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Audeo is such a great school for students who want to get ahead and want to focus more on school. It's also a school for helping you get your credits on time. It is less stressing on the work. The teachers get to know more about you and focus on each student. They will help you get scholarships for college and they will help you through high school to get to the college of your dreams. People say that it's a school for students who are behind, but it's a school that will give you a chance to go to a university or a college of your dreams and it's for students are willing to take the risk and work all day mostly everyday to graduate early and go to a university
Overall, I would say that my experience thus far with Audeo Charter School is a fairly positive one. I am held more responsible to myself and getting my work done. When I left my old school, that was my main problem. At Audeo I feel as though I will be able to graduate on time with the rest of my class in a more supported environment that I had previously been in. Teachers tend to be responsive to messages, and the hours you attend weekly at the resource centers keep each student in check. Workshops for certain courses occur once a week per course that applies. The resource centers are safe places and provide a focused environment for the students to do their work and get any feedback necessary. I have only been attending Audeo a handful of months, but I have high hopes for myself to excel in my work and finish on time, which is a feeling I lacked at my previous school.
I loved attending this school because I only had to go 2-3 days a week. I did most of my work at home. I liked that I could start and finish classes at my own pace.
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Teachers are very interested in your learning style. The students are given lots of independent when learning new material but the teachers are always available to you if you need help.
There are no clubs, organizations, or sports offered at this school.
Parents did not seem to care too much about the education of their children. They would only be involved when teachers would call them to come in for a meeting or make house calls.
The teachers at this institution are very friendly and approachable but are not always educated to the point of being able to assist the more advanced students with more challenging material. Each teacher has about thirty students who are in grades 6-12 and are enrolled in subjects ranging from English to Science to Intermediate Algebra and Art. They do their best to help the students to the best of their abilities.
Most of the schools security is handled by the mall security, Westfield.
The teachers will study with you after school if needed to correct any issues.
I like the unique structure of the school, specifically the time schedule. I go to school two times a week for 3 hours to pickup my work and synchronize task with my teacher and prefer this typic of learning environment.
Teachers expect students to take initiative at this school as much of the studying is done independently. Teachers will report you to your parents though if you fail to complete work.
I think my school was well protected. It is very small so a lot of the usual programs and services are unnecessary.
The entire school is just one classroom so this is tough to answer. I noticed students get in trouble for dress code, using their phones, or wearing a hat inside. Also, when students were falling behind and not doing their work the teachers definitely stepped in. They would have them stay in class until they were done with catching up.
The entire reason I stayed in charter school was because of how amazing the teachers were at my school. I only had one the entire time I was there and we still keep in touch. She was always helpful and involved. This applies to all of the teachers there.
My situation was a bit different because I went to charter school. My decision was to attend college the following fall. I went from a tiny charter to San Diego State University so I was definitely nervous about such a big change. Although, I think I actually ended up being more prepared than any of my peers. Charter school trained me to teach myself academic material and I was very comfortable using a textbook. I noticed at SDSU that everyone had trouble with these dynamics.
In my opinion, the academics are quite awful. There are little to no challenging courses and even as a senior I have not met half of the A-G UC requirements. The courses are often way too easy and not very interesting.
The teachers are incredibly friendly and always do their best to try and help their students. My teacher is always open to hear my ideas for making an assignment more my own while still keeping the challenge level. They are always giving us the opportunity to incorporate iPads, computers, and other forms of technology into our education.
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I do not feel that this school prepared me for the real world or for college at all. I feel that by giving me such flexibility in my schedule, I have been able to spend more time working at Firehouse Subs and the barn. I believe that these two jobs have taught me skills that will benefit me in the future at college and even beyond that.
Despite the lack of a school nurse, I would say that the school is quite safe. No illegal or harmful practices occur on the property of the school, only outside of the classroom as far as I'm aware.
While it is nice to not have to go to school all five days out of the typical work week, I would have to say that the education experience was not worth it. I hardly learned anything and now do not feel confident or prepared for the strenuous requirements of college. If I could do it all over again, I would probably chose this school or a school with a similar schedule but more challenging courses. The flexible schedule offered me more time to dedicate to working at the horse barn and Firehouse Subs which has taught me about time management and the real working world.
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