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Augusta Senior High School Reviews

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I feel that the faculty at this school actually care about my future. They take the time to learn more about me.
Not too small and not too big. Class size is perfect to learn in and be able to ask questions and still get one on one attention if need be.
My favorite thing about Augusta High School is the wide amount of opportunities they give students to succeed. Students have the opportunity to excel in sports, drama, education and many more areas, unique to themselves. I was given the opportunity to excel in education and complete two years of college credits while still in High school, and I am so thankful!
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Augusta High is a very close-knit community, which is great for athletics. I enjoy how the community rallies together for sporting events, but I wish to see more representation for sports other than football and basketball.
I think that the quality of the school could go up; however, for a public high school, it's nice. Most of the teachers are reliable and friendly, as well as, available for help outside of school.
I had a relatively good time while enrolled at Augusta High School. I had got along with almost all of my classmates and made some great friends. Our teachers were good at their jobs with a few exceptions. Our administration maintained order and proper conduct at our school. We had great activities and extra classes however they could've used a little more funding. Our athletics programs were great and very enjoyable. My experience at Augusta High School was very enjoyable.
I enjoyed the dual credit classes offered through Butler Community College at the high school. I also have enjoyed the sports and the facilities here. The teachers are nice and try to help the students succeed. One thing that could improve is the school lunch, but that isn’t necessarily Augusta High School’s fault.
The food is not the best but they are improving some items. The teachers are very friendly and helpful.
Great place to go to school! I really enjoyed going there for all 4 years. The facilities are nice and the teachers are top notch.
I have absolutely loved my experience at Augusta High School. As an incoming senior, it will definitely be hard to say goodbye. My favorite of the programs offered at Augusta High School is the music program. I am involved in choir, band, and theater, and having such an immersive musical experience has definitely prepared to to attend college as a music education major. The teachers in all other programs and subjects are amazing as well; I would recommend Augusta High School for anyone.
I really liked the fact that valedictorian consideration wasn't just limited to a person's GPA, but also required completion of the Kansas Scholars' Curriculum - pushing the top students to strive for a step above the other students in order to earn a spot as valedictorian.
I liked how the school was a smaller one so others could get to know each other but I wish the school had more diversity.
Overall, it's okay. If you don't have a connection to Augusta and you move here, though, you probably won't like it at all. Plan on bringing lunch most of the time, since the food isn't good, and it's barely anything for $3 per meal. Some of the teachers are amazing, and some should have retired years ago. Once you get used to it, you'll be able to put up with it.
What I like about Augusta Senior High is the small town feeling. The teachers genuinely care about you and are willing to help you when you are in need of help. The students are nice and we tend to have a lot of fun.
I really enjoyed the arts at the high school, the teachers were great and really helped me improve as a performer. I would like to see more funding for the fine arts program and less to the football team. If the football team would win more games or the school hired a new couch, then the funding is justifiable; however, they are not a winning team and do not deserve the funding that they get.
I love Augusta High School. There are so many opportunities to be involved in things and the people there are so accepting of others. The staff is great and really cares about the students and their education.
Augusta Senior High is a small school, so it isn't easy for us to have many clubs or a wide range of sports. I would love to see more sports like swimming or lacrosse added to our school district. I would also like to see that our cafeteria food improves because our students do not get a wide variety of choices and the servings are small. Our teachers and administration are fairly good compared to other small schools. Our school feels very safe due to the administration and teachers and also the fact that our town has a low crime rate. I feel very comfortable in my school and feel like they prepare students for college for the most part. I would like to see more advanced programs or dual credit programs introduced to our school to help students discover more of what they want to do after high school.
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Augusta high school and the whole district is a good place to attend. Both administration and staff have been nothing but the best during my time there. Only issue is that they are not always focused on education.
Some teachers are amazing and want students to learn
School nurse is not always there. Armed police officer is not always there, but is most of the time. Specific doors are always unlocked during school hours.
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