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Auburndale Senior High School Reviews

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Aubrndale High School is a great school. The teachers really care about their students and the guidance counselors are awesome at what they do!
It was a great school with awesome student and teacher involvement. Personally I was a member of the track and cross country teams while attending AHS and i was able to watch our team grow in front of our eyes. The sense of togetherness we had as a team was amazing and a great example of what made AHS so great.
The school has a lot of pride, diversity, and friendliness attached to it. The SGA is great and the huge number of clubs are great communities to get into and make friends.
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Auburndale Senior High School is an excellent school. The staff and teachers always support and help each student. Teachers are always making sure students are doing there best and having good grades. If a student is struggling with a subject the teachers will help and the school provides after school help for those who have trouble understanding a subject or for those who want to just simply learn more. The staff always makes sure that all students are safe, they are always aware of their surroundings and make sure everyone gets to class on time and are always where they’re supposed to be at all times. The lunch is amazing they always have nutritious, healthy meals for everyone. Everybody can eat lunch, no one has to pay.
Auburndale high school is a very safe and very respectful school. Most teachers will be glad to help you and they do the most to teach you. Auburndale high school has alot of programs that will help with your career choices and academic choices. Auburndale high school is one of the best school I have ever attended.
These four years were great but alot of my favorite teachers left but there are still great teachers . This school has no spirit and not alot of diversity .
Contrary to what other students may say, Auburndale High School has provided a truly wonderful learning environment for me. I’m accepted here by everyone and there is such school spirit!
The staff cares about the students and encourages higher education or skill related training. The college and career administrator, Mrs. Cook, is very supportive and researches opportunities for students to be involved and to make their dreams of higher education come to fruition. The principal, Mr. Hill, encourages a positive environment on the campus and is always looking for ways to improve the school and for ways to be involved in the community himself through various civic organizations, etc. The school has a positive environment for students that deflect any problems or issues that might arrive. Continuing education is very important and students are celebrated when the decision is made, and an acceptance is received, for a college. Students are also encouraged through various ways, such as information given or examples set by staff.
I am currently a senior at Auburndale High School and I love it. The teachers and staff are excellent and Mr. Hill is never short of school spirit.
The vibe on campus is very inspiring, to the teachers to the students everyone wants everyone to succeed. The current principal at the school is best well rounded human for the position. I would for sure recommend this school for your future children. I am proud to be a bloodhound!
The highlight of this schools is hands down the performing arts program. Mr. Hayes, Mrs. Hogan and Mrs. Weber alone make this a note worthy school through their passion of educating their students in the field of fine arts. With that said, the food is molded and rotten and there are pictures all over social media to prove this. The tardy policy is more strict than the attendance policy, which in turn, causes students to skip in fear of consequences. We, last week, had three threats in a row for the schools safety. Aside from the arts, the most redeeming quality of this school is Mrs. Cook, the college and Careers teacher who goes above and beyond to help her kids.
My experience with Auburndale Senior High School in my freshman year has been a blast with the teachers who are very preservered in helping us to reach our goals and to graduate on time.
You know you have found a great hometown school when you have a faculty that is willing to do anything to help you out an outstanding variety of Clubs and Sports, and when the community as a whole will come and support the school that is how you know it is a great school.
I really enjoyed the fact that most teachers really do care about their students and will usually take a lot of time out of their day to make sure everyone understands the material.
Auburndale high school is like family. Everyone loves you. We all are very welcoming to new students and there are many of clibs and organizations that you could make friends in
Auburndale is a really great school that has a lot of great resources such as our college and career person Mrs Cook who helps everyone be prepared and plan for college and Mrs Parada a guidance counselor here who does her best to see everyone succeed and graduate on time. Something i'd like to see change is the diversity i think there could be a lot more diversity and clubs/ organizations for people of different cultures and backgrounds
Everyone at the school is just great! The staff really cares about the students and tries to do their very best.
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I like the environment and locations of the school but I do not like a few of the teachers or staff members for multiple reasons.
Has lots of clubs and activities to do and be a part of but, the administration and staff are quite old school. The food is quite horrible and even then there are only two lunch periods that are only 20 minutes each.
Auburndale High School has an amazing administration and a great set of teachers. It's one of the best schools in all of Polk county and more people should definitely go there!
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