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Auburn Senior High School Reviews

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Auburn High School, though a very frustrating place at times, is a really great school. The people there do care about you personally, the academic programs are very strong, and so are the extracurriculars. Overall the feel of the school is a good one.
The school as a whole was great, and the education is amazing especially compared to surrounding districts. The kids there, however, are very clique like and don't associate with others out of their "circle".
Auburn High School is best school around here. The students and teachers are very friendly. As an ESL student I usually get help from all teachers that I had. School is very big and safe. I’m enjoying my Studying here.
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I really enjoyed the environment during my four years here. I met a lot of amazing teachers who have made an impact on me.
Auburn High School uses its money on top quality equipment and curriculum but has very very poor diversity and no realistic life experience.
I love staying involved at the school. There are so many ways to get involved through clubs or sports. I wish there was more school spirit!
I love everything about Auburn Senior High School! The classes are excellent. All of the faculty members from the teachers to the janitors are really nice! I would not change anything about Auburn Senior High School. It is an awesome school.
All my four years of attending Auburn High School has been bery pleasant. I am now a senior and feel as though this school has done a good job in preparing me for college. Auburn is a strong, small community that comes together.
I loved this school. Teachers were engaging and genuinely cared about my education and my future. As an alumni I still keep in contact with a few of my teachers.
Auburn High is an welcome school with great academics, teachers, and students. Teachers want to see you succeed and are willing to help you and stay after when need be. The administration cares about the students and tries to do what benefits them. The food has been okay in the past, but this year they are really stepping it up
The teachers and staff at Auburn are very kind and welcoming, they push you to do your best and are more than willing to help you when your struggling. The school is a very good environment, with a no bullying policy. It is very safe and secure for kids to attend.
Auburn High School has a lot of opportunities for students. There is a large variety of AP classes offered as well as a diverse amount of elective courses. I feel like every student finds at least one teacher at AHS they feel comfortable and close with beyond the teacher-student interaction. The one thing I would change about my school is that they are very focused on athletics and praise athletes. Athletes in my school definitely get treated differently than non-athletes and teachers tend to gravitate to those students.
Auburn High has had a major impact in my life. The teachers are there for the students and push us to do better each day. The students at Auburn High may be unique in ways but the friends that I have encountered have aided me into becoming who I am today. A student who wants to continue his education.
My experience at Auburn high school was a good one. I made plenty of friends, have gotten good grades and played softball. Throughout my high school years at Auburn, I feel as if I've gotten smarter, more mature, and ready for college. High school brought me closer with a lot of people I never even imagined being friends with. I realized over the years that I need to put myself first, and put school first. With all the great teachers, my grades improved and I'm excited to go off to college.
This school offered a good amount of after school actives, alongside band and a wide variety of sports teams.
Bullying was never a thing growing up in this school. The school board made it a fact to talk about what to do when being bullied if that even happened.
I just love this school as a whole, everything about it was how high school should be. The teachers were accepting, as was the student body.
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With my four years at Auburn High School I noticed the teachers would go above and beyond for a student in need. Some teachers would even bring in household items for students that didn't have money to buy objects outside of school.
The education is great but there's too much of a focus on athletics. There's a lot of talent in the fine arts but a huge lack of funding to support it.
I love this school. Everyone is so open and the teachers are educators as well as friends. We greatly support LGBT and we have a preschool as well as an entire special needs department. It is very rare that I see or hear of bullying. We are pushed academically, however our school finds it greatly important that we feel comfortable in the amount of stress we are receiving from our work loads. We are extremely well rounded in all departments. Every department is also given technology to better the classroom environment. Which I find awesome because students will ALWAYS be getting a great education and can mold technology along with it no matter what they plan to major in. As a senior our class has grown so much and I believe the open nature has greatly impacted the quality of our school and our students. It's so easy to brag about my school. I always feel so lucky to have attended such an incredible school and gotten the chance to meet incredible people with amazing experiences to share. I would absolutely choose this school again if I had to do it over. I love being here.
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