready them. I feel like this middle school did not prepare students for highschool. I know plenty of peers who were considered gifted and talented in this middle school, who later failed Freshman classes. I felt like the school didn't apreciate people who did well academically as much as they should have. They honoured attendence more than academics, which is wrong. On average, I will forever cherish the memories and moments I experienced in the walls of Aurora Hills.
Sometimes the teacher give out a little to much homework and its hard for most kids to maintain.
There could maybe be more after school programs that students would want to join.
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Its not the best. Im having alot of issues going on right now and some of the teachers dont care. They are so worried about all the other students but arent paying attention tot he students that are going through family issues or school issues.
It's okay. It is not that challenging
It does not have a lot of extra curricular activities. It has few. The activities are not the best quality.
It's okay. It's not bad not good. It's meh.
The teachers try to help out students. Some even give their free time to students. They are very friendly.
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