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Auburn High School is just a very average school. My biggest complaint is that the people there smell.
Attending Auburn High School has been one of the greatest and worst times of my life. I have made great friends, worked with great teachers, and overall improved my knowledge. While some teachers provided me with all knowledge possible, others handed out worksheets and stared at computers without teaching all year. I would like to see teachers becoming more involved with their students. Also, I would like to see students being nicer to each other. My school was full of bullying and students feeling judged. I hope the future will bring these people together as one.
There are students here that differ in ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, etc.
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A lot of the health and fitness related staff in this school are very poor. They tend to only be a part of their jobs for the money and have no real interest in helping everybody reaching their goals.
Auburn's extracurricular opportunities are great. There are plenty of clubs and chances for all students to join them.
In general, I don't see too many things that are too wrong with the social status in student life as this school is generally very accepting.
There are very few teachers that try their absolute best to help students to do their best and reach their full potential. Throughout the past four years, I've ran into a lot of teachers who say they dislike their job and are only in it for the money.
I have had a positive experience at auburn
auburn has a variety of teachers. some go above and beyond and some just do what they need to.
Extra curricular activities are fun and students are more than welcome to start a new club if one they want isn't offered.
There are tremendous opportunities to take classes that challenge me as well as interest me.
The teachers at this school are amazing besides the outlier of one or two people. The teachers are creative when they teach as well as very educated on the subjects they teach. My AP Chemistry teacher even won an award that every science teacher in the state was eligible for. The teachers build positive relationships with as many students as possible and make the material interesting!
Some teachers go above and beyond for their students and really invest in us, while others just seem like they are there for a paycheck every week
I never ate the cafeteria food, I always brought my own lunch. The food doesn't look appetizing nor healthy.
There is a zero tolerance for bullying. Dress code is followed by some staff but not all
Most of the sports equipment and fields are in good shape. Last I knew the uniforms in most sports needed to be updated. Not much variety in the weight / Fitness room but last I was there they were introducing new machines.
Most teachers are friendly and are very helpful. Although there are the ones that don't go above their means to help students.
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Lots of things to get involved in
It prepared me to be responsible for myself and my actions. Although it didn't prepare me for the real world and to be on my own because the school was so strict.
There is only one thing I can say about my teacher:" They are the BEST"
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