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I loved Aurora Central Catholic. I have made a lot of friends that I know I will have for life. The women's basketball program is second to none. I have enjoyed the commitment of the staff, coaches and counselors along my journey. I am excited for the expansion and growth projected for Aurora Central Catholic and look forward to seeing my younger sister thrive there when she arrives next year.
I went to ACC for 4 years and I do not regret my decision to go there. Although the classes were sometimes tough and not every teacher was the best, the clubs and activities made up for it. My favorite clubs were drama club and campus ministry. I was involved in the chorus group all 4 years and I was in the musicals. I directed a couple plays and I was the president of campus ministry. ACC made me feel like I was part of a very large family. I recommend ACC to be the high school you should choose.
While this was a small scale school at the time I attended it allowed me to experience high school on a level that I may not have enjoyed on a larger scale. I was able to enjoy a rich education that has allowed me to enjoy science and want to pursue a career as a physician assistant. I played sports, tennis on the varsity level and soccer. There were many choices to belong to a variety of clubs and activities. I would highly recommend this high school to anyone. You'll receive a quality education and be able to enjoy sports and other activities.
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I liked how other teachers are always ready to help but they do not punish bullying they only slow it down without consequences. Other than that the school is pretty good.
This school was pretty safe. We always had an officer present. No school nurse though which is awful.
The clubs here were small but not bad. The school newspaper is the biggest joke on the face of the earth.
I was forced to go to this school and can genuinely say I hated it. Horrible, rude kids, unhelpful teachers, horrible technology, you name it. This school is worse than public school.
Some teachers here are great while others just don't care about their students at all or are just idiots.
They don't have a school nurse, at all, if you have to go to the nurse you just get sent to the office and you sit in some room they have back there and that's it, no nurse whatsoever. The school bathrooms aren't the best either, there's always some gross smell and the stalls tend to have scratches on them.
There is a somewhat decent amount of clubs at this school so there's something for every one.
I met some really good friends at this school, but once you've established your 3-4 good friends at this school nobody else in your class really talks to you unless you're one of those super popular people who people talk to because you have money or something to that extent.
There are some really amazing teachers here that will be engaged with you and even talk to you like a friend, but there are also teachers who won't really notice you in the class or will tend to have a bad attitude toward a class as a whole due to something that one bad student did.
I felt safe every day at school. I never feared any harm would come to me or my peers
There are plenty of options for almost every type of student.
I received a wonderful education that helped not only my education, but provided me with life long friendships.
Many of my teachers were easily approachable and enjoyed talking to students outside of class about extra curricular activities.
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There are a lot of extracurricular activities that students can participate in, but sometimes they conflict so students cannot always do everything that they want to do. But, overall, the activities are wholesome and enjoyable. Students really seem to get a lot out of them.
Overall, I believe the experience at this school is much better than any other experience I might have had at another school.
Some teachers are better than others. There are a few teachers that I have either heard of or had myself that are very disagreeable with students and discourage students from coming to them for help whether they mean to do that or not. Some teachers really do not care if you understand the material either. But, there are exceptions. There are some teachers who will do anything they can to help a student and make sure they understand the material. I have had some teachers who give considerable attention to student's personal situations as well, maybe even extending deadlines if they trust the student to do the work and are aware of certain circumstances in a student's life. These teachers are approachable and somewhat make up for the teachers who are the exact opposites.
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