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The highlight of this schools is hands down the performing arts program. Mr. Hayes, Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Weber alone make this a note worthy school through their passion of educating their students in the field of fine arts. With that said, the food is molded and rotten and there are pictures all over social media to prove this. The tardy policy is more strict than the attendance policy, which in turn, causes students to skip in fear of consequences. We, last week, had three threats in a row for the schools safety. Aside from the arts, the most redeeming quality of this school is Mrs. Cook, the college and Careers teacher who goes above and beyond to help her kids.
My experience with Auburndale Senior High School in my freshman year has been a blast with the teachers who are very preservered in helping us to reach our goals and to graduate on time.
You know you have found a great hometown school when you have a faculty that is willing to do anything to help you out an outstanding variety of Clubs and Sports, and when the community as a whole will come and support the school that is how you know it is a great school.
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I really enjoyed the fact that most teachers really do care about their students and will usually take a lot of time out of their day to make sure everyone understands the material.
Auburndale high school is like family. Everyone loves you. We all are very welcoming to new students and there are many of clibs and organizations that you could make friends in
Auburndale is a really great school that has a lot of great resources such as our college and career person Mrs Cook who helps everyone be prepared and plan for college and Mrs Parada a guidance counselor here who does her best to see everyone succeed and graduate on time. Something i'd like to see change is the diversity i think there could be a lot more diversity and clubs/ organizations for people of different cultures and backgrounds
Everyone at the school is just great! The staff really cares about the students and tries to do their very best.
I like the environment and locations of the school but I do not like a few of the teachers or staff members for multiple reasons.
Has lots of clubs and activities to do and be a part of but, the administration and staff are quite old school. The food is quite horrible and even then there are only two lunch periods that are only 20 minutes each.
Auburndale High School has an amazing administration and a great set of teachers. It's one of the best schools in all of Polk county and more people should definitely go there!
At Auburndale High School the teachers care about your education. They will go out of their way to help as much as they can. They are very understanding when you need help.
At Auburndale high school you are geared towards an education in college and career and citizenship. The staff at auburndale high school is an extra helping hand towards your education. The environment is good for learning as well as meeting new people on finding friends to help you succeed and education career and citizenship.
During my four years at AHS, I have not seen a happier campus anywhere else! This high school is truly a lively and caring environment with teachers and staff that care deeply for their jobs and the impact they give on their students and other staff members. I loved being a student at Auburndale High School. Go Bloodhounds!
I'd give it none if I could...this school is horrible. The zero tolerance bullying policy is gone to trash, they don't take care of their students well-being, kids skip constantly and easily, dress code is ridiculous, and the teachers suck at their job.
My experience was definitely how I wanted my high school career to go. I got to make so many new friends and the teachers are amazing and they really care about your well being and wish the beast for you in the future. However, I would like to see a change in the switching of schedules each year, and a growth in the amount of school spirit we have, because it wasn't that great.
My experience at Auburndale High school is that it has great clubs involving students. Also has a decent football team along with decent teachers. The things I would like to see change is dress code because I believe that everyone should be able to express who they are through clothing.
I'm a sophomore and so far my experience has been great. The teachers are very helpful and prepare you and help you achieve greatness. The schools atmosphere is very cheerful and a positive place.
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I loved that, at Auburndale, students were given tons of resources for finding the college or career that was right for them! The Academies were immersive and help students learn skills that they could use in their careers and also helps them find something they are interested in. If you were interested in the military, recruiters visited often, and if you were working hard to get into college the staff offered sessions to raise your test scores.
I like that they think about our opinions and help us on anything that we need help on. Everyone is always so happy especially the principal and he makes sure we are happy also. Some admin can be disrespectful but that doesn't ruin my day.
Auburndale High is a place I will never forget, ]this is where i spent the majority of my time at. Im very grateful for the teachers I had all four years.
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