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Aurora High School Reviews

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We had a team of soccer players. The boys were really involved. It was the only afterchool we had. The guys competed against other. But we had physical education as a requirement. There we played several sports. They made us run. We got into groups and played against others. It was very fun everybody got along.
The cafeteria was very clean. Wee had healthy food. They gave us fruit milk and juice. You had two choives of food. The food that the school district gave. If you didnt liked that food eh had a second choice of chicken salad. They gave us breakfast and lunch food was good.
This school was small. Most of the students were friends. Even though everybody made their own grouos with their friends but regardless discrimination. We sometimes played sports at lunch we ad so much fun.
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We had to wera uniform. no vnecks,no sandals or tank tops. Regular school shirts and pants. The principal was very involves we had assemblys. The counselors were for us when we needed. They helped you with everything. You could go and review your credits.
I think school was safe. We never had any threats. We had several security walking around the school. The door was locked. Needed to sign a paper when off to the bathroom.All visitors must to report to the office and wear a voucher.
Many students went to the community college. But some did get good jobs.I entered at carrington college bacuse i wanted to study for medical assistant. Had to move from calexico CA to phoenix AZ. Colleges were far from were i lived.
The school offers several extracurriculars. For example the asb program many students participated. We discussed what was going on in school ,what we selled in the store and how many money we were raising. We also had sports for example soccer. Many boys were in the athlete program. We also had after school tutoring.
I was very happy and comfortable at this high school. I loved the teachers. I was in the ASB program. I was the vice president and the treasure. We sell candies and groceries at the ASB store.This school is unique by the way the teachers helped you with your courses. If i woul do highschool i definetly go back to Aurora.
The academic offers includes general classes. Teachers are very responsible and make their classes fun. The courses are fun and easy. Its a very good school and teachers help you a lot with your work. The test were hard but studying and getting prepared maked them easy.
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