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Augusta Preparatory Day School Reviews

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My children absolutely love this school. My daughter's 2nd grade teacher has already identified her strengths and is developing additional curriculum to ensure that she is constantly challenged. The communication from both the teachers and the school is stellar. I highly recommend this school to anyone looking for top quality education.
Everyone are friendly and the Teacher's willing to help students out. It is a very warm and welcoming school. I would like to see the school more modern and advanced.
I cannot recommend Augusta Prep to any family at this time. I'm kicking myself now for thinking things would get better, but they have not. I should not have signed the contract last year and now we are stuck. The leadership across the board is terrible. My second grader has over two hours of homework a night. Seriously? Who thinks that is developmentally appropriate? There seems to be no unity among the teachers, and communication is terrible. Go somewhere else, anywhere else, Don't waste your money or precious time at Augusta Prep.
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We have a daughter at Augusta Prep and have been so happy with her experience. She is thriving, loves school and her teachers, and has made some great friends. We are continually impressed by things she has learned. We are glad to have found a place that is a perfect fit for her and our family.
My family has been at Prep the past 11 yrs. I have 2 in the Middle School and 1 headed to the Upper School. Couldn't think of a better place to have my family. I look forward to the next 7 yrs at Prep as a parent and many more to come as part of the faculty!
Well, we are finally through with the school year and we are moving on to a new school. I understand that other people have had a good experience. However, we cannot ignore warning signs of a school in trouble. Staff. families and friends leaving, local public school students who are getting IVY league admissions, without having to pay this increasing tuition, an uncaring board, unprofessional administration, and unethical practices have all been par for the course. Whenever we have shared just some of the things that have seen happen at this school with someone else whose kids attend local area schools, they ask me why we were still there at the school for this year and reinforce that it would not happen in a public school. It is with a big sigh of relief mixed with remorse that we say goodbye to Prep. Do your research....observe the trend of the past few years and proceed with caution!
In the past few days, I've attended my grandchild's honors day event and graduation. The main thing I took away from the two events? All the love at Augusta Prep. It's obvious that the school is known for its great academics. But to me, it also felt like such a family-like atmosphere. I left quite impressed. Well done, Augusta Prep.
Our family experience has been very positive since shifting our children to Augusta Prep. Our experiences in the Middle School and High School have been very good. We appreciate the culture of high expectations. My kids think at Prep, it is cool to "be smart".

- Rigorous and advanced
- Broad and deep
- New classes continuously being offered

- Race and religion
- Class offerings
- Extracurricular choices

High Expectations
- Baked into the culture
- Students reinforce directly
- Academically as well as behaviorally

In general, we like how excellence is celebrated at Augusta Prep. From the sports field to the classroom to the theater and clubs.

Finally, there is no question that students are prepared for college when they graduate.

Come check it out!
Our family is ending our 12th and final year at Augusta Prep and we couldn't be prouder of the education, nurturing and thoughtful guidance our daughters have received at this outstanding school. We have a Prep graduate in 2009 who has earned a degree from Washington and Lee University, Trinity College in Dublin and UGA Law. We have a 2012 graduate who earned her undergraduate degree from Emory University and graduated with a job as a Consultant with Booze- Allen in Washington DC. Our 2018 graduate is heading to the University of Georgia in pursuit of a degree in Health Sciences. All three daughters and our family owe Augusta Prep a HUGE thank you!!!
Augusta Prep is an excellent school. It offers top notch academic instruction and a variety of sports and other activities to provide a well rounded experience. There is a small group of disgruntled individuals on a petty mission to try and drag down the school's rating. Do not be deceived by their misguided efforts. This is a wonderful school at which to send your child.
I was bored at my previous school - a middle school in Columbia County. When I came to Augusta Prep in seventh grade this year, I was thrilled to learn how challenging it is for me. Yes, I do have some homework that keeps me busy at times. But I love all my teachers, and I love things like playing chess. I'm so looking forward to eighth grade in a few months.
I love attending Augusta Prep. The school is run very well, has a friendly staff, and the academics are challenging. I’m looking forward to two more years at Augusta Prep and seeing how well prepared I’m going to be for college.
As a Prep parent, I'm so happy with this school on so many levels. It's a wonderful environment. My child is getting an outstanding education. There are so many great teachers there, many of whom are returning next year. We're looking forward to the 2018-19 school year at Augusta Prep.
We have been so pleased with our children's experience at Prep. They have developed a true love of learning and enjoyed the many opportunities to be a part of this loving community. Just today the Upper School students put on a theater workshop based on things our Lower Schoolers had written. We are delighted to be a part of the Prep family!
I love Augusta Prep! While the academics are tough, my teachers are fair and accessible. It feels like being a part of one big family. When I graduate, I know I'll be well prepared for college.
I’m so happy my husband and I decided to send our children to Augusta Prep. It’s a warm, friendly, safe ennvironment with so many wonderful teachers who have been there for many years. The money we invested in Prep paid off with academic scholarships in college, and our children were well-prepared when they took the next step beyond high school. Thanks, Augusta Prep!
I am extremely pleased with the excellent education my children received at Augusta Prep. They are very well-prepared for the university they are currently attending. I would highly recommend Augusta Prep to any parent seeking a quality education for their children.
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This school is a huge part of our family's life. My children have been taught responsibility, respect, pride and self confidence from the many amazing adults and kids they come in contact with every school day. I'm very involved in parent activities at school and as I walk around school during the school day and during after school activities I see how the kids are interacting with each other and their teachers. Yes it can be academically challenging, but the teachers are very accessible before and after school to help. My children who have graduated from prep have been very well prepared for their college classes. My children who are still at prep are very happy with school and would be very upset if they had to leave this school. We finally have consistency in our administration and the school is moving in the right direction. Looking forward to the next 5 years.
I honestly don’t know how Prep can justify its very high tuition anymore. Go a couple of miles up the road to public school and you get much more for free: double the number of AP classes, dual enrollment opportunities, a much better college admissions record, and a safe environment where bullying and substance use is handled in a transparent, fair way. Prep brags about how well their students are prepared for college and yet they are not offering the classes to support that claim and they can’t even seem to get their students admitted to selective colleges. Don’t waste your money.
In reading through the other recent reviews, there is nothing new that I can say except to add our experience to others. After attending the state of school address, our decision became crystal clear. We are leaving the school because of the board's inaction. Period. When a board of trustees does not listen and recognize the many, many signs of a school in crisis and fails to act to the detriment of the school and more importantly, at the cost of children at the school, it is time for us to leave. This past year, we have researched other schools in our area and have found that many of the experiences that we thought were unique to Prep are in fact, not. Those experiences can be had elsewhere as well. Our bittersweet realization after the events of this horrific year is that without good leadership, Prep is just a place after all.
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