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Auburndale Intermediate Reviews

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The teachers are great, but I wish they would have had a better health class.
The school has two counselors at all times, and both of them are beyond wonderful. They hold classes every week for anger management and substance abuse along with scheduling appointments with students for one on one sessions if needed.
They have a policies where you cannot have unnatural colored hair, or any highlights. I got in school suspension for having a bit of blonde in my hair.
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I only participated in one club, it was a Women's Empowerment like class whose sole goal was to raise the self esteem of every girl that attended.
This was honestly my favorite school that I've ever attended.
I've only had one encounter with the school nurse, but it was enough to make me not want to go back there again.
This school is amazing when it comes to athletics and fitness.

Their weight room is great, full of all the equipment that you would find at any gym with a paid membership.

They also have a Sports elective, where they teach you how to play and allow you to have games of: flag football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, and track.
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