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I really have loved my time at ACS. This school has been great because they have taught me a great deal about myself and my faith. The teachers really care about their students and the staff is always there to help. Overall, as a senior, I have loved this environment and the friends I have made here over the past few years.
An incredible school. I spend four years there and I enjoyed every last minute. The teachers are very responsible and friendly. They treat you like friends while maintaining the respect. The school is safe and while equipped with materials to educate. One thing that's a bit off is the food, I think they can improve it by a lot.
School claims that it is college prep, academics do not match that definition. Students who graduate within top of class find freshman year of college to be challenging. While the school boast high ACT scores, these scores are a result of hours+ of third party tutoring that cost parents and exuberant amount of money, on top of an inflated tuition. The math program is lackluster; constant turnover occurs, leaving students unprepared and struggling. Favoritism is rampant and Neoptisim is at an all time high. There are staple names that have too much say in what occurrs at the school. They do not allow at PTA or PTO, as they want complete control over all decisions. You are expected to work through administration to help you solve your concerns. The school continues to not grow, there is good reason. Known problems are occuring and the cheek is both student and faculty. In a Christian school, obedience will allow growth and prosperity.
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The school has an amazing love for their students and really cares about the community they create. But, the school is extremely expensive and the benefits you gain do not always offset those costs.
The teachers at Aurora Christian all seem to really care about the wellbeing of their students. They invest a lot of time and energy into making sure that all students are equipped to engage the world in whatever career path they may choose.
We should of listened to previous families that attended the school. Staff is not attentive, sexual harassment is rampant among students and nothing is done about it. Total favoritism towards families that contribute the most money. You are better off sending your child to a public school if you are trying to avoid "trash", this is "trash" with money.
I do love Aurora Christian. It is an excellent school, and I'm so happy I've attended since my freshman year. I wish there was more class choices, and clubs/activities. The teachers are amazing and so is the administration. I love this school overall.
Overall it is a good school, but the culture is a bit rude. Everything seems to believe the same thing, which gets annoying after a while. I've noticed that many of the kids are very homophobic/transphobic/ really don't like anything that's not "christian" to the point where they horribly bully others. Academically, I found it really easy. Maybe it's not that way for everyone, but I've heard from numerous sources that this school does poorly academically. Although it's not the best school, it's still not horrible or anything. It has a great sense of community that comes to it (if you're not being shunned) and if you look you can find some amazing and loving people. But I guess that's true for every highschool.
Good School, beautiful facilities. Very good student/parent involvement. ACS could use more college prep classes and more teachers. Needs more diverse teaching staff.
ACS is a very small Christian school that boasts itself well but cares more about its sports program than anything else. The environment is very limiting spiritually and the students are expected to subscribe to a very specific religious view. While some of the teachers were phenomenal, they were not given the appreciation they deserved by the school and other teachers were in need of being kept in check by the school board but were not.
The teachers were the best. they were always willing to help assist you any way possible. There is a very large percentage of parent involvement as well. ACS id like a small community, everyone knows each other. It was the best time ever. I would improve the food.
Aurora Christian has been such a blessing in my life. Although I have only attended for one year, I've already been positively impacted by the students and the teachers. My peers strive for academic excellence and provide healthy "competition" to better myself. The teachers are more than willing to help you succeed if you are having trouble or just have a hunger for more knowledge. Sacrificing time after school, they go above and beyond because they are living our their faith. Similarly, their example of faith has encouraged me to continue growing in mine. My bible teacher is especially invested in each one of his students. He desires to prepare us for the real world, not just inside the classroom. Most importantly he, and all the faculty, demonstrate how serving Christ can be done no matter your occupation. Everywhere is your mission field.
The teachers in High School are passionate not only about what they teach but also about the success of their students. They make it easy to become a successful student whom is prepared for college. The middle school academics however are terrible and need major improvements.
The school does its best to make sure that each student is safe and heathy.
We really don't have many clubs, but what we do have it is very interactive.
When I came to this school I could just tell the students/ teachers truly cared for my well being.
The teachers in this school care for the students and will do anything to see them success.
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I have found all the extra curricular activities to be fun.
I love everything about this school except we cannot dance at school events.
The teachers are ready to help you at anytime, even after school. They are also very friendly and get to know you well.
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