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Audubon Technology & Communication High School Reviews

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I love how at Audubon all the students and staff get quality time to know each other beyond a teacher/student relationship. Something that I would probably change are the sports and classes offered.
My high school experience was pretty perfect. The school is very small, so knowing everyone and making friends is not an issue, also because the school is so small having for personalized teaching experiences is more frequent!
Everyone is friendly there and the teachers connect with the students very well. The school has a college access center that makes sure that high schoolers are prepared for college and they create many opportunities for college trips and scholarships.
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I don't even consider Audubon school it feel like a home away from home the community that Audubon gives the students is one safe to be themselves and everyone has a chance to make relationships with each other as well as the teachers.
Audubon was a great experience for high school. All of the teachers and staff are very friendly and helpful whenever needed. I highly recommend it. It's a very good environment with positive energy
There is a small number of unarmed security guards, and a school security system.
I do not feel strongly for extracurricular activities at the school because I rarely participate in them, merely volunteering at other locations.
Thanks to the dedication and teaching methods of the teachers at this school, I have morphed into the successful student I am today. If a student is not feeling up to a task, teachers go out of their way to assist. We all help one another, primarily by forming Restorative Justice circles. We attempt to resolve any conflicts through these methods of communication.
Throughout high school, I have been welcomed by knowledgeable, friendly, and open teachers. When a student struggles with any subject in particular, a teacher provides their insights and assists them, despite the fact that they may have been from another subject. They utilize creative methods to emphasize their lessons and seek engaging students. In addition, they develop emotional connections with all their students. I have not noticed a more connected, welcoming environment elsewhere.
The athletics and fitness opportunities at this school are okay, they could be better and maybe have a better assortment of sports to choose from.
We have a restorative justice class you could take, it helps you learn how to deal when someone fights or argues. Usually most students monitor the circles where if they are called, the two opposing parties talk about the problem. Bullying is a huge no-no in my school. It does not really happen. A student, usually, or a teacher will step in to stop the problem.
There are clubs and they are okay. Since the school is small it has to partner up with a bigger high school and so the games and some teams are a little it different. There is volleyball, football, science, math, kickball, art, science fiction, and a yearbook club.
The community in Audubon is close and tight knit. Everybody knows everyone and the teachers genuinely care about the students. I would not attend my school again because it does not have a lot of class options.
Most of our equipment for sports is average, but we are great on technology! Everone gets their own personal iPads that we can take home whenever we want.
In my school ever new student is welcomed with open arms. All the students know each other and interact with one another. Gay or bisexual people are not judged here either. They become very popular instead. In my school if a student was peer pressured other students would step in and defend them.
The teachers here are great! The teachers help students who are in need in help a lot. They would stay after school just to give extra help to the students.
Sports is not ver popular in my high school.
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Our school's sport involvement is connected with another school. Not many students that I know participate in sport activities.
During the junior and senior year, students are offered to take the Youth Option where you get to take a class at a college with college students. You get free college credit and high school credit.
In our school, we have a college week where for a whole week different colleges would come to our school and give us information about their college. We are also given various help to help prepare us to appl for colleges.
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