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Aurora Central High School Reviews

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I’d give it a 4 star rating because of the teachers and staff, they really care about you getting the education you deserve instead of just getting you to pass
Aurora Central is able to recognize outstanding students and provide excellent opportunities and resources for them. Aurora Central has one of the best arts and music programs in the district. For those students who need more help, the school doesn't provide as much support as they need. Although there are after school tutors and programs to help students get back on track, there's one thing that holds the school back from reaching it's potential. That is the culture. Sadly Aurora Central has been known for having terrible students attend there with a lot of drama to fights every week. Overall for average and gifted students, Aurora Central will provide everything they need to succeed.
My education seemed to diminish me from being present to be accountable in all of my curriculum classes.
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My experience in Aurora Central high school is that when ever i would struggle to get my grades up my teacher would sit next to me and help me step by step inorder to get high grades and pass my classes. In Aurora Central High School there are helpful teachers that help many students in thier studies and also for success aswell as our Counselors in Central High School they are very supportive and very helpful they give us students advise for our future, and also give us many reasources that help us find the right college. Aurora Central high school may not be known for high grades or high rate of graduates but we have a high spirt for anything and also ready to conquer anything that gets in our pathway to success.
Somewhat a loving school, Can be a good environment at times. Aurora Central has a large sense of violence just like every other school. Students try there best with the environment handed to them.
I have been a student at ACHS for 3 years. I think that if a student is looking forward to entering college and take sat this school is definitely the last school you should go to, as for parents do not send your kids here. The clubs and sports do not really take place and often times teachers or coaches that guide the club or sports can be very rude. Overall, I think that if I had an opportunity to redo my high school I would definitely have moved to a better high school.
The diverse students and teachers make up the school and brings us together as one. Aurora Central High school gives students a chance to take any class they want and offer honors/AP classes for us and also allows us to earn college credit. I really like the fact that we can take college classes while still being a high school student. Something I would change is the classes, I would want more elective classes that will help us with our future careers. For example, more language classes like korean and Japanese would be nice.
The teachers help me a lot and the councilors get to class on time and i would like to see that they have more security in school.
All of the rule changes made the school a little bit worse than it was. But overall most of the teachers and staff are great people in which you can connect with
I like how this school has a lot of different races and we all get along. Everyone loves going to the biggest games of the year which is our rivalry game against Hinkley, also known as “Stinkley”. It gets really exciting and the football and basketball games against Hinkley.
What I like about Aurora Central High School is that they give students many opportunities to get us ready for the future. And when it comes to sports they have a lot of school excitement.
Aurora central high school is school that most people don't like because they don't treat students equally. Sometime security will keep you on learning center because you go get food in your car! If they want to be better, they should do the right thing before make the wrong decision
Between 2008 and 2012 Aurora Central High School was an okay school at best. Some teachers cared about the success of their students while others did not. The math curriculum is poor, unless you make it to avanced IB math.
Aurora central it the best school but it does not work for all students,it mostly work to those who work hard and who try their best.
It is a super dangerous school. Two homis died from drive by in area. Also it not that diverse it 95 percent minority and only black and mexican. Iy also got a gang problem if u get caught in the hall by a rival u gonna get jumped tjay what happened to my homie. The kids just smoke in the bathroom. And the neightboorhood is worst. Starting from 1st ave all the way up to 30th and east to yosemite and west to laredo is the hood. This the area where the gov olaced the aurora gang reduction so tjat says something. Stay out kf north and central aurora neighboorhoods
I would like more people helping to make Aurora Central High School A better school and i would love to see students there going getting in top 10's.
I enjoyed going to central i learned alot from attending there . i attended aurora central high school when i was a freshman and continued to go to aurora central high school when i was a sophomore.
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Aurora School has this really amazing program called Aurora Lights. It really help student prepare for those who are interested in a medical field. It gives you college credits too!
I see Central as mediocre because of lazy teachers and uninterested students. The teachers seem to be more interested in getting done with the period than actually teaching. But, the other students don't want to learn and this effects everyone because no one is learning and nobody is helping each other prepare for our futures.
There are very few students at this school that care about education, and many less teachers. Only a handful of teachers at this school try to make an impact on student life and futures.
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