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The education and diversity I experienced here has made me who I am. I attended the gift program they offer with accelerated classes and the teachers truly care about your future and well being.
My teachers at Auburn were great, and many of them changed my life. The administration, however, is the worst I have heard of / seen in the Rockford area. It is quite sad that the school is being ruined by an awful principal.
I belong to the Gifted Academy, so Auburn gave me a rigorous academic experience that challenged me as I went and helped me to prepare for college through experience.
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Auburn has been a great experience for me, it has given me a great preparation for college and introduced me to a number of great students and teachers
My experience with Auburn High School is very limited because I had just began school there in the Fall of 2017, but from what I have gathered is that the some of the students are very welcoming and the classes will challenge you academically.
Auburn is a place that introduces various cultural influences in one place, and creates an environment that produces multicultural, well-rounded students. Some graduates in most years have gone to ivy league schools, medical school, or have received their Ph.D and are now professors at universities. The students here have a real connection with their teachers, and some even maintain friendships with them after graduation and well into their adult life.
Overall, Auburn is a good school. I wish Auburn had more advanced classes, but I know we would need money to do that. Throughout the years, I have had good and bad teachers. Honestly, though, I feel all schools struggle with this problem. In conclusion, Auburn isn't that bad of a school with how small it is.
Auburn is a great school that offers many options for career readiness. The teachers are great and the school has a vastly diverse community. There are many clubs and teams to join, and communities to be a part of. Auburn High School has helped me in so many ways that I can't even begin to list them.
In my opinion Auburn high school located in Rockford Illinois is not the best school overall but for Rockford Illinois standards it is one of the best.
I attended Auburn High School for my full 4 years of high school education. Auburn High School is a really diverse school with some of the best programs in school district 205. Unlike the other high schools located in Rockford, Auburn offered both the Renaissance Gifted Academy and the CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) program, which I happened to be a part of both. Overall, I am really happy I went to Auburn and I couldn't imagine myself in any other high school. The only negative thing I have to say is that some of the school policy are ridiculous, yet Auburn has a hard time enforcing them.
I really liked the programs that they had to offered at auburn. The teachers that I had were awesome, i like the diversity of kids in the school, and the performing art aspects of the school. But I do think some of the administration should connect with the kids, and change some few rules that they believe are right.
I enjoyed the electives offered because there were so many to choose from including sports, art, languages, mathematics, etc. There is a lot of support between the students when it comes to sports and events. Auburn High School takes pride in their students being involved in sports and encourages them to keep their grades looking good as well. The teachers develop a relationship with the students and will help them by staying on track with their attendance. Even If a student does not want to go to college, they will encourage them to take the SATs, ACTs, AP classes because they are capable of doing it and it will help them later in the future. When it comes to making everybody feel welcome they will put together so many events and assemblies, spirit weeks where everyone dresses as a theme which is something that everyone likes to participate in no matter who they are. I am happy I will be graduating from this school, I have many memories and new friends this school has brought me.
This year especially administration seems to be cracking down on behavior (ex: the strict and kind of ridiculous new hall pass rule), but it's been a pretty easygoing 4 years here. You need to know how to respect administration and other students and portray yourself in a positive manner so that others respect you. The gifted and CAPA programs produce a great number of plain excellent kids and prepares them for the future, as long as they apply themselves. Overall, Auburn is definitely the best public school in the area. I just think that some kids need to be A LOT more respectful and that administration needs to chill out a bit sometimes.
My experience at Auburn High School has probably been typical of any average high school student. The athletics and academics are very good, but it lacks an inclusive environment and school spirit.
I had a great time there I love their basketball games .if I would change something it'll be the rudeness from the students.
I love the way the teachers teach. The kids and staff are amazing. The worst thing is the security. They're rude and they disrespect anyone without caring about their feelings
I really enjoyed attending Auburn high school. I think the variety of programs that the institution had helped build te diverse population at the school; diversity within race, gender, sex, able-bodied. It helped build character. That character was spread through the students and the love spread through the administration. It as really a home away from home, and still to this day I have several teachers ready to be a reference and help me succeed. I will say that the counseling department in this school was poor. Many students are first generation students, and they didn't give us the encouragement and advice that could've made the choice of going to college less stressful and also less expensive, with showing us the importance of the standardized test.
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My years at auburn have been pretty decent. The administration are really nice to the students and we'll understand. Something I'd like to see change there is parent involvement, school spirit, and more afterschool activities. We don't have a lot of school spirit because the gifted academy parents always call up to the school when the find out we had an assembly and their child was out of class. Isn't really anything we can do about that . They don't make the kids feel like school is fun
its my first year at Auburn high school and I think Auburn has changed me. its just not any kind of high school its one were I feel they genuinely care for the kids there. for example I struggle in math they have so many programs and ways of learning whether its interactive or visual they make it fun. Not traditional boring lessons. but teachings that opens me up to new things I would never try now I participate and I would say I "came out of my shell" this year because of auburn. my social life has impacted from being here I've gotten courage to speak up and make new friends. teaching me the true definition of family and friendship. "once a-knight always a-knight"
I am a CAPA student in the class of 2017. I have had a wonderful experience with the school as a whole.
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