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As a senior now, my experience at Augusta has been very fulfilling and enjoyable. From kindergarten to the 12th grade, I have had nothing but constant support, enrichment, and an honorable learning experience. The staff is remarkable and it has been a real privelage to attend this school. There's not many recommendations I can make as far as any adjustments that may need to be made. As long as this small school never loses it's tight knit support, I believe it will continue to thrive.
Personally, i hate this school. Its a joke as of learning, nobody takes it serious. The teachers will pass a student just to get them out of the class.
Tthe teachers really care. If someone is having a bad day they call the child aside and ask them if they're doing aright.
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The clubs at Augusta high school are okay, many people do not get into them unless it is actually sports like volleyball or basketball.
Augusta Independent is a very small school and we take bullying and health and safety policies very seriously.
The fan support is amazing. Large schools have heard about our small school's huge fan base. The athletic facilities are extremely good for the size of the school. The players do not have to try out for the teams, but the majority of them work just has hard as the naturally gifted athletes.
Extracurricular activities include: volleyball, basketball, FCCLA, FBLA, archery, golf, Champions Against Drugs, etc. The most popular activities for boys are basketball and archery. The basketball program is very strong for the size of the school. The archery program is also extremely strong too. The archery team has high quality equipment and the talent is growing. The most popular activities for girls are volleyball and FCCLA. The younger girls tend to go for FCCLA, while the older girls play volleyball. I think volleyball is the most fun at school because it has been a successful program, but fun at the same time.
The small size makes reaching out to a teacher easy. Everyone at school is involved in extracurricular activities and is friendly. However, the small size does limit the amount of activities and electives offered.
There are main cources offered with teachers that are cualified for the job that teach well. There are several extra curicular classes available, however there are not as many as other school, because we are a small school. Starting this year there are no AP classes available, but there is an option to take a few college classes.
The food at Augusta Independent is healthy and filling. I always have different choices. There are foods I have never tried until the school surved it. The meals are healthy maintaining the main food groups. There is always a choice of a salad instead of the main course. A fruit and vegetable are served with every meal at lunch
Many students at school are involved in at least one sport organization or activity. The student involvement isamazing at our school. Peer pressure is found everywhere, with fitting in. There are many different types of people at our school. Some who embrace who they are and some who are more shy about who they are.
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