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Aurora Central Catholic High School Reviews

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ACC has an amazing commitment atmosphere due to its smaller size. The teachers are readily available to help students with matters related or unrelated to the classroom. The classes, though small selection, can be very rigorous and helpful in preparing for college, depending on the level of the class. There are not as many advanced placement or elective classes as other schools may offer, mainly due to the small size of the school. The athletics are fun to participate in, but are not known for winning records. Cross country and track are the most competitive sports at ACC. Bass fishing and tennis are the most diverse. There is not a very large range of clubs offered, but it is very easy to start a new club of your interest. The food is expensively priced and does not have many options overall, especially vegetarian or vegan options.
Small school can be a great or bad thing. You will make very close friends. Academics were manageable, including the honors classes. Even while playing sports it is possible. Administration is good on staying up to date and running things smoothly.
Aurora Central Catholic has a family atmosphere. Because it is a small community everyone can easily be involved in sports and clubs. The teachers really push their students to produce their best work to prepare for college. Aurora Central Catholic High School does an excellent job making sure everyone is cared for and college ready.
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Aurora Central Catholic helped prepare me for college, especially with their use of the block schedule. The school provided me many opportunities to volunteer in my community and expand on my faith.
I liked that there is only 4 classes. Makes it easier to do homework so you are not as stressed when you get home.
I had a good high school experience. I would like for the teachers to be more interactive with the students and not give a lot of attitude when asked questions. I understand that we have bad days but we, the students, are the future and we need to prepare ourselves for the future. I can't say that every teacher was like that but, there are a few.
Overall, Aurora Central Catholic High school had a mix of passionate and less than qualified teachers. Every classroom was a surprise because you didn't know which type of faculty member you were gonna get. Additionally the sports facilities played favorites to football, basketball, and baseball.
As a transfer into my junior year there, I got to see the difference between what Aurora Central Catholic offers versus another high school. You will only get into ACC what you put into ACC. If you try really hard and do work, you will succeed and vice versa. Overall, it is a pretty decent place.
I truly enjoyed my academic career at Aurora Central Catholic HS. At ACC we are allowed to choose our classes and are given a block scheduling of 90 minutes to allow for the perfect time of learning and asking questions between the student and teacher. While every student is able to choose whatever classes they may like, there are also an abundance of before and after school activities to appeal to everyone's likes. I really enjoyed the teaching abilities of all my past teachers. They truly spent time with there students, before and after, to make sure that student truly understood the material they were handling at the time.
Aurora Central Catholic High School to me is a second home. I live about 30 miles away from ACC, yet I never regret taking the long drive there or the long drive home. The atmosphere, the culture, the environment there is unique. Everyone has their group of friends, and when I say friends, I mean family. I personally am in the honors and AP classes, yet with the help of my fellow peers and teachers, I never feel like I am going to tip over and sink. So overall, the past three years at ACC have been amazing and life changing.
I loved Aurora Central Catholic. I have made a lot of friends that I know I will have for life. The women's basketball program is second to none. I have enjoyed the commitment of the staff, coaches and counselors along my journey. I am excited for the expansion and growth projected for Aurora Central Catholic and look forward to seeing my younger sister thrive there when she arrives next year.
I went to ACC for 4 years and I do not regret my decision to go there. Although the classes were sometimes tough and not every teacher was the best, the clubs and activities made up for it. My favorite clubs were drama club and campus ministry. I was involved in the chorus group all 4 years and I was in the musicals. I directed a couple plays and I was the president of campus ministry. ACC made me feel like I was part of a very large family. I recommend ACC to be the high school you should choose.
While this was a small scale school at the time I attended it allowed me to experience high school on a level that I may not have enjoyed on a larger scale. I was able to enjoy a rich education that has allowed me to enjoy science and want to pursue a career as a physician assistant. I played sports, tennis on the varsity level and soccer. There were many choices to belong to a variety of clubs and activities. I would highly recommend this high school to anyone. You'll receive a quality education and be able to enjoy sports and other activities.
I liked how other teachers are always ready to help but they do not punish bullying they only slow it down without consequences. Other than that the school is pretty good.
This school was pretty safe. We always had an officer present. No school nurse though which is awful.
The clubs here were small but not bad. The school newspaper is the biggest joke on the face of the earth.
I was forced to go to this school and can genuinely say I hated it. Horrible, rude kids, unhelpful teachers, horrible technology, you name it. This school is worse than public school.
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Some teachers here are great while others just don't care about their students at all or are just idiots.
They don't have a school nurse, at all, if you have to go to the nurse you just get sent to the office and you sit in some room they have back there and that's it, no nurse whatsoever. The school bathrooms aren't the best either, there's always some gross smell and the stalls tend to have scratches on them.
There is a somewhat decent amount of clubs at this school so there's something for every one.
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