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Audubon Middle/High School Reviews

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I like how everyone knows each other. There is a sense of community and belonging there. Everyone has pride for our school and supports all the extra-curricular activities.
I love how safe and clean out school system is. I feel that I am very lucky to attend a school with such an awesome learning environment. If I could change one thing, it would be to get more students more involved in extracurricular activities.
I like that this school prepares you for anything that will come your way. The staff and teachers prepare you for the real world and don't sugar coat things. They really prepare you for college and help you decide what you want to do. They help you meet all requirements for graduation. This school wants the best life for each and every student. The teachers go out of their way to help us and be there for us as well as teach as life skills and education needed. I personally say this is by far the best high school in Iowa.
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My school is small. My class size can range from 30 to 5, and I have loved the individualized help and attention that has allowed me to receive from my teachers. All the teachers are very nice and well educated, you know the names of everyone in the school, and everyone is overall very nice to each other. The arts program is amazing, choir and band are fun to participate in, sports are successful and a large part of our school. Most of all, we are very community based and supported. Its a great school. The only problem with being such a small town, is there is not much diversity, but we usually have at least three foreign exchange students every year.
I have really enjoyed going to high school at Audubon High School. The teachers are really involved with the students and they adapt well to how the individuals need to learn. The facilities are really great and the janitorial staff does a very good job keeping the school in top condition. The athletic side of things is also very good. The coaches are really good and work with students' schedules while also training them to be their best. There is a great security system in place to protect all of the students. The administration is great about working together to solve problems and they are great with the students. Overall the Audubon school system is very good and passionate about their students.
I love Audubon High School! I have been in Audubon since I was three. The teachers have always been very helpful with all of my struggles in school. The coaches are also a huge part of this school as well. There is always the mentality that school comes before sports and fro that reason we typically have the top kids of every class in our high performance sports. This school also has some of the nicest staff here. Overall this school has given me a high school experience to remember.
Audubon high school is a great, small town school. Because of the small size of the school, you immediately feel a sense of community. New students are accepted immediately, and being on a first name basis with your teachers is very nice and makes it easy to succeed. There is a good variety of classes offered, with online options if you are looking to get college credit. I would highly recommend this school.
There's a lot of opportunities for students at this school. We really get involved in extracurricular activities and love cheering on other students. Audubon is unique, because everyone knows everyone and we all get along for the most part. I couldn't imagine myself at another high school.
A lot of teachers put in a lot of time and money for classes. They go out of their way to supply us with the proper things we need for class to help us to learn better. They care about us and our success.
We are in a rural town so there aren't any threats to the school.
The scheduling of practices is hard to make work if you also have a job.
We lost most of the teachers who went above and beyond and students stopped trying.
It used to seem like the teachers cared more. When teachers stop caring then the students will too.
Im in the middle of my class rank, and I wouldn't choose this school again because the principle is mean at times.
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