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Auburn High School, and the school system of Auburn in general, stands as a pinnacle of education for minors. The teachers genuinely care for the students and enjoy teaching their respective studies, and the students take pride in their school and the education they receive there, even after graduation. Other schools could stand to learn a thing or two from Auburn's education system!
The teachers are amazing and do everything thing to help you succeed. They make you feel like you can do whatever you dream to do.
One who chooses to attend Auburn High School can expect many positive aspects. There are many classes offered to help prepare you for post high school life, from Calculus all the way to Personal Finance. Many clubs and organizations are also available for students such as sports teams, National Honor Society, Math and Science Club, Teammates, Art Club, Choir, Band, Play Production, and so much more. Although the pros outweigh the cons, one con would be the amount of homework received by teachers. However, in the end, this will only better your education, and the supportive administration makes it all worth it!
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I attended Auburn High School for four years just like my two sisters above me did. I was glad to participate early in clubs and sports because of the very welcoming environment they have. Most of the coaches of the sports teams are teachers at the school so it was easy to build relationships. Many of the teachers at the school were very friendly and approachable, and grading procedures were pretty much fair. Proper discipline was decent, and I didn't agree with some school rules but it was no issue.
This really depends on the teacher. On one hand, we have a social studies teacher is a beyond amazing coach and good guy but has a super easy class that everyone can get an A in. Then there is an english teacher that you really have to work hard in, and I have heard many stories of people being stressed over her assignments. We have all basic core classes plus a few other options availble. For math, in 7th grade we took a test to see which of us could start high school math classes early, so I ended up taking algebra as an 8th grader and that has allowed my options for senior year to be Stats, Calc, AMT, or no math at all (if you didn't take algebra as an 8th grader your options are pre-cal or AMT for senior year). And for those who really struggle in math, we have classes for those students also. For workload, obviously there are better days than others but overall it is managable as long as you don't overbook yourself with activities. Our school also offers online college credit course and dual-credit classes. However I will admit, sometimes scheduling is a pain because our guidance counselor can only change one at a time and sometimes you have to out your foot down on what you want to take, if it's available and fits.
Obviously no school can be "the best" when it comes fo safety. However, Auburn tries to reach to as perfect as it can be. I'd say either once a quarter or semester we have either a fire or tornado drill, and once a year or so a practice lock down. Every now then the local drug dog roams the halls, and if you ask nice you might be able to pet him. Any and all visitors have to sign in, even if said visitor is buddies with the principal. Our school isn't a bug enough school for things like security and detectors, but we have never needed them before either. Sure we have had a kid or two in trouble for drugs, but if a student tells you absolutely no one in his or her school foes drugs- he or she is lying to you. Like I said, no school can be deemed perfect, but hey we are a lot cleaner than surrounding schools. We have one nurse who goes back and forth between the elementary and middle/high school throughout the day, but if I need a tylenol and the burse isn't there, as long as I have a guardian signature allowing me to have it (which is turned in at the beginning of the year), then the secretary can give it to me. As for students, I am confident in our safety and I can say without a doubt that any teacher would jump in front of a bullet for once. For staff however, my principal has been punched in the face before but it's cool, she graduated a while ago.
Whoo boy do we have a lot of options! Whether you are into welding or music there is something for everyone! I mean we have computer sciences and digital media classes and clubs, art club, band, jazz band, choir, show choir, math & science club, FBLA, FFA, Quizbowl, One-Act, Track, BB, base/softball, soccer, cheer, football, golf, cc, volleyball, speech, student council, class officers, journalism, HAL, National Honors Society, we offer payment for Girls and Boys State, as well as help offer other leadership camps, and maybe some others I can't think of off the too of my head. But if you're a teacher at Auburn, you are most likely a coach or director as well. Or most recent addition was FFA and has proven to be more popular than I thought it would be! But hey, you don't have to pick just one! Our school also owns the movie theater in town so technically if you work there it's a school activity. Okay maybe not, but our school has helped keep entertainment running in this tiny town and we don't have to pay outrageous prices for our popcorn!
What more can I say? I would totally come back and do it again, the growing I've done, the friends I've made- it's insane! I wouldn't have been able to do it without the school. We are a smaller school, I am in a class of about 45-50. And my classmates are more than just my peers, they are my family. Sure I'm not "besties" with every single one, but when it comes down to it- I will always have their backs, and I know they will have mine. Abother bonus of a smaller school is that it is so easy to be involved! I'm in art club, computer club, one-act, quizbowl, speech, and so much more! You join these clubs and meet new friends in other grades that you will see throughout the day! You know how many people say hi to me every day? A lot. Including just about all the teachers! If my pre-cal teacher walked by me one day without a "Mornin' Casey, how are you?" Then something is terribly wrong! Oh and I can't forget about the dances! We have two every year for highschoolers, homecoming and prom, and thanks to our student council, librarian, and family cosumer science teacher- the decorations rock! I can even remember in elementary school, I always had a fun time in all of my classes, learning new things a little kid sees as unreal! I was always encouraged that I could be whatever I set my mind to! Don't get me wrong though- we rarely got away with crazily horsing around! I remeber in fifth grade, our teacher set aside about 20 min or so every thursday to teach us proper manners, I learned that using a napkin to blow my nose is considered rude. I also remeber kindergarten, finally learning to tie those dang tricky shoe laces because my teacher was patient with my struggling. I have so many fond memories of attenind Auburn Public schools- I can't imagine having gone anywhere else!
I think I go to the one of the beat schools around! The teachers at Auburn are almost like friends, obviously we keep things professional but I've rarely had an issue with any of the staff. My principal always takes time out of his schedule to listen to me when I need to talk, our super intendent has a crazy way with his students and is so great at relating to us younger generation. Each teacher has his or her unique teaching style that makes the school day better by serving up something different each period! Not to mention the teachers and coaches that goes above and beyond, my cross country coach bought me new running shoes when my family was in financial trouble, my speech coach would stay after school as long as needed- sometimes until 10pm! Our coaches get on our levels and spend time getting to know each team member, and since most of our coaches are also teachers that makes the relationships eben stronger! I love this school, sure we may not be the biggest or best at activities but we still bring home trophies and you better bet your behind that our students will fill up those bleachers and be the loudest support we can be! Our band teacher has improved our band tremendously and our cheerleaders have gone to state for the past bunch of years and usually rack in either runner-up or first place! My pre-cal and chem teachers are patient with me and others when we need to pause and reiterate a subject or topic one more time in order to fully comprehend it, and they do it with a smile and keep going until they see the gears in our brains go until it clicks! Heck, we have some of the best state testing scores this previous year and don't plan to go down on it. We have so many clubs and activities available from Quizbowl to Art Club to Basketball! Every student is bound to find a class or club he or she will love and a teacher to support him or her every single step of the way. It goes with one of the staff's sayings- "Our children, our future". And dang, I'm proud
The clubs are a lot of fun, but there are very few to participate in.
The school has a very good fine arts program, which is great if that is what you like. The school does really push for sports excellence, but the fine arts really shine through. I would probably go to Auburn again because I really enjoy the fine arts section of the school.
Most teachers are very knowledgeable, but some can be very standoffish toward students. Most teachers have very different styles for teaching, which can make it difficult to adjust to at times.
There are great resources available.
There are opportunities for students to be involved.
Pride ourselves in a good education. This year my school offered high school baseball which I am passionate about.
The teachers are fair in their grading system.
One black guy, two mexicans, one asian, rest=white
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Only 2 AP courses offered and no IB, nuff said.
The school is very unsafe drug wise.
There are many activities that are missing.
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