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I love high school. I know everyone says it will be the best four years of your life but I believe them. I love the teachers and my classes. I love the extracurricular activities you can do. The only thing I would change is how judgmental everyone is. Sometimes I feel like I can't be myself because people give me weird looks or the question me. Depending on who you are you don't care about being judged but for me it is a big deal.
I have been blessed to be able to grow up in such a nurturing school and community. Aurora is full of kind and compassionate citizens who are willing to go the extra mile to help others. There are so many opportunities at my school to get involved. The staff is very supportive of the students and is always willing to work with us. Aurora's counselor is so involved with the students and she works hard to prepare us for life after high school. My experience has been one to remember, and I couldn't be more grateful to be at Aurora.
The academic courses at this school are very good the teachers make sure to attend to most of the students needs, however the school needs to support other extra-curricular activities aside from Football and Basketball,
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The teachers are good and they care about your success. The only thing that throws me off is the stuck-up people that go there.
It was a pretty good experience at this school. The academics were good and most of the teachers teach great. It is a very cliquey school, so that is one thing I would want to change about the school, but it will never change.
Some teachers make it worth it. How enjoyable the high school is depends on money, last name, and who you're friends with. Don't let any of these "nice" comments lead you on. A girl tried killing herself over bullying that happened inbetween schools by students and a boy was bullied online for being wonderfully gay. These people get basic punishments like missing one football game. Really learned their lesson there, Principal, huh. You aren't anything unless you get in with a coach and even if you're academically capable you're out of the "group" for being an overachiever. Let me know when ALL the kids feel like they belong to this school environment. Its appalling what happens here. Don't worry about telling a teacher either because most of their kids there anyhow. Its a load of crap from the moment you step through the door. JUST SAYING.
Aurora high school I feel is one of the best high schools in Nebraska because they provided us with so many opportunities and options. If it wasn't academics, we had sport and clubs to choose from. The moment we started our journey throughout school they started preparing us for our future. Senior year is when it gets real you can choose what school of your dreams you wanted to visit. Every year they do have a college and career day for the juniors and seniors to see what colleges in Nebraska and surrounding states have to offer for programs. Career day is to expand your horizons on picking something you love. Senior year they always have senior day which is a day where they show us and talk to us on how to prepare for college and the real world. I wouldn't have known what I wanted to do with my life if it wasn't for Aurora high school that provided me with those opportunities.
I love that since Aurora is a small school, I know everyone that I see in the hallways. The athletic programs are great because Aurora has hardworking athletes and coaches.
I really enjoyed my time at the Aurora High School. The administration was always willing to work with students in anyway possible. The teachers were great and definitely took the time to make sure you understood the material given to you.
Aurora is a great school, the kids really care about their grades and are very motivated to do well. Everyone is excited to be a part of extra curricular activities. We have amazing sprots teams, one of the best and most competitive bands, a great choir, a hard working speech team and lots more. We are the huskies and we have a lot of school spirit.
The school is full of cliques. If you don't fit in with any of the crowds you become a major target of bullying and teasing.
This school is an amazing school. It is a small class B school with many activities and teachers who want to help students learn.
I moved to Aurora at the beginning of my Sophomore year. I was really nervous at first, as most people are when going to a new place, but was pretty well adopted my the school within months. I think it is a wonderful place to raise kids and really have nothing to complain about other than the lack of diversity of any kind. Mostly the more sensitive topics, gay rights, are not as well accepted as I would like, but it is being very quickly worked on.
The teachers are almost all great. The administrators understand the students. We have so many ways to get involved that are able to appeal to a huge percent of our student body. The staff really cares about the students and their success. The food isn't the best. They have the newest technology for us; there's some technology I rather have than what we do have, but I'm not going to be picky.
The extracurricular activities at this school are great. The tend to be a lot of fun and very supportive of the students involved.
It's been a great experience so far. Most of the students are friendly, the staff is helpful, and the community is a blast.
The teachers of Aurora High School vary in personality and teaching style. Every teacher does something a little different. Some incorporate fun techniques into their classes. Some are very outgoing and will even give you snippets of their outside-of-school lives.
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Generally, I feel safe in this school. Bullying is a no tolerance thing, if a teacher finds out about bullying they step in and take action right away. Although there isn't a security or school police/safety team, there is at least one police car that patrols the parking lot in the morning and after school, there are once a year drug dog sweeps and many security cameras. There is no school nurse, if anything health related is an issue you have to talk to the office staff where they can only provide band-AIDS, tyelenol, and tums.
There are different extracurricular opportunities at this school success as golf, track and field, football, softball, volleyball, weights, basketball, cross country, FBLA, FFA, NHS, choir, band and orchestra. For each club there is a high expectation for commitment, the most popular are FBLA, FFA, basketball, football, and volleyball. The administration supports the more popular sports, and there's not many after school activities for non-athletic people.
So far this school has been a very lively experience for me. From freshman year, you are introduced and get to know your teachers on a better level, some of them are coaches as well. The activities and events are enthusiastic and spontaneous, everyone is invited but is expected to act respectful. This school has many expectations for their students, like going above and beyond in effort, being respectful, etc. They pride themselves on these expectations. You can really tell the administration cares for the students as they strive to help push each one to where they will be most successful. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over as I've matured so much since being here, I've accomplished so much, it's really helped shape me into the best person I can be.
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