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Last week, a serious incident occurred. The next day, the administration sent an email detailing the consequence of the incident, which I admit was probably appropriate. However, once again, without acknowledging the weight of the incident, it was dismissed as a "slight altercation." This is what you can expect from the leadership that has established a pattern of behavior of seeming extremely dismissive and negligent. If your child never has and never will experience any negative thing to happen at the school, then it is all roses for you. However, if you worry that your child might be targeted next, do not look to this administration for support. You will be dismissed. This vibrant, eclectic, happy wonderful culture has turned into a culture of silence, where only the administration is allowed to express the "true" opinion.
If you get nothing else from these reviews, get this: this is a deeply divided community. The current leadership is incredibly polarizing. There are obviously some folks who still think the school is on the right track, but there also is a large group who feels it is going in the wrong direction. Lower academic standards, higher tuition, bullying and the recruiting of football players are areas of concern. Enrollment is the lowest its been in over a decade. Augusta Prep used to be a vibrant, unified community; it is now a divided mess.
I have refrained from posting a review on this site because it is frankly embarrassing to read these reviews and see the obvious civil war occurring at the school. However, after the latest review posted by a middle school student (???), I felt perhaps I should also post. Considering the fact that there are over thirty one star/ two star reviews, I would surmise that parent dissatisfaction at the school is actually quite high. Before electing to come here, we researched the school and this site and they were mostly good. This year, there has been a huge influx of reviews, positive and negative. The words "civil war" seems to be the most apt description. We have only recently joined Prep and for us personally, we signed on believing the school to be something other than what we thought. The teachers have been great but we will not stay if the school does not know the direction it is going, especially since tuition has gone up and I am told that this is a trend as well.
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As a student at Prep, I can say that my teachers care about me, and they always take the time to give me extra help. I enjoy the opportunities to be involved in student council, and extra-curricular activities like sports and drama.
I went to the “State of the School” talk last week and while there a parent stood up to express her concerns. She kept referring to the parents as “we.” The next person to speak objected to being lumped into “we” citing that she thought everything was fine with the school. And it struck me that there was no more “we” at Augusta Prep. It is now “us” vs. “them.” You have to choose a side; there is no more unity. Until recently we were a happy family where no one questioned the use of “us” or “we.” There are now such deep divisions that I don’t think we will ever recover from this. We have the current administration’s dismal leadership to thank for the demise of this once great school.
The education at Augusta Prep in the best in the CSRA! My children love school and can't wait to go back each and every day. They speak positively about their teachers and administrators, and enjoy the various sports, clubs, and fine arts activities available to them. And as a parent, I am thrilled the student population has 38% diversity! What I have been disappointed about is a very SMALL group of parents who are keep slandering the school on this website because they are upset over a faculty member getting dismissed. They post reviews that contain inaccurate facts hoping to drive away new families. Potential families: please know that 95% of us love our school and the faculty love their jobs! As attending private school is a choice, thankfully these "negative nellies" are not returning next year and will take their antagonism with them because the majority is happy and can't wait for their children to graduate from APDS!
I like Augusta Prep because of the loving environment it gives me. As a student at Prep, I not only have the love and support from my family, but also from my school family, including friends, teachers, and coaches.
My child has attended Augusta prep for 5 years now. The one most important thing that matters to me is that my child is always ready and excited to start the day at school. My child has had nothing but awesome teachers. My child reads 1.5 years ahead of his grade. My child has had no more than 13 children in the class during the entire 5 years at the lower school. Augusta Prep has PROVEN successful in preparing young adults for college. A 100% college acceptance rating! My child has made life time friends. Ask any parent who had a child graduate from Augusta Prep and they will tell you that the school (like every other school) has had it's ups and downs over the years. But, the one thing they will say is that their child did well in college and was well prepared. That's all that matters.
The only reason this school is receiving a two star rating is to be fair towards the few good teachers left. If you’re looking for diversity, run the opposite direction. Even with hefty tuition prices, this school lacks cameras in classrooms, no automated grading system such as (RenWeb), after school care is a joke with staff members who are probably fresh out of high school and constantly with their face buried in a cell phone. Majority of the faculty members seem to not be not interested in teaching and are barely holding up themselves. Many complaints from parents are left unanswered and never properly addressed. If you’re a military family, this school provides absolutely no resources for your child. If you dare to try your luck with this school please make sure you are willing to deal with over privileged children whom are non-inclusive and bullies. Worst money spent ever....and be prepared to spend much more because tuition is consistently increasing.
Augusta Prep is an incredible school! Unfortunatley, a small (and small minded) group of parents is trying to bring down the entire school because of they disagree with one administrator. The truth is that this group is upset because someone they liked was fired, and they are mad about it. This happened 8 months ago!! They have spent the entire school year trying to get revenge for something that did not even involve them. What I see at that school everyday when I walk in are students that are happy and literally running in the builidng each morning, students who are smiling each day when they leave, teachers who are excpetional, caring, and creative, and administrators who truly care for thier staff. The amount of higher level learning blows me away! Hopefully this bitter group of sheep will move on and stop trying to spend thier days making others feel bad for chosing to stay and having a different opinion.
