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I loved Auburn Hills Christian School!! The teachers are incredible. The facility is always clean and welcoming. I recommend this school to anyone in the district!
It was a great school with Christian morals. The academic help prepare my daughter for college. The teachers were very good and caring about the students as a whole. I would recommend to others
Everyone is family. We need more children.
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They all go beyond than what's expected from them
Usually after school days, whatever assignments that were given for the day I tend to do. Basketball was a sport I have played for about 4 years, we would have practice 4 days out of the week. 2 days out the week, I tutor those who needs help. Some days I spend time with my friends. But because of how close we are, their like family!
The past five years I've played tuition at the cost of 5,400 per year. Which includes books, academics, fundraising, and sport's. Auburn Hills Christian isn't really a hard school to get accepted in, unless your transcript or even past school history isn't up to the requirements the administration have.
The teachers grade right and the courses are pretty easy.
The safety here is awesome and no one has to worry about anything.
Students and teachers get along very well and there are no problems really.
The staff here are very helpful to all the students. All the students love the teachers.
The overall experiences here are awesome I don't mind at all continuing to go this school at all.
I know that this school has the best food services because they make sure we eat healthy and make sure that we have fruit everyday with our lunch.
Well at this school we have Drama Club, Basketball for boys and girls, Football, Volleyball, and Competition at the end of the year. The administration supports all of our extra activities they even go to all the games the students play.
There is not a school nurse or health programs. It is a very small, private school.
They have some excellent teachers.
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