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Audubon Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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The teachers are awesome and have great student-teacher relationships. The teachers are dedicated to their students and their futures.
Great place to go to school. Small class sizes with exceptional teachers. Easy to navigate. Good community.
You'll have a mix of teachers who care and don't care, but the majority of teachers at AHS really do care about the student's grades and how they are doing. I would like some of the strict rules to be changed (headphones in the hallways, phones at lunch) but that's really it.
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My school has a good environment. Puts grades at a high standards for the students. I would like to change the way administration choices to hand situations.
Overall, I am getting a good academic experience. Administration can do a better job listening to the fears and concerns of its students.
My experience during my four years at Audubon High School have been excellent. I had the chance to interact with people I never would have expected to meet. I also had the chance to be a part of various amounts of sports and clubs. Audubon High School provides many opportunities that I feel I would have never gotten anywhere else.
I have enjoyed my 3 years in Audubon High school so far. All of the teachers I have had were very helpful when it was hard for me to grasp a certain topic that was being taught. There are many different sports and clubs for students to get involved in.
Audubon is a smaller high school on average, with a small town feel. Unlike most high schools Audubon High starts at 7th grade, the school facilitates both junior high and high school.
I loved attending Audubon High and had the best time there. I made so many wonderful friends and got involved with school clubs. The teachers were great and very helpful. I loved attending a small school where I felt like I knew everyone. It definitely has a community feel to it.
Audubon Jr/Sr High School has been a wonderful school for my children. It is a small safe school with a tight knit community feel. My children have thrived and I believe their success is due to Audubon High.
I had a lot of fun here. My friends were great and my teachers were awesome. There is hardly any diversity tho, and not a whole lot of school spirit but we still have it when it counts. The football team isn't great but our other sports make up for it, and the Marching Band is great. There are a lot of school dances and clubs and events given how small the school is. The academics are average, not a whole lot of extra courses to take but there is VHS. Over all I give it 3.8 stars.
Some issues, mostly good for older school building
The school is great. There are some bad things, tho
I believe Audubon High School offers one of the best academic courses in the county.
Audubon High School is very safe and the staff makes sure that everyone is okay.
Audubon High School has a large variety of clubs that fit every students interests.
The teachers at Audubon High School are very nice and they want their students to succeed because they care about them.
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Too much, home town behind the seen politicing. Play g field is not equal for all students in activities and academics. It is the old boy network times 1000. Students notice it as well as parents. It causes students to not even want to try because they know a fair opportunity will not be given. A very untrustworthy administration and staff. Lots of dishonest explanations for blatant favoritism. Teaches the kids it is not what you and how hard you work but who you know. 2nd child to go there and I went there. All opinions the same, very hestitant to send the 3rd there. They beat down student dreams and asperations, not enhance them.
I've only ever taken part in one club in my time at this school, and that was the Japanese Culture club, or the Anime club for short. I also only attended about three meetings, and the club only met on Thursday every other week. While it was small and sometimes boring, I enjoyed it because it satisfied my interest at the time, which was watching anime. The club disbanded when the club president graduated, so it didn't last long.
I never really attended school activities unless they were mandatory, such as the pep rallies or assemblies. I didn't start getting involved until my senior year, which I deeply regret. I went to the spring musical, an honor society induction for new members, and prom. I really wish I could've joined band and choir because our school had an excellent reputation in those programs, and I wish I was apart of it. In the end, I stayed to myself and my group of friends and just continued my education my way until I graduated.
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