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Auburn Mountainview High School Reviews

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It is truly the greatest high school in the world. I have not seen any bullying, the administration is amazing, and the teachers are wonderful. It is the best high school in Auburn
The teachers at Auburn Mountainview make high school seem better than in the movies. They truly care about their students as they include core/choice times so kids will have opportunities to bump up their grades. The programs are above and beyond. Their sports medicine and robotics program have several rankings in the state. I just wish teachers would care more about other sports and academic clubs other than football.
I'm in the running start program and have only been at Auburn Mountainview for a year, having recently moved to the area. I've found that I have mixed feelings about the school. I think the teachers most definitely do not have enough resources, and I feel the students in general can be slightly disrespectful toward the teachers. I've found all the teachers and counselors to be quite helpful and kind however, and have really enjoyed my experience with the counselors. Even though I'm not on campus regularly, I feel welcome to schedule appointments and visit with any teachers at anytime, and really feel the support in my studies and my college search.
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Overall, I really like this school. Because of how recent it was first established, the building has a much nicer quality,but the people of this school is what makes it great. Both students and staff are friendly for the most part and nearly all students here work their hardest to graduate.
I think Auburn Mountainview is overall a good school. I believe the environment is pretty accepting, and the teachers are fair to the students. It is not perfect, but what school is?
Being at Auburn Mountainview for four years was an interesting experience. It's a good school to be at, and like all public schools it has its issues and quirks. One thing I am very appreciative of were the opportunities to be involved in my school environment as well as how well the district treats fine arts in the schools.
During my time at Mountainview I was active in the school events. I think that’s what made the experience good. I don’t appreciate how bullying and sexual harassment is treated on school grounds. My classes were fairly easy and most of my teachers were friendly. I feel that Mountainview is average in most areas.
This school was your average high school. The school itself was really nice, lots of parking. The staff were very nice and aimed at helping students learn. Lunches were fine. The staff was aimed at making school a good experience for everyone (especially if you played football). I got a good education so I can't really explain.
i went to school here 5 years after it was built . it was very nice to attend a smaller newer school. the staff was great for the most part. i ran track and my coach and teammates made that some of the best times of my life.
Academic and teacher are really good. I have a lot of experience in here. I learned and made friends. I got a good grade and I think here is the best high school you can looking for.
I liked how involved they were regarding school spirit. I thought that this made the school more exciting to attend. The activities and clubs found at this school are plentiful, and I myself participated with the golf and basketball high school team. The staff here is a mix. Some teachers and faculty are super nice and great and what they do. Others are not quite as fantastic. Overall, this school is not too bad and even though there are many better schools out there, im glad I got to be a part of this one.
Auburn Mountainview high school is a diverse school that offers many opportunities towards academic success. The teachers show effort and passion towards the students' academic career and future post graduation. They also provide many resources to help each individual student explore opportunities and pursue pathways after high school. The high school also offers many opportunities to become involved in various activities and athletics. The athletic aspect of the school gives a sense of unity, ethics, and hard work.
Auburn Mountainview is a great high school, and a safe environment compare to others. There is very few drug and abuse problems at school and all in all I feel very comfortable and safe going there. They have great staff and teachers who actual care and are willing to help out your students have the best high school and into college career. My only small complaint would be that I wish the school would provide a bigger variety of sports and clubs. But kids can start their own if they get enough people. I would defienly reccomed this school !
Auburn Mountainview has honestly given me one of the best experiences in school. The faculty genuinely cares about their students and makes a conscious effort to improve their students learning abilities. If there was anything about the school that I would change, I would make it so that the school put more emphasis on things such as honors society or even clubs. A lot of the school's focus is on sports over these other things. Academics is always priority as it should be, but the other interests of students are often overshadowed as the school emphasizes certain sports beacuse of their success.
I had just moved there from Bellevue and its a nice school. I have made a lot of new friends already and its amazing.
Overall my high school experience at Auburn Mountainview High School has been mostly pleasant, quite eventful, and generally great educationally. I have had some of the most wonderful teachers at AMHS and without them I am not entirely sure I would have a plan for college, let alone passions to follow. The staff is mostly friendly, and the students are much the same. There are so many opportunities at AMHS, both in classes and extracurricular activities that give students the chance to discover things about themselves.
The staff is the worst part in my opinion. I was very involved at my school, taking many leadership positions. The security guard, Ken Elliot, isn't just a security guard, he's an employee who makes it his job to go out and personally ruin your day for the smallest things, whereas students from neighboring schools in Kent report that their security guards go out of their way to be friendly and learn people's names and ask them how they're doing, while maintaining order on campus. The teachers, for the most part, lack knowledge of being a teacher. Sure some teachers, like Dr. Baumstark, may be fantastic in terms of knowledge, but when it comes to actually teaching, there are clearly no teaching skills available. The students are expected to do everything in terms of setting up events for the school, it's as if there is no staff involvement whatsoever, and the overall atmosphere of the school is depressing and somber due to the lack of any motivation or positivity whatsoever.
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Overall Mountainview is a good school with a variety of clubs and activities, the teachers are very helpful as well. There aren't very many food options but overall it's alright.
Many of the teachers are great and willing to work with students. They are interested in students learning the material and working hard. The administration can be difficult if you decide to do running start. There is also a huge push to do AP classes, and as a result a lot of students who shouldn't take that kind of work load are.
Teachers are nice and helpful, I enjoyed the classes provided. There are a variety of classes to take.
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