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Very little supervision beyond lower school and no administrative support for bullying issues. Peers ridiculing each other are commonplace.
This is without a doubt, the worst board of trustees that we have ever experienced. What kind of a board continues to let staff and families leave without ever investigating into the reasons or talking to the people who are leaving. The backbone of a school are the staff members and families. If you don't respect them, you don't have a school. Too many employees have left... Do not spend your hard earned money at this school.
A year ago I would have given Prep a five star rating, but today I rate it only one star. That is how much the school has changed in such a short amount of time. The new administration has taken a truly wonderful school and turned it into a place I hardly recognize. The community is divided, the academics have been watered down, and the culture, once known for its inclusivity and tolerance, is completely different. Because of the new direction the school has taken, I would not recommend Prep at this time.
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Our children have been through all 3 divisions Lower Middle and Upper schools. What used to be a unique and extraordinary place is now a very expensive ordinary school where problems are either ignored or handled poorly. Save your money and send your children to the public schools where they will have a better chance at getting into the state universities of their choice. Sad to see the place fall and the culture of the school change so drastically.
My family has been at Augusta prep for approximately ten years. My children came in in preschool and have gone into the middle school-and we love that they will stay through senior year! We have loved our school and all that it has to offer at every stage of the process! The environment is very diverse and supportive of all cultural backgrounds and identities. We celebrate everything in our school! My children have participated in sports and in after school specials as well as educational support when needed. They have absolutely everything they could ever want and need in a nurturing, supportive and happy environment. They have always received encouraging guidance allowing them to grow into their best selves. We love our school and wouldn’t want our children anywhere else!
It used to be the best school with caring students and faculty. It is no longer the best school for so many reasons that have already been stated in these reviews. It is very sad when the adults of a school care much more about themselves and their own families than ALL the children under their care. Some things that have happened at the school are definitely not okay and jeopardize students, yet they are tolerated. This is no longer a community.
Classes are more challenging than what is offered in public schools in the area. I feel that the academics and environment prepare me better for college.
There is a reason that Prep is the best school in the region. It IS the best school in the region. Period.

No school is perfect but there is a very small, vocal minority writing repeat negative reviews and all that is doing is hurting the students and the great people who work there.

