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Augusta Christian Schools is a smaller school compared to others in the CSRA. It's extremely welcoming atmosphere is made complete by students and staff, but there are some things that the school should work on.
Transfering to Augusta Christian was one of the best decisions I ever made. The community is amazing and class unity is prevalent. It really is a family. Teachers really want to see you succeed and invest in you everyday academically and spiritually. I would recommend anyone to come at least shadow if they are thinking about it. I am sure you would feel very welcome.
My favorite part of Augusta Christian is the intense involvement of the teachers. My success along with my fellow classmates success is very important to all the teachers at the school. The faculty and staff make the school feel almost like home. I enjoy going to school everyday because I look forward to learning more through the understanding of material that the teachers give.
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Our child attended from kindrgrden through graduation. We loved our experience there. The teachers are very dedicated to their students and On my way! Of the best administration t all levels. When there are problems, they are addressed quickly . We saw many positive changes during our years there. If you want a safe school with a Christian background, this is the school for your children.
I love Augusta Christian School! They have amazing teachers that are praying for you each day. It is a small school environment that feels like a family. They rally together in tough times and encourage you as you go through your day. The only thing that I would like to see change would be for them to add more choices in foreign languages. They offer Spanish and I would love to see them add French or German to their curriculum.
Augusta Christian Schools is top quality for faculty and staff. They are all compassionate and caring, and seek the best for each student. They are passionate, driven, and focused. The academics are about average. I would not say it is top of the line, but I will also say that it does not put you at a disadvantage either. Teachers are willing to put in extra time and work to help the student achieve their ideal grade.
Through elementary school it is great. When I got into middle and high school the teachers started caring more about who had money, who was popular, who was the best “Christian” durning school hours and on Sunday instead of trying to be fair to the students, I understand teacher bond with specific students but this is a very strong trend. They exclude and ignore those who have less money. They bend the rules for those who donate to the school and if you can’t donate or play sports you’re out of luck. They will throw the book at you for the smallest things.
The teachers care on a deep level about each students education and strive to meet the personal needs of all students.
Augusta Christian Schools has a positive Christian learning environment. The small classroom setting allows more individualized learning. The teachers go above and beyond to teach each students. The school offers a variety of sports for middle and high school students to participate in. The athletic department consists of Christians who coach the importance of Christian values and teamwork. Augusta Christian School also has a dynamic fine arts department. The drama team recently won the state championship
Augusta Christian is a great place for any student looking for a home away from home! The teachers here are not your average teacher by any means. They all actually care about your well-being on and off of campus. They are all Christians and are very willing to help you on your walk with Christ as well. Junior and senior retreat and the senior trip to California are only a few of the fun things I did at my time at AC. This a great place for anybody!
I love Augusta Christian and wouldn't have asked for a better place to spend my high school career. It's a great school where the student body and faculty is like one big family. Everyone is welcoming and friendly. The opportunities are great, but the only complaint I have is that there is no theater. Also, the academics, though they are good, the classes tend to be a little too easy. Overall Augusta Christian is a great place to attend school.
Augusta Christian is a fantastic school with great academic classes and exemplary role models. The teachers love their jobs, and they do it for the kids. Augusta Christian is another home for me.
Warm, Christ-centered, caring environment. The teachers and administration generally care for the well-being of the students and their family. There are numerous opportunities for the family to be involved within the school. Teachers and coaches pray for and with children. There is a true focus on teaching students Biblical principles of love, grace, fairness while encouraging them to be competative and challenging students to be their best.
I love Augusta Christian. The girls athletics could use more support from the school but all around the athletics are good. It's a great school but it's more of a family than a school! 100% recommend.
I went here all of High school and I could not have asked for a better education. I am very blessed to have met the staff and faculty of Augusta Christian. They have really prepared me for college.
Augusta Christian is a quality school. Great teachers and admin. All of the students get along well, almost like a family. Sports are improving, many have made it to state playoffs these past few years. Many clubs. All together wonderful place to be.
It's a perfect school i've ever been!!!
Here's teacher cares a lot on your study and your life, the students are very friendly to me!! ohh, of course, our school lunch is perfect!!
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I am not a person to fear about stuff, but I never felt unsafe at school. We had teachers to watch out for us and a cop that would watch the school
I was never really in the clubs but I did sports. We take everything we do at that school very serious. From sport to school to running for class president, we do everything for the glory of God.
I love that it was a small school where everybody knew everybody and all the teachers cared. I had never had that at public school. I am a sophomore in college and I still miss high school. I would not have to be asked twice to go back. The teachers there really took their time for their students and cared for them like their own children
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