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Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts Reviews

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Students here are both respectful and disrespectful if they do not get what they want they will be disrespectful to whomever is in their way. Peer Pressure isn't high at this school. Bullying is a issue though, those who have different sexual orientations are occasionally bullied but there are many who stand up for these students both students and staff alike.
This school is unorganized but the staff respect and care deeply for the students and each other even on rough days they ensure that students are getting the best possible learning experience.
Daily bag checks and monthly drills for fires and other emergencies
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We have green club and different groups for different types of people
I'm not sure if I would or wouldn't do it again
Most teachers make sure that their students are safe in and out of school by helping them with whatever is needed along its keeping in contact with guardians
The only good thing is that the school offers AP English courses.
It's only bad when the principal isn't in school because the vice principal goes crazy.
There are only a handful of teachers that are actually good.
The clubs at this school are okay, we mainly focus on sports. The only clubs I know of are Green Club, which I am apart of, and Anime Club.
My son has begged for help in math and English and they don't give him the help he needs.
It was worse the first year but it got aittle better.
They cuss at the kids that's out of order.
I have met the worst of the worst at this School.
The principal is too smart and disrespectful.
I wish I could send my child elsewhere.
Stop being fresh with women and being rude to kids.
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Its gotten better over the years
I really don't know much about it but from what i hear were ok
My school staff are very opened minded and great people they really do look out for you.
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