APDS is an academic powerhouse lead by masterful teachers and a caring administration. As a long time parent with multiple children at the school, the education and experiences my children have received in and out of the classroom has exceeded my expectations. Despite efforts by a minority group of immature parents seeking malicious revenge when the administration, board, and honor council did not cave to their bullying, Prep will persevere and maintain its high level of excellence. To pollute Niche with falsehoods instead of meeting with the administration to learn the facts is not setting a good example for our children. Please stop attempting to tarnish the reputation of our school because you do not agree with the changes; you are hurting the families who do choose to call Prep their community & workplace. Change is inevitable and necessary, and the majority do support the changes that have been made knowing it will uphold the integrity of APDS.
We will be pulling all of our children from Augusta Prep at the end of this school year. What used to be an extraordinary school we were willing to pay top dollar for has become nothing more than ordinary with an increased price tag. Countless faculty and staff have retired early or resigned due to moral dilemmas in dealing with the shift in overall school culture. We would have left over the summer, but had already signed our contract and actually believed things would be made right. How wrong we were. May cannot come soon enough. After a large group of concerned parents implored the board to meet with us as a group last summer and were refused, we realized we are nothing more than the check we write every year.
The administrators continue to reference this site. What makes a school "the #1 niche rated school in the area." Is it based on reviews and numbers from several years ago? This school has gone completely downhill in the last couple of years. We are only here because our tuition was paid, and we thought we could get the school back on track. That was a mistake. When you have a large group of parents who are denied a meeting with the Board of Trustees (to discuss reports of bullying and substance use), there is no option but for those families to leave. Look at the enrollment number from last year to this year (number of students, not number of tuitions paid) and look at the number of faculty and staff who have left in a year's time. Why are juniors and seniors choosing to go to a public school mid-year (while their families forsake the tuition)? Why have faculty and staff resigned after many (some 20+) years at the school? Thankfully, we now have other options lined up for the fall.
One thing that is clear to us with these niche reviews and the current school climate is that Prep is obviously experiencing a very divisive leadership. There are several problems with divisive leadership, the main one being that it is rarely effective in the long term. Currently, there are people we know who were once friends but no longer speak to each other, others who have left the school for various reasons, and staff members who continue to leave. All of these do not bode well for the future of the school. We have no interest in the politics of the situation but these certainly are not good signs of a healthy, thriving school community.
Highly recommend! I cannot imagine sending my children anywhere else. The staff and administration of this school obviously have the best interests of the kids as number one priority. I am impressed with the staff daily. From the love and care they show my kids to the professional manner they demonstrate in dealing with issues to the obvious skill and education they have in their chosen career, I am certain they are most qualified to teach my kids.
We love Augusta Prep. My kids look forward to going to school every day. Every single day they are challenged to learn in such a loving way. They feel safe and secure and confident at school. As parents, we feel comfortable walking into Augusta Prep at any given time. Every visit, we witness classrooms and hallways filled with happy smiling students and patient caring teachers. We are comfortable approaching any member of the staff or administration with questions or concerns and we always feel as though our voices are heard. Communication with parents is clearly a priority, and it has remained clear and consistent since day 1. Throughout several changes in administration over the last couple years, the staff has remained focused on the children and they have handled the changes with calm grace, dignity, and professionalism in the face of blatant animosity from a handleful of individuals. I am confident Augusta Prep and the administrators and staff of this school.
I have no idea where these negative comments are coming from, obviously these people do not see what I see as a long time employee (11 years).
On a daily basis I see happy students engaged in a challenging curriculum, supporting each other and being supported by the caring and highly qualified faculty.
The few changes in faculty were necessary and have led to a great improvement in moral, student learning and support for each other. Prep has always been and will always be an excellent school and a great example of how a private K-12 school should operate. Students are happy, safe and prepared for life and college.
Please come and see for yourself that Prep is a school that is thriving, moving forward and above all educating our students to the highest standards. A few negative comments from disgruntled individuals will not hold us back or impede our progress.
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The school has had recent administration changes and they are not maintaining the quality of education that Augusta Prep once had a few years ago.
I can only speak to our experiences with the lower school, but I can say without a doubt it is an awesome school with a great staff and faculty. We were initially concerned about the sudden change in lower school leadership, but we quickly discovered that the new lower school head has been absolutely wonderful.

Our child is challenged everyday and we have seen significant improvement since our time in public school. Again, I can not stress enough how happy we are to have found Prep.
Augusta Prep is an excellent school. My children are nurtured, challenged, and loved every day. They are learning, growing, and thriving. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate, and the children are allowed to be children. If you walk down the halls of the lower or middle school, you will hear students engaged in learning and laughter, and you will see their work on display.

The teachers are outstanding. They know each child well, and the faculty develops long-lasting, caring relationships with the students.

I highly recommend Prep to other parents.
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