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The gifted program is fantastic, and I love the students both within the program and outside of the program at Auburn. The administration, however, has posed themselves opposite and away from students, and it is hard to trust them.
Auburn High School has wonderful, caring teachers who do their best to help their students learn. I have noticed, however, in my experience at this school, that student integrity and honesty over assignments were not very evident, but this may not be the case for the majority of the student body at this school. The students are friendly nonetheless, and there is a great amount of diversity. The school has a Gifted Academy/Renaissance Program that students may test into before they enroll at this school, which can help them with college readiness by encouraging enrollment in AP courses and more rigorous assignments. Auburn High School also has a CAPA Program for the students involved in the Creative And Performing Arts, which provides students with many opportunities to perform in several different places and compete with different schools.
The gifted program st auburn is full of great teachers willing to help you out and improve. The CAPA program has amazing teachers who want to see you succeed. It is because of the teachers in CAPA that have encouraged me to pursue acting as a career. At one point it was something I was reluctant to be apart of, but now it’s what I love and want to continue doing. Some of the people who attend here that I have met in this school are great influences.
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It needs to be updated in terms of aesthetics; everything is very outdated. Especially things like heat and air, that would be needed. But the overall experience is amazing. If you really think about it, it is a very good school.
Going into Auburn High School, I was terrified. Everyone, including myself, had the idea that Auburn would be full of bullies, bullies, and more bullies. To be completely honest, Auburn High School was the best school I could've gone to. The teachers, and staff overall, were outstanding and always around to help whoever. I wouldn't have gone to any other high school if I could.
I was apart of the Creative and Preforming Arts program. Made many great friends, was involved in a lot of the arts. Enjoyed being immensely involved with the theatre department.
I went to Auburn high school from 2008-2012. I can honestly say that I enjoyed my four years, and that's because I was active in the school. I was a member of the golf team, baseball team, national honor society, and sports communications program. I feel that the more clubs and events I was in, the more I got to know the students and faculty. There will always be a stigma on Auburn because of the location, and bad press we receive. Just remember that high school is where you become who you are, and its ultimately your decision on the outcome.
My experience with Auburn High School began with the Gifted program, which has a reputation for being exclusive and posh. However, I quickly assimilated the diverse collection of races, ethnicities, religions, family backgrounds, and personalities. Auburn stands out with its dedicated teaching staff. These educators glow with such palpable dedication to their craft. Beyond that, the community feels particularly welcoming. Everybody has their niche, and bullying is rare almost unheard of. Sports teams succeed and school spirit consistently runs high due to the hard work of the coaches and athletes alike. The facilities are not pristine, but continue to improve. Painting efforts along with additions such as the field house and lower cafeteria brighten up the campus. Overall, my experience at Auburn has not only prepared me for my future in college and the workforce, but exposed me to the elements that molded me into the man I am today. I highly recommend it to any and all youth.
I am currently in the gifted program and I believe that it has successfully prepared me to take on college. The best party about Auburn High School is the diversity that is present.
I really enjoy some of the programs at auburn, like the gifted program and CAPA program since it allows so much room for improvement in academics and creativity. The teachers are so wonderful and truly prepare students for college and life outside the classroom. Yet, I really wish to see more improvement with some of the policies and administration.
The education and diversity I experienced here has made me who I am. I attended the gift program they offer with accelerated classes and the teachers truly care about your future and well being.
My teachers at Auburn were great, and many of them changed my life. The administration, however, is the worst I have heard of / seen in the Rockford area. It is quite sad that the school is being ruined by an awful principal.
I belong to the Gifted Academy, so Auburn gave me a rigorous academic experience that challenged me as I went and helped me to prepare for college through experience.
Auburn has been a great experience for me, it has given me a great preparation for college and introduced me to a number of great students and teachers
My experience with Auburn High School is very limited because I had just began school there in the Fall of 2017, but from what I have gathered is that the some of the students are very welcoming and the classes will challenge you academically.
Auburn is a place that introduces various cultural influences in one place, and creates an environment that produces multicultural, well-rounded students. Some graduates in most years have gone to ivy league schools, medical school, or have received their Ph.D and are now professors at universities. The students here have a real connection with their teachers, and some even maintain friendships with them after graduation and well into their adult life.
Overall, Auburn is a good school. I wish Auburn had more advanced classes, but I know we would need money to do that. Throughout the years, I have had good and bad teachers. Honestly, though, I feel all schools struggle with this problem. In conclusion, Auburn isn't that bad of a school with how small it is.
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Auburn is a great school that offers many options for career readiness. The teachers are great and the school has a vastly diverse community. There are many clubs and teams to join, and communities to be a part of. Auburn High School has helped me in so many ways that I can't even begin to list them.
In my opinion Auburn high school located in Rockford Illinois is not the best school overall but for Rockford Illinois standards it is one of the best.
I attended Auburn High School for my full 4 years of high school education. Auburn High School is a really diverse school with some of the best programs in school district 205. Unlike the other high schools located in Rockford, Auburn offered both the Renaissance Gifted Academy and the CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts) program, which I happened to be a part of both. Overall, I am really happy I went to Auburn and I couldn't imagine myself in any other high school. The only negative thing I have to say is that some of the school policy are ridiculous, yet Auburn has a hard time enforcing them.
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