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I have enjoyed my time at Auburn Mountainview, however there are some things that could use improvement. The counselors and other office staff are wonderful! They are always willing to help students and do it with a positive attitude. I have had a good experience with most teachers, but there have been some times where I just had a horrible time, and ended up having to move classes. The teacher didn't know how to be kind and constructive, and made me look terrible in front of the entire class. I think this could be fixed simply by having the teachers take some classes on how to be constructive and kind to students. We are all just trying our best to learn, and it really takes a toll on students when we feel made fun of or less than by teachers, especially in a place where there is so much judgement from the other students already.
Fairly average as far as schools go. Administration tends not to take reports of harassment or bullying seriously. Lots of incidents go without investigation or even questioning. Academics are mostly aimed at students more within the average category. Dedicated AP students end up with few options for senior year if they’ve been taking AP all of high school. Students are pushed to take more advanced classes then left high and dry when there’s not another challenging class to take the year after. Most teachers are okay, some are not the best, but unions make it hard to fix that. Not the best, but not too bad.
Overall a good experience, most of the faculty are great, with a few exceptions, with lots of clubs and activities to stay involved.
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Auburn Mountainview was a very welcoming school filled with very supportive people. I enjoyed most teachers that I have had so far and have made many amazing friends. I find the staff to be very helpful and enthusiastic about their jobs. I also love the diversity and that there are many assemblies including the Black History Month and Multicultural Assembly that highlights and celebrate other cultures. If I could change one thing about the school, it would be to include more assemblies like the ones previously mentioned as many students and staff alike enjoy the performances and showcases given during those assemblies.
In my four years of going there, I have had a good time, the teachers were extremely nice and accommodating. All have been reasonable about their expectations and all of them do their best to maintain an effective learning environment. All in all, I feel that I have grown and been able to build a rapport with most of my teachers, thanks to the school.
I had the best experience at Auburn Mountainview High School. Teachers and staff always wanted what was best for me and encouraged me to pursue a career in biomedical engineering. By becoming involved at Mountainview, I was able to make more friends and impact the lives of more people. The culture at AMHS is very positive and welcoming. Teachers always want students to succeed and push them to do their best. Mountainview is a very safe place with great sports and activities. Student participation is one of the highest out of all high schools in Washington. If AMHS updated their facilities and food, it would be even better. Auburn Mountainview isn’t called “The World’s Greatest High School” for no reason!
Transferred from another school, most kids were welcoming, academics were easy not to hard, Ap classes are kinda hard. While I attended Auburn Mountainview High School, I was truly educated in my subjects, coached on my sports teams, and encouraged in my friendships. The school provided a safe environment where I felt comfortable being there. All the teachers I had were hard working and always there to listen, understand, and push you to do your best. Then there are the teachers that are also coaches. This was a very impacting experience for me as I encountered having a math teacher as a basketball coach and speech and debate club coach. The relationships I built with her and the people along the way helped me see how the community of just the school itself helped me become the person I am today. The people are really what makeup Auburn Mountainview High School and I am forever grateful for the high school experience they continually gave me each day. GO LIONS!
I have been attending the school for three years now, and I must say, I would never want to leave it for any other high school. The teachers and students are top-notch, and the atmosphere is very stimulant to learning. The administration cares for the kids and everyone gets along very well. The range of classes means there is something for everybody.
I loved going to Auburn Mountain view. They have great teachers that want you to succeed and will help you if you ask. Mrs. Herren, the principle, is truly amazing. she is at most sporting events and supports the kids in every aspect of their lives.
Auburn Mountainview is a great public school filled with energetic kids that are very eager to learn. As a transfer student, I found that Auburn Mountainview had a great gap between my previous high school, it was far better with the people and academics. The school is quite old and may need renovations soon, other than that it's a great school.
My experience at auburn Mountainview was Okay, it wasn't the best becasue I only came to this school junior year academic wise this was very easy compared to the other school which it was a private school that I went to. I excelled in academics at Auburn Mountainview high school. I like how they have core during our choice time so if you are failing a class you can get that grade up in a reasonable time I like how its a requirement to go the class your failing, to make that grade up so you can pass.
I only went to Auburn MountainView my Senior year of 2011-2012, moving from California. Honestly it was different from my 2 other high schools I went to in California, but I loved it. I played a lot of sports & having a 5th period volleyball got me excited. As well as having a cooking class in the same school? Back in California I had Baking & Pastry class, but it was in a whole different high school. So yes I loved it there. I loved my Art class as well. Teachers are very helpful & nice. So were students.
Great experience, teachers cared about my learning and tried to help me stay engaged as well as provided as many opportunities as possible for me to advance as a student and as an individual.
The best school I have ever set foot in. Amazing staff and overall culture. Lots of opportunities for involvement in sports, clubs and advanced programs.
Auburn Moutainview High School is great school, very diverse and great teachers. The thing I love about my school the most is that I see different faces and everyone is accepted at my school. We are a very good school educationally, other than that there is not a lot of problems at my school.
Our school is pretty nice. Our layout is centered around one big room called the commons, where everyone just hangs out and has a great time. Because of this, many students find time to hang out with their friends in school and feel connected. We also have a unique period called core/choice, where you can have "free time," or if your failing a class, you can go there and try and fix your grade. We have many clubs, and our music programs are outstanding. Our experienced band director teaches professional levels of musical theory and improvisation to anyone willing to learn. Our academics is pretty good, and so is our safety. We have a security guard, and every class has a door that is indented into the wall, and most have a thick brick wall in between it and the hall. Overall this is a very good school and has a very connected feel to it.
It wasn’t bad, but nothing really stood out to me throughout my time there. But then again, I didn’t make any effort to become involved in the school’s community.
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The teachers are on a power trip most of the time but there are a few teachers who really care and they are great! Academics is great though if you take the right classes.
It's a beautiful school that I visited all the time, since I had to. I didn't mind, since Auburn Mountainview High School is located in Lea Hill on the east hill of Auburn, a city in King County, Washington, United States. I found out that it was named after the scenic views from the school, including the Cascade Mountains, Mt. Rainier, and the Olympic Mountains. That's why this school is beautiful to visit, but not so great to study at. The view is what makes it up, however.
I really enjoyed my experience here and the options that were presented to me at this school. I could choose to go into more difficult AP classes, or do running start. There were a variety of clubs I could do, and the teachers were very nice. However, I feel that they sprung up too many changes on us without warning, such as the school lunch schedule being changed, without the students, parents, and most teachers awareness.
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