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Aurora High School has a great staff of teachers that would dedicate time to help you advance in your academics. They also hold academics and extracurricular activities to the same importance.
Overall, the teachers at Aurora High School go out of their way to make sure every student gets the best education they can provide. The teachers not only teach you, but they are also there for you when you are in need. They are willing to meet with you outside of school to better grow your education. What needs to be changed about the school is the communication between the district. There is a lot of miscommunications concerning grading.
Aurora High School is overall a nice location. The administrators strive to improve everything from student success rate to student satisfaction.
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Aurora has some wonderful teachers who truly care about their students. The small town really encourages high school students and every student feels like family.
There are electronically locked doors and one armed police officer. However, the officer doesn't really do much. That is about it. There have been multiple fights and cases of drug and alcohol abuse on campus. The safety standards in the entire district are terrible.
This cop comes and he's pretty cool. All the kids like him, and respect him.
The practical arts are good and so are the fine arts. Honestly it could be worse.
To be honest, the only reason I am still at Aurora is my friends. At this point, two years into high school it would be terrible to change school districts again. Other than that, there is no reason for me to stay here. The academics are sub par for the most part, the food is absolutely awful, and the demographic of the area is awful. There is an abundance of drugs in town and it is pretty noticeable. Friends and the stellar band program is the only thing keeping me here.
Depending on the extracurricular, it can be awesome! Like, Choir is the bomb. We have a great music extracurriculars. TO BE HONEST.
Other than a few teacher, the staff is pretty standard. Technology is present and utilized, but to be honest most teachers are rather sub par. Most of this can be attributed to the low standard of learning. It is almost as though they are pushing students towards flipping burgers. However, most of the honors teachers and multiple elective teachers are great. They really try to engage their class and it makes for an enjoyable experience.
I might choose a school that is less clique-y. Parents have a heavy influence of whether or not their student does athletic thing based on how much clout or money they have. But, I suppose thats the same no matter where you go.
Some of the teachers are good at their job, but others are not. At all. It's like they are good people, but not good at teaching. All of my life, I have been taught that you need to find out your learning style and utilize it, but once we reach high school. that is completely thrown out the window.
most of the time is was very gross and hard to eat
the principal took his job very seriously
all the money earned pretty much olny funded the football team
They mostly did their job but a few bad apples ruined the bunch.
All the money was spent towards the football team.
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This school was nothing but drama, and halfway through my junior year they made us use laptops and they didnt have their system figured out so it was extremely hard to use and keep up with my schooling. (they removed them the year after I graduated)
Our school has an average amount of school spirit. However, our athletic teams are generally lacking and for the most part do not succeed. We have an unusually large fan base for our marching band, however, which at most schools is generally ridiculed.
It has definitely upgraded from what it used to be. We have five options including pizza, sandwiches, salads, nachos and a daily special. With the past program, we had three. However, the lunch program has also restricted the number of items and quantity of food while increasing the price. The full price for a meal is $2.25, which is not worth what you get.
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