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I really enjoyed my high school experience at Auburn! It is a small tight community! My graduation class was only 90 kids and it was fabulous! The teachers really engage in there students! There was not one teacher that I'm not going to miss!
Auburn High School is honestly a dream school, although we are not the best at sports. Our education is amazing, our teachers put their best effort forward to get us prepared for what life and college will throw at us in the future.
I liked the atmosphere and the push to educate. I would like to see more English classes offered. I want to major in english, but I am quickly finding that there aren't very many electives to help me prepare for colllege.
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Great school to attend, small community, caring staff and great opportunities for all students. There are many different activities to attend, the students are well involved. Safe environment for all staff and students.
I enjoyed my experience at Auburn High School. The principals, teachers, and students were all great people. The only thing I did not enjoy about my time here was that once I got into college, I did not feel as if I was as prepared as I should have been. My writing skills were not as strong as they should have been and I struggled in history.
It is a great school, small and close-knit. However, being a small school, students don't have as many choices in classes, especially the upper-level students.
It's a good academic school. Very good grades and high standards
Small school, zero crime rate. Drugs, drinking, fights are often out of school.
The food isn't good and leaves a terrible aftertaste for hours. Lunchtime is at the most 25 minutes which is tolerable but rushed and lunch is often too early in the day and I'm always starving when I get home.
the school is small and infringements on policy are small as well. Hardly any drugs in school and the worst it seems here is the occasional fight which is quickly handled and put behind the administration.
I don't really engage in sports myself but it is easy to tell that both the football and volleyball teams are well-equipped and have substantial funding.
This is really a luck thing. Often times the teachers are attendant to their students and happy to help but there are a few who would rather just get through the day with the least amount of effort possible, go figure.
I honestly enjoy Auburn for being such a small community and the clubs reflect that same communal aspect. Teachers and coaches are often willing and happy to help students because they aren't overwhelmed by us.
The amount of people in the school make it better because you can have a one on one time with most of the teachers. Everybody is really nice and caring and want to make sure you are trying your hardest to complete the assignments.
Most of the food is good, depending on the day it can be nasty,
Some teachers are assholes but most of them are nice and Mrs. Becky in the front office is a bitch
We have a wide variety of sports to choose from.
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Everybody has a chance to sign up for a club if they want, you have many different choices, many different things to do after school.
If you are willing to put in the effort, teachers and parents will help you on your way to success.
The classes are great until you start running out of what to take since it is a small school. I am an advanced student and have had to repeat a course because they cut the next advanced course.
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