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I was new in the neighborhood, people in that school are very sociable , what make me contiene at school. Support from my teachers and friends to pass regents and have great report cards. And I have more opportunities here than in another colleges
Since I arrived at August Martin High School as a Junior a lot of changes has taken place. After the appointment of our new principal, Mr. Rory Parnell, thing about the school got better.One of the changes made was the rule of cell phone. Normally students are allowed to bring their cell phone into the classroom, but this usually distract students from learning. Some students will be texting, video calling, listening to music, playing games and so on. The principal changed this. We were not allowed to bring phones into the classroom anymore and when we bring it, it will be collected at the entrance and given back after at the end of the school. This change improved student participation and learning in the class, student became more focused and ultimately led to good grades.
August martin wasn't just a great when i first got there but as each year go by for me it got better. New and improve teachers that cares about and what you learn. They are people who you can go to for advice and talk to about anything you we help with
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Could've been better but I'm sure there are schools that are way worse
I honestly think only certain teacher put in the time and effort while others are just there to get paid.
It has diverse activities but not many participate
I hardly see any parents
Some teachers do make unnecessary comments towards students
Unsure about current methods, but the most popular are business and aviation classes. They help you accomplish and understand newer methods of calculating the world.
When going to August Martin High School I wasn't supplied the resources I needed. For example, within my senior year I didn't get any scholarship information that could've allowed me access to funding for college. I was forced to take unnecessary courses that I had almost jeopardized my graduation.
Sports teams are fun but academic after school activities didn't exist when I went there.
You'll probably get a good teacher at the school that could teach but they aren't all good. There's a problem with the kids disrupting classes in the school and some teachers can't handle it. Some teachers in the school are actually good and care about educating kids. If your going in to this school go into the business academy because mr. Summers is amazing, aviation is a close second
Well my time at August martin high School wasn't that bad at all. The one thing i love the school is the business program which is called NFTE. It helps me and a lot of student discovering our entrepreneurship skills and offers a lot of opportunity. The one thing i hate it about the school is that a lot of school activities were being canceled due to lack of money. overall the school wasn't bad it just needed a lot more resources that could help us as student.
My overall experience was alright for high school. I have met great people who have changed my life and I have learned vauleable life lessons. What makes my school unique is mostly the students and the graffiti/artwork on the wall. It gives me motivation to go to school. I probably would choose August Martin again if I could do it all again just to feel a couple of things twice.
My overall experience at August Martin high school would be an okay rating . My reason is because I have only been there two years , because i transferred from another school , so i wasn't fully able to have the full experience .
I think that the school safety and health policies are great . August Martin high school has metal detectors which are used every time someone enters the building . The school is very social and tries to get everyone involved so I don't believe that there are problems with bullying in my school.
The food service at August Martin High School is decent . We Get healthy foods and always have the option to choose salad with our meal. The cafeteria was redesigned in a buffet type of style which really gave students a bigger variety of foods and opened up our options .
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One of the school policesd is , cell phones are prohibited anywhere in the school except the lunchroom .If cellphones are being used in class , usually it would get taken away and in the dean's office and the student will pick it up at the end of the day , this would be the first warning . Second warning , a parent would have to come to the school . The third Warning would be , the student would not be able to bring their cell phone in the building at all .
August Martin's school spirit is rising . There Have been more promotions about games and flyers posted all around the school . They also give special shoutouts on the loud speaker congratulating teams for winning games . There is also an August Martin Hype Team . They get students more involved in school events and activities which is a great idea and it actually works .
I believe that the teachers in this school have a good connection with the students. I also feel that teachers care about impressing the principal and keeping their job rather than helping the students as much as they can.
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