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Auburn Jr High School Reviews

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It was a great school that prepared me for college. I was able to see a lot of diversity in the classroom, and I was able to learn at the perfect rate. I only went for my freshman year of high school, but I loved every second of it.
Great atmosphere and teachers. Feel like it prepared our son for college and he had a great time.

The teachers are very involved and provide a great education.
several officers around, but more fights then there should be
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Lots of nice people, but alot of fights. The education is good if you push yourself but nobody will really try to encourage you if you dont start yourself.
The teachers are okay but some go above and beyond. They are all nice and funny, but some give up on their class after a while.
This school has a lot of positive aspects.
Our school is very hands on and aware of bullying, peer pressure and student challenges.
I am currently in the recycling club and feel the school has a great offering of clubs.
Everything at our school is great and they are very informative.
If I had to do those two years all over again I'm not quite sure if I would choose to go back because some of the teachers, while they do have good intentions, are just not effective at teaching and basically discourage you from wanting to learn the subject. Some teachers on the other hand, can make your least favorite subject become one of your favorites. My ninth grade history teacher brought life to the class and made it fun and interactive. My math teachers were both very dull and my ninth grade algebra 2 teacher was not a good teacher. I did not enjoy eighth grade very much at all because I didn't have many friends as most people ignored me but ninth grade was much better. Laptops are what makes our school unique since the students get to use them. Every past ninth grader you ask though will say that the ones we had the year before were much better as the new ones had a touch screen and were hard to take notes on.
Some parts of the school are very old and creaky while there are new buildings as well. The newer ones are in good condition and the bathrooms are fine but in the older ones, the bathrooms are horrible and reek. The lockers are too small to hold the things I want and I never had time to use it as it was too far away from most of my classes. The gymnasium needs actual air conditioning instead of just fans that they put up in the corner. In way of technology, they are doing pretty well in that area as they supplied us with laptops to help us learn. Unfortunately, many students also saw that as way to slack off and play games instead.
In p.e. everybody is either extremely competive and playing as if it's life or death or they don't really are and stand off to the side. The ones that don't participate are not really encouraged to join and the coaches basically ignore them and let them talk. There is a wide variety of school sports to join but they don't really try to pride themselves on all their teams and school spirit and wanting to join. They only have one pep rally per grade and it's kind I lacking and not that exciting. It doesn't make we want to go to the games at all.
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