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Auburndale High School Reviews

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Overall I had a positive experience at this school.
Some teachers could do a better job with their classes.
You're not sporty? Raising farm animals isn't your thing? Well, here are three clubs. The funding for them consists of three crumpled dollars and a PB&J. Don't expect to be recognized for anything. The art show? Well, that's not a big deal. The boys were in some basketball game? Let's have an hour long assembly about it!

Hardworking teachers who dedicate their spare time to their non-sport club don't get anything.
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If I could do it all over again, I would join more non-sport related clubs and create excitement over them so they wouldn't be shut down. I would protest the practical trashing of our library program. I would advocate the arts more.
This school tries. It honestly tries to be more than what it is, but it's just suffering in its location. You can't make a diverse, open-minded school with interesting clubs and complex classes out of a bunch of white rednecks.
If i could go to any other high school i would.
Very few actually go above and beyond. They are ineffective and most do the bare minimum.
Not high quantity, but high quality.
They all seem involved in community and caring.
I've never actually witnessed any negative behavior in the school or at school activities.
While it's a rural, public school, I can't help but notice that it has a real faith based atmosphere to it. Parents and students seem to be very close knit and supportive.
There are things to do, but they aren't advertised very well, and involvement is mediocre.
Parents at this school care about their own kids and only them in everything, from athletics to academics, if you don't have a "name" you aren't respected.
Every school has teachers that students like, and they have ones they don't. At my school there are far more liked teachers than disliked ones. They do their jobs well and think the administrators do a good job picking them.
New security system put in last year.
Athletic department receives majority of money.
Lots of bullying, but teachers are interactive.
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I love Auburndale High School and would recommend it to anyone!
You are able to have relationships with everyone.
The student body is really unique and diverse
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