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The teachers are helpful and the amount of work is doable if your have an average level of time management. School involvement is praised and encouraged. The school is safe and easy to get around. People are rather friendly and its a clean environment.
There are many great things about my school, but like many schools, improvements can be made, many of the people here are very nice, but many times not very focused.
White privilege is highly prevalent at this high school. Many of the students and teachers are racist and homophobic. You can't walk past the halls of this high school without hearing a homophobic or racist slur thrown around. The behavior and actions of some students are disturbing and hateful towards minorities. There are a few teachers who actually teach and are caring towards the students. However, that is not true for all.
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I like Auburn Riverside because the community works together and has an amazing bond with each other. The teachers actually care about their students passing their class and making the right decisions to further their career. I would like to see a change in how our school spirit is. Our sports are all so good and having more crowd involvement and school spirit would be great.
I like how everyone is welcoming and no judging everyday. The one thing they could work on is the spirit days the pick.
I love Auburn Riverside High School. Majority of the students are kind and there is generally little to no bullying in the school. If I could go back I would, it has treated me well these past four years.
I was able to experience the warmth of openness to this, I was able to easily get used to the environment since there is a lot of students and staff who are friendly and very helpful. I also going to school since there are a lot people who makes my day a day to remember
I love Auburn Riverside high school, it is so welcoming and is a good place to be. I have had the best teachers in my life at this school. Everyday this school makes me feel great about going.
Auburn Riverside was an acceptable high school that I attended. Being involved with music, their music department has been the best experience for me because of the diversity and commitment that Fager, Stenson, and Wagner put in. The students at Auburn Riverside was fantastic with clubs, ASB, DECA, and other activities. This school had a well diverse student population and appreciated cultures when they had the chance. There was even a culture fair where students of different culture gave out food to other students to give a rich taste of cultures during lunch period. The teachers were also committed to students learning which made Auburn Riverside's reputation of teacher involvement tremendous! Overall, I would recommend this school out of all the Auburn school and perhaps other schools in different cities.
"How lucky am I to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard?" - Winnie the Pooh. This sums up my feelings about my school as I enter senior year of high school education.
As a freshmen I was intimidated by the whole idea of high school and believe my intimidation that year, hindered some of the opportunities I could have taken. Although, at Riverside, they do a day where chosen seniors welcome freshmen into the school without everyone else there in order to get them adjusted. I was inspired by my schools effort to welcome every person that steps through its doors.
One thing I would change about my school is its tendency to the formation of cliques. If it were my own perfect world, the band kids and football kids would be able to sit next to each other without being made fun of. I would wish away these barriers because I think it withholds a lot of growth from prospering.
I like the family aspect of Auburn Riverside High School. When you walk through the doors, you feel like you belong. There are not separate groups of people standing together with similar personalities, but clusters of many different personalities laughing and having fun together! At Riverside, you are treated like you have a purpose. Everyone there is accepting and understanding, from the students to the staff. One thing that could change however is to gain more student involvement in school spirit. More students need to cheer on their classmates at sporting events. To truly be like a family, we need to support each other in every way possible.
I had the pleasure of attending Auburn Riverside for all four years of High School. This school boats a welcoming community with teachers and staff who make it a priority to help their students achieve their goals. Auburn Riverside features a wide variety of activities, clubs, sports, etc. for students to participate in and many resources for the student body to take advantage of. Moreover, students who wish to take challenging courses have that opportunity here with many AP and honors courses offered. Overall, the experience I had at Auburn Riverside High School was very positive and helped contribute immensely toward my path to a post-secondary education.
I enjoy being a student at ARHS. The school has an amazing atmosphere and school spirit. Minus the average high school drama, the students are nice and respectful and the teachers are amazing. My high school experience has been wonderful so far and I'm looking forward to the rest of my years!
I truly enjoy attending Auburn Riverside. The student body has a certain bond that just can't be recreated at any other school. There's no rough edges where kids can be left behind to an endless parade of bullies, something happening commonly across high schools in America. Teachers are quick to listen to students and help them through and hardships or struggles. The only downsides to the school is the temperature and lunch system. There's not always enough food for everyone, especially toward to end of lunches. Most of the school is always cold enough that students have to bring jackets to school every day, even in the summer. But nonetheless, Riverside is a wonderful school filled with people who really care about the students and their futures.
Auburn Riverside High School was a great place to attend school. The teachers were all very excellent and truly cared about students, even beyond the classroom. The culture is very diverse with many ethical and cultural backgrounds mixing into one big community. The facilities were a tad outdated and require and upgrade, but it isn't anything too bad. Overall, Auburn Riverside High School is the perfect place to go for a great education and to learn skills to bring into the real world after graduating.
Auburn Riverside High School is a pretty great school. There are a couple of teachers that aren't helpful at all because they don't really teach. They expect you to teach yourself. Other than that, the teachers are great. The food is about as bad as you can expect any school to be. I would suggest bringing lunch from home. The music program at this school is amazing! I've participated in band for four years and the director is amazing! The choir and orchestra directors are pretty great too, but I haven't gotten much opportunity to work with them. The building is a little outdated compared to the other high schools in the district, but it's still pretty nice for the public school system. I would definetely recommend going here!
There is a lot to be said about ARHS. The Sports participation is wide and varied. The coaches really care about an individual as a student, as a human, and as a player. I really took a lot away from the sports teams I participated on. The classes has your usual mix of really involved teachers to a few, and I state just a few that really should be examined and critiqued in how they do their jobs. As an Alumni I quite imagine that all students have opinions about their classes and the teachers. Overall I believe that ARHS has a lot to offer in selection of classes, and they really respond to students needs in what they want to learn. I very much enjoyed my High School years.
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My overall experience was better than I expected it to be. I can say it was probably a lot more delightful than most people's. Riverside was very welcoming and the staff was excited to be there. There were many opportunities to get involved and many clubs to participate in. The soccer program, which I participated in for four years, was an exceptional experience. That was the highlight of my high school experience. Although my years there were great, there are some things that can be improved. The food, hygiene, and authority are some of the things. I pack lunch from home so I don't know a lot about the food. But what my friends have told me it's horrible and unhealthy. The overall hygiene is gross. The bathrooms are left a mess and the classrooms have dust and dirt on the ground. As for the authority, I feel like the students control the teachers. Some of the students are disrespectful and have very negative attitudes.
There are great health and safety programs available
There are quite a few extra curricular activities available
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