I am very happy to be affiliated and there is no other school in the area I would send my kids to happily.
For the past few years, we have known and enjoyed the Augusta Prep community. Within the last year, we became aware of many changes taking place. The administration has completely changed, including the shocking firing and departure of some highly respected people. Student life and culture has also become more suspect, with more reported incidences in the last two years. While my children have not been directly affected yet, we believe they will be. What is more concerning is that the board has ignored over fifty parents who have expressed their concern. They have ignored staff members leaving, highly respected parents of the community, multiple cases of student bullying, low enrollment, and mishandling of drug/alcohol abuse. Instead, it has chosen to support the current leadership into a downward spiral. It is embarrassing to the school and was not what we paid for. We will not stay if the current leadership and board continue to run the school this way. Character counts!
We are disappointed with how the year is going. There have been some leadership changes, which we were not happy about. However, we decided to make the best of it and try and move forward. This year we have understood the importance of good leadership and setting standards for all students. Never before have we questioned whether people are looking out for the best interests for our children, yet now we are. Situations keep cropping up and are dealt with inconsistently. Communication has been poor, discipline problems are not handled, and teachers seem unhappy. Things that made the school so great are no longer visible. Everyone asks if we are staying or going. We don't know.
This is only about six weeks into the new school year and we continue to hear more and more disturbing news about what is happening at our school. Lying, cheating, bullying have all become commonplace. What is more disturbing is that the board has turned a blind eye to all these signs. The administration at the school is not consistent in applying policies to all students alike and there are definitely some students that get preferential treatment while other students are targeted. The problem, however, is that ALL students are victims if adults in charge do not have the best interest of all students or the best interest of the school. How many wonderful teachers and students will continue to leave? We used to be proud to say that we are Prep parents. Now, we no longer advertise the fact that we are Prep parents. The reputation of Prep in this community has suffered due to the events of last year and the continued incidences this year. What a shame!
"To seem rather than to be" should be the actual motto of the school. The facility is beautiful on the outside but the inside is filled with inequity and corruption.
I have been associated with Augusta Prep for 11 years and have had two children graduate from this wonderful school. Augusta Prep prepared them well for challenging college curriculum and the opportunity for differentiated and challenging learning was especially appreciated. I have remained engaged with the school as a volunteer and continue to be impressed by the continuous improvement. We currently have an effective and compassionate Head of School, as well as many excellent faculty and staff members. I highly recommend Augusta Prep as the best choice for a private school in the Augusta area (and beyond!). You will be pleased with the opportunities in academics, athletics, the arts and with the overall environment of this safe, close-knit community.
This number seven ranking does not add up for me since the school has been in heading in the wrong direction for the past year. We have since left the school because of inappropriate and harmful decision making by the administration. The "Prep advantage" no longer exists and it is not advantageous to be at Prep. Students do not come first. We are getting an excellent education at the public school. We appreciate the clear cut rules and the enforcement of the rules has been what we would have wanted and expected at Prep but are getting it in the public school for free. I would seriously advise people to research carefully before choosing Prep. There are many great schools in the area where you do not have to pay a lot of money and receive very little in return.
I am deeply troubled by the changes I have seen at Augusta Prep in the past year. We used to be known for high academic standards; now we are known for drugs, alcohol and bullying. As a parent I used to feel that my voice mattered; I now feel like I am supposed to be a checkbook without an opinion. This is not the happy, tight knit community it once was. We have the highest tuition in the area which is no longer justified. I do not recommend this school.
I no longer recommend this school for any student. I am worried about the culture and safety of the students, especially in the high school. Drug abuse and bullying has become the norm with very little guidance for the kids from the administration. There seems to be a double standard, with some kids getting away with anything and other kids are punished unfairly. I am very afraid that something irreversible is going to happen to one of the kids while at this school and we do not want to be a part of that. We have been a part of this school for many, many years and we are so sad to go, but we will because we cannot compromise on the safety of our kids.
This is the fourth year our daughter has attended the lower school at Augusta Prep and each year has been an incredibly positive experience. In addition to the normal day school exposure, we have also experienced Prep through extended day, after school activities and the many summer programs offered.

Her teachers have been excellent and the educational exposure has been extremely thorough. There is ample opportunity for parental involvement in the classroom which is well supported by the parents. Each day our daughter eagerly anticipates attending school.

After school opportunities are quite diverse and allow our child to conveniently participate in many activities which, at other schools, may require transportation to outside facilities. The summer programs are also excellent, creative and well-attended.

As parents, we are thoroughly enjoying our experience at Prep and are excited to see how our daughter grows at this fine school.
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Augusta Prep is an excellent school. Prep is a safe, academically challenging and inviting community.
In the past year, this school has become completely unrecognizable and no longer resembles the place I have trusted for more than a decade. The culture of the school has completely changed from one of acceptance and academic excellence to a place where cheating, bullying, racial discrimination and sexism are tolerated openly. For the safety of your student, avoid this school.
We are definitely worried about the safety and the climate of the school. Change can be a good thing. However, the recent “changes”, if you can call them that, have not been for the improvement of the school. Transparency has disappeared, the board is closed and unwilling to take concerns brought to their attention seriously and true leadership with consistency has disappeared. Emails from the school have been derogatory and do not promote a healthy partnership between school and community. Many staff members are no longer there and we are worried for the remaining staff members and whether they will stay or leave as well with this “new” school. Contracts were signed before all of these changes were made, which definitely leaves a bad taste. We are saddened by what the school is turning into. At this time, this school is not recommended. We will be looking for a new school.